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  • Hayk Hayrapetyan
    Dear friends, We are glad to announce a new Call for Articles for the second edition of the ?Human Rights ? Human Wrongs? International Youth Newsletter. 
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2009
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    Dear friends,

    We are glad to announce a new Call for Articles for the second edition of the ?Human Rights ? Human Wrongs? International Youth Newsletter.  Since the first edition was published, the interest in the  Newsletter has started to grow rapidly. Our network is becoming wider day by day. There are many organizations and individuals from African, Asian and European countries who have expressed a wish to join us and support our initiative. This is the most valuable feedback we could expect for our hard work.  Do not miss the opportunity to become a part of this movement and do not stay silent observers. We would like to thank all of the enthusiastic young people who responded to our last Call and made the first edition of the newsletter  a reality.

    Very soon we will publish guidelines on Human Rights issues with answers to many questions you may have about the topic. We hope that these guidelines will help you to identify violations going on around you.

    We have made our website more user-friendly. Now you can fill in all the forms on-line as well as filling in your article and sending it straight  from the website. We hope that these improvements will help to improve the  effectiveness of the website and will save you time.

    Please disseminate information about this initiative among your friends and networks. This is  crucial for the further development of the ?Human Rights ? Human Wrongs? International Youth Newsletter. Invite your friends to join our Facebook group too!


    The Asia-Europe Youth Cooperation Platform is pleased to announce a


    For the ?Human Rights ? Human Wrongs? International Youth Newsletter

    Are you young? Do you care about suffering and injustice going on around you?
    Do you want to have your voice heard?

    If you are a young person or a youth organization, concerned about the on-going negative processes and human sufferings around you, write to us!

    We?re looking for a whole variety of contributions, from informal commentaries and accounts of Human Rights violations to articles on Human Rights issues. We are there to advise you on whether an injustice you have experienced may be a Human Rights violation.

    This is the place to see your name and photo in print!

    The monthly ?Human Rights ? Human Wrongs? International Youth Newsletter, is dedicated to publishing contributions, articles and photos from young people around the world.
    Young people like you will have the chance to have their words and pictures read by international experts as the Newsletter is disseminated every month to local and international organizations, national governments, Human Rights organizations, newspapers & media, and the partners of AEYCP around the World.

    How to get involved?

    To contribute to the ?Human Rights ? Human Wrongs? International Youth Newsletter, all you need to do is:
    Put together your article, using the Article Guidelines, and submit it to us using the Article Form:
    By becoming become a Correspondent with the AEYCP, you are monitoring Human Rights and contributing to the promotion of Human Rights principles in your community and around the world.
    Raise your voice of protest with thousands of other young people who do not agree with things happening around us!



    Deadline for submissions: 20th August 2009

    Please contact us with any questions or requests for further information: hrhw@...
    For more information check out our website: http://hrhw.iybf.org/
    We look forward to receiving your contributions

    With best regards,

    AEYCP team
    Unsubscription address: hrhwnewsletter-unsubscribe@...

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