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Invitation: Demonstration of cheap As removal process in Bombay

Dear All, I wish to demonstrate Arsenic removal process " SONI MODIFIED PROCESS " in Bombay, India if at least ten people are willing to travel to Bombay. The
Vasant Soni
Mar 20

Comment: As, toxic minerals, Fe removal & SW purification

Dear All, My Abstract of "ARSENIC, TOXIC MINERALS, IRON REMOVAL AND SURFACE WATER PURIFICATION" has been published on 18 March in arsenic-crisis yahoo group.
Shyamal Chowdhury
Mar 20

Call for papers: Special issue on As

Dear Shyamal Chowdhury and my other Arsenic crises yahoo group members Thanks for sharing your abstract. Please read my below request all researchers on
islam haq
Mar 19

Abstract: As, toxic minerals, Fe removal & SW purification

ARSENIC, TOXIC MINERALS, IRON REMOVAL AND SURFACE WATER PURIFICATION Shyamal Chowdhury Email: sssupervision@..., ssfoundationbd@... ABSTRACT :
Shyamal Chowdhury
Mar 18

Answer: ARSOlux field test kit

One such kit was showcased in water week named, ARSOlux - The Luminous Water Test for Arsenic in Drinking Water. http://www.ufz.de/arsolux Lt Col
islam haq
Feb 27

Answer: Another As field kit

http://arsenickits.com/ http://arsenickits.com/
Mike McBride
Feb 27

Answer: Field test kit available in US; kits v lab

There are a few kits field available, at least in the US, that allow reliable measurement of arsenic in the field. One of them here at this link
Saqib Karori
Feb 27

Answer: Wagtech Arsenator

Wagtech Arsenator, may not be available locally but it can measure As provided QA/QC is maintained appropriately. Regards, Sadiq
Feb 27

Question: Field test kits for As Measurement in W Bengal

First symptoms of arsenicosis were discovered in early 90 in WB India and Bangladesh and since then lot of projects have been implemented and billions of
Feb 26

Free download: Geogenic Contamination Handbook, Addressing As & Fluo

Geogenic Contamination Handbook - Addressing Arsenic and Fluoride in Drinking Water. C.A. Johnson, A. Bretzler (Eds.), Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic
Berg, Michael
Jan 20

Call for papers: Special issue Int J Enviro Monitoring Anal "GW

Dear arsenic-crisis group members, I proposed a special issue on "Ground Water Arsenic Contamination and Action Plan for Mitigation
islam haq
Jan 16

Announcement - new book: Water culture S Asia, BGD perspectives - Ha

Dear Colleagues: With apologies for cross-posting, we are happy to announce the publication of our new book, Water Culture in South Asia: Bangladesh
Suzanne Hanchett
Jan 16

Arsenic webinar - Columbia University - Monday, December 8 (3-5pm ES

      Welcome to the Columbia University Superfund Research Program 2014-2015 Seminar/Webinar Series   We would like to invite you and your colleagues to
Laurel Schaider
Dec 2, 2014

Re: Arsenic publications - October 2014

Dear Colleagues and Arsenic Researchers I wonder if " SONI MODIFIED PROCESS " and immobilising Arsenic removed and adsorbed on Ferric Hydroxide has been tried
Vasant Soni
Oct 28, 2014

Arsenic publications - October 2014

List of Topics: 1. Health Effects and Exposure 2. Distribution and Extent of Affected Areas 3. Geochemistry 4. Water Testing, Water Treatment and Alternative
Laurel Schaider
Oct 27, 2014
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