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  • morganapmadoc
    Well said, Captain.... ... of ... aspects ... problems.We ... Socialist ... tolerate ... solve ... origins
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 4, 2002
      Well said, Captain....

      --- In armyofrobertthebruce@y..., capttankard <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > some of us have no problem with not taking the enthic back-grounds
      > historical persons personally. You seem to be having some problems
      > with Normans as a whole culture, i'm ammenable to discuss any
      > of the Bruce with you provided we aren't having maturity
      > can discuss the Normans, William
      > (Duke,King,Bastard,Conquerer,or "tanners son") , even his Anglo-
      > Danish rival for the throne if you want too.
      > However your claim that we are involved with any National
      > movements is mistaken. Some of us are sympathetic to the Scottish
      > Nationalist movement do you know about it?Or are you flinging the
      > term fascist about in IGNORANCE of its definition. I for one will
      > admit a certain fondness for constitution monarchy and will
      > the Republicans and even the Democrats when they are trying to
      > real problems. Perhaps you have mistaken us for some one else, from
      > the tone of your post I'm sure that is the case.
      > Finally, I have some news for you,o person who doesn't wish to
      > receive return mail, you unless you were spawned from unknown
      > are descended from two creatures who at least once did in
      > fact"frigg".I convey my sympathies to them and hope they exerience
      > less dis-appointing results next time.
      > regards (in moderation),
      > Capttankard
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