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Are they the best?

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  • diyaa111
    I believe that my topic is useful and I would like to share my thoughts. THANK YOU. Are they the best? Are they the best? If Islam is the one true religion and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 13, 2005
      I believe that my topic is useful and I would like to share my thoughts.
      THANK YOU.
      Are they the best?

      Are they the best?

      If Islam is the one true religion and all good Muslims will be rewarded in Paradise, then where does that leave the followers of other religions? Will they go to Hell because they are practicing the “wrong” religion? What would happen to a really great man who was born in a very Catholic country
      the Qur’an gives a clear answer in the following verses that mean :

      1- {Surely Allah does not do injustice to the weight of an atom, and if it is a good deed He multiplies it and gives from Himself a great reward.}* (An-Nisaa’ 4:40)
      2- *{These are the communications of Allah which We recite to you with truth, and Allah does not desire any injustice to the creatures.}* (Aal `Imran 3:108)
      3- *{Then how will it be when We shall gather them together on a day about which there is no doubt, and every soul shall be fully paid what it has earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly?}*( Aal `Imran 3: 25)
      4- *{Surely We have revealed to you the Book with the truth for the sake of men; so whoever follows the right way, it is for his own soul and whoever errs, he errs only to its detriment; and you are not a custodian over them.}* (Az-Zumar 39:41)
      5- *{Whoever goes aright, for his own soul does he go aright; and whoever goes astray, to its detriment only does he go astray: nor can the bearer of a burden bear the burden of another, nor do We chastise until We raise a messenger.}* (Al-Israa’ 17:15 )

      From the foregoing, we can understand the following about Divine Judgment:
      God does not do the least bit of injustice to anyone. He is All-Merciful and so He doubles the reward of those who do good, out of the bounty of His mercy.

      The duty of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)—or of those who follow in his footsteps—is to invite people to the true guidance of God revealed to the Prophet. Anyone who follows that guidance benefits himself or herself; and anyone who rejects that guidance harms himself or herself. No one can take away the reward of another; nor can a person bear the punishment due to another. And there is no question of God punishing anybody without first sending a warner to them: That is to say, it is only after people have been informed of the true guidance and they have knowingly rejected it, that they are held accountable and judged to be deserving of punishment.

      Unlike Christianity, Islam emphasizes personal responsibility and accountability. In other words, the core of Islamic ethics is justice and freedom of choice. That is why the doctrine of vicarious atonement is abhorrent to Islam; and for the same reason sinners cannot be “saved” by punishing the innocent.

      From the Islamic point of view, the judgment of an action is dependent, first and foremost, upon the motive derived from the faith of the person. Only God can be the True Judge of our actions, as other humans cannot know the real motive and the impelling faith or philosophy behind it. Suppose a Catholic heard the message of Islam, but did not care to examine it even when he was aware of the chance of it being the truth: he is certainly guilty of rejecting the Truth. The same is true of an atheist or anybody else. For that reason, such people are held accountable for their actions based on the questionable beliefs they hold.

      But imagine someone in a remote area (or anywhere) who knows nothing of Islam: He cannot be held accountable for not following Islam. God will judge him by the standard of his conscience or of whatever morality he has imbibed from his native religion or culture. Because there cannot be injustice in the ultimate judgment of God. And for us humans, it is basically a question of our sincerity in seeking the truth and following it.

      For more information about Islam :

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