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  • dfurino@mediaone.net
    Jun 23, 2001
      I'd like to welcome all the new members with ties to THE COUNTY! As we
      call it in Maine. My family was born and I was bred in the county. I
      herald from Presque Isle and most of my family came from the Houlton
      to Presque Isle area and upwards into what they call "french country".
      The names I've been researching are Oliver, McCluskey, Friel, Gagnon
      and Philbrick. I thought it would help if we all put the names we're
      researching the area they came from and a date, if at all possible.

      I'll start. I'm looking for McCluskey from Amity, Houlton and Cary
      area. Friels in Houlton, Amity and Cary areas. Olivers from Patten
      and Houlton areas. Philbricks from Woodland and Caribou area. And
      Gagnons from the french country...Ft Kent, Quimby, Eagle lake area.
      Most of my family immigrated from New Brunswick into Maine. The
      Oliver line has been really difficult to follow and I haven't found
      out anything other than that my great-grandmother was an Oliver and
      her parents were Aaron and Catherine Oliver, they lived in Patten and
      had come from New Brunswick.