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  • asori_1
    TO THE PUBLIC WORLD 85 Years have passed by now since that bitter catastrophe of the great genocide against the Assyrians-Suryoye people took
    Message 1 of 34 , May 4, 2000
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      TO THE PUBLIC WORLD<br><br><br> 85 Years have
      passed by now since that bitter catastrophe of the great
      genocide<br> against the Assyrians-Suryoye people took place
      in Asia Minor, the then Ottoman<br> Empire, in 1915
      and during the following years of WWI. The wounds
      however<br> inflicted in those times, which mark one of the
      darkest epochs of our history and all<br> the pains
      caused by this, have been passed on from generation to
      generation and are<br> to be felt<br> and soaring still
      today. Although the genocide of 1915 and following had
      such a<br> deep impact on the Assyrians-Suryoye people
      as to shake it, in its fundaments this<br> tragic
      fate and these terrible facts have remained largely
      unknown to the public<br> world hitherto.<br><br> In a
      phase of globalization when boundaries and differences
      between people and<br> between countries are lifted, past
      and present genocides have come forth into the<br>
      sphere OUR responsibility of all mankind. This applies
      especially today as the<br> European Union (EU) has extended
      its boundaries, has widely opened the doors for<br>
      Turkey and has intensively addressed the Near East and
      the Middle East. Against<br> this background the
      genocide of 1915 and following which constitutes a
      crime<br> against humanity has meanwhile become also a
      European problem.<br><br> Today as we are approaching the
      21st century, there is talk everywhere of peace<br>
      among individual human beings as well as among peoples
      and nations. In this spirit<br> many powers and
      forces that have committed and are still committing
      crimes<br> against humanity, which pose a danger to global
      peace, are held accountable for<br> their deeds. In the
      first months of the year 2000 the Holocaust against the
      Jews was<br> once again set on the agenda of social
      and political dealings. In this<br> connection many
      European states have apologized and asked forgiveness
      according<br> to their guilt and active involvement in those
      terrible crimes.<br><br> However the genocide perpetrated
      against the<br> Assyrians-Suryoye people remained not
      addressed and/or simply forgotten. When it<br> comes to
      this issue there is only dead silence. In order to
      reveal and to clear up also<br> this genocide, the
      states and international institutions and bodie as well
      as the public<br> world have to open their eyes and
      to responsibly fulfill the task resting upon
      their<br> shoulders. We demand the recognition of that
      genocide of 1915 and following<br> during which more than
      500,000 innocent people -<br> i.e. TWO THIRD of the
      Assyrians-Suryoye people - were barbarously murdered,<br> and that
      there shall be justice done by condemning the
      responsible Ottoman Turks<br> and the feudalKurds and
      furthermore by calling Turkey - being the legal successor<br>
      of the Ottoman Empire - to account.<br> gainst that
      background we appeal to the public world to show solidarity
      with the<br> Assyrians-Suryoye people and its just
      existence struggle for national survival and to<br> come in
      active<br> support for our demands below:<br><br>
      Recognition of the national identity of the Assyrians-Suryoye
      people.Recognition of<br> the national, social and cultural rights
      of the<br> Assyrians-Suryoye people irrespective of
      its place of residence.The recognition of<br> the
      genocide of 1915 and following against our people by
      today's Turkey as the<br> legal successor of the Ottoman
      Empire, and the full assumption by Turkey of<br> her
      moral, conscientious, political, social and economic
      responsibility for all those<br> crimes, which were then
      perpetrated against the Assyrians-Suryoye as well as for
      all<br> those crimes which Turkey has been committing
      against our people until today.<br> The immediate stop of
      the national, social and cultural oppression against
      us.<br><br> The stop of the policy of annihilation against
      our<br> Assyrians-Suryoye people and stop of the policy
      of denial of our national existence<br> as well as
      the international support for fighting those
      intolerable abuses
    • nuneorg
      Our music , Our Song. Is a strong part of our Heritage, Join NUNE in her trubute to the great armenian poets.
      Message 34 of 34 , Jan 4, 2002
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        Our music , Our Song.<br>Is a strong part of our
        Heritage, Join NUNE in her trubute to the great armenian
        poets.<br><br><a href=http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/nune target=new>http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/nune</a><br><br>Also NEW ONLINE RADIO ... listen to NUNE and other
        artists online 24 hours a day
        at<br><br><a href=http://www.nune.am target=new>http://www.nune.am</a>
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