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Earthicans Awake!!!!!!!

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  • earthIcan
    MILLION KIDS e-MARCH HERE COME THE EARTHiCANS! We really need your help to save the Ichetucknee River. With Texas Governor Bush making a strong run at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 6, 2000
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      We really need your help to save the Ichetucknee River.
      With Texas Governor Bush making a strong run at the White House, it
      important that America sees what Florida Governor Bush has done to
      this River.
      we have several sites, this is our World Celtic Music Festival,
      www.musicoftherivers.org To raise money, awareness, and volunteers
      for the River and its Warriors
      and this is our kids "adopt-a -drop" site, www.riverdrops.com, where
      kids can e-mail both Governors, and be part of the MILLION KIDS e-
      and we have other sites as well.
      We need to have protestors at every place that Governor Bush is
      campaigning, with signs that say Ichetucknee River, and
      chanting "Iche- Bush, Iche-Bush" and telling reporters about the
      Cement Plant , The Ichetucknee River, and Governor Bush, and telling
      them about the websites>
      We need to work smart!
      Take action on this today!
      We must put picketers and signs, and people chanting " Iche-Bush,
      Iche-Bush" at every stop on G.W.Bush's Campaign.
      This will put this issue into the national press and then right into
      the presidential debate.
      We will be seen on every news broadcast coverage on all networks.
      And , thru the internet, we can get people to start action at every
      stop on Governor Bush's campaign trail. Were he goes, we e-mail ahead
      and have about 50 protestors ready and waiting to be at all his
      rallies, from coast to bloody coast.
      We will freak him, and the damn Cement Plant out.
      They will have to answer the press's questions about the protestors
      chanting "Iche-Bush" every where he goes, and we can see the results
      of each cities green peoples movement with this protest.
      We will try to bring lots of children out and we will call it the
      MILLION KIDSe-MARCH, and we will try to get a total of one million
      kids out over the course of the fall presidential campaign.
      We dont even have to do any national organizing.
      We just read the paper and see where Governor Bush is going to be,
      and we will post the Bush schedule on the website, and when he is in
      your town, you get all your green groups to come out with all their
      kids, and bring signs and banners for the Ichetucknee River, and they
      just say " Save the Ichetucknee River" and "Stop the Cement Plant"
      and " NO Mercury Poison".
      And have every one chanting "Iche-Bush, Iche-Bush" real load.
      You have got to be able to 50 people easy, and that's enough, but 200
      would be awesome, and 2000 would be freaking NUTS!!!!
      This will show the whole nation what the Bush family of Governors is
      doing to this little spring fed river in Florida.
      And it will create publicity for Raindrops, and the Music of the
      Rivers .
      This is the opportunity we have been waiting for to create a national
      debate about what America is willing to do to save our Rivers.
      We have got to ACT NOW.
      Start your e-mailing campaign out to all the greens and earths that
      you know, we have not one day to waste, we need to look on the TV
      tonight and read in the paper tomorrow about the hundred people that
      were shouting and waving signs at where ever George W. Bush is
      campaigning today.
      You have got to make some signs, and call some friends, and get in
      your car and drive to Bush and get out and make some noise. I , and
      our tam, will be watching you each day, and posting on the site how
      strong the green movement is in each city of America.
      Take the pulse of the greens in your town, and see how many you can
      get out to meet Bush when he comes to your town.
      I will be watching, your town will be watching, the frontline
      grassroots warriors here in Florida will be watching and cheering,
      the Cement Plant and Bush will be watching , and looking for the hole
      in the ground that they crawled out of.
      We got em with their butts hanging out on this one.
      Now we got to put a whooping on some Bush but while we got it all
      hanging out so good.
      We go one bush in the fight of his pathetic life to win the White
      House back for Daddy, and the other bush, Jeb, all pissing mercury in
      the Ichetucknee River,
      We can win this time.
      They will bow to our pressure, and they will deny the permit.
      We can make them stop the plant.
      They are to afraid that they could lose the Whitehouse if they dont.
      We got em where want them, so, let the feast begin.
      Best Regards,
      "I didn't start it, I just finished it"
      This was said to the Referee by the captain of the Jacksonville
      Manatee's Rugby Football Championship Team, during the national semi-
      final match with Atlanta Rugby , and native born Irishman, Brian
      Black, said, while standing over a freshly unconscious opponent upon
      completion of a very brief ,but thorough scrap. April 30,1997

      You need to e-mail this letter out to every green you know, and post
      it on message boards and e-groups, it is the ONLY we can use the
      internet to be every where that Bush is, so dont wait another minute
      and do your e-mails of this right this instant...you are the only
      person that this River can count on to fight for her.
      Save the Ichetucknee River and send this e-mail to all your friends
      right this moment.
      Go get em!
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