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Emergency Alert for Mumia Abu-Jamal

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  • nr davis
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    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 1999
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      >Please post widely
      >There is a real possibility that governor Ridge will sign a new death
      >warrant for Mumia soon. The Philadelphia Daily News reported this
      >The motivation by the governor and the criminal justice system would be to
      >seize the initiative by forcing Mumia's legal team to file for a writ of
      >habeas corpus well before the October deadline.
      >Such an action might well come in August when schools are out, many
      >organizations are not functioning and activists are dispersed.
      >Note that Mumia's petition to the U.S. Supreme Court for a writ of
      >certiorari does NOT give him any kind of stay. The Supreme Court will
      >grant a stay only if they grant the writ, and action on the petition is
      >not expected until the next court term begins in October.
      >The purpose of this memo is to put every progressive organization and
      >activist on alert especially during the month of August about this very
      >serious threat to Mumia's life, not to mention a threat to the health of
      >the movement. In response to Ridge signing a death warrant in August,
      >1995, 10,000 people from around the country mobilized on five weeks notice
      >to come to Philadelphia to put a halt to this atrocity against our
      >brother, Mumia.
      >Ridge was forced to rescind the death warrant DUE TO THE ORGANIZED
      >A proposed scenario is that if and when the death warrant is signed,
      >there will be emergency local demonstrations held the following day.
      >Regional actions will be organized the next available weekend. Of course
      >as many activists as possible should mobilize to go to Philadelphia for
      >any national action that is called.
      >The Youth and Students for Mumia organizers at the IAC are requesting that
      >SOON AS POSSIBLE. -If you are going out of town,let activists in your area
      >know where you can be reached in case of emergency. -If there is NOT a
      >Mumia committee in your area, please consider starting one. 2. Begin now
      >to organize meetings in your area to develop an action plan in the event a
      >death warrant is signed. 3. Set up an emergency phone or email tree so
      >you can quickly inform activists and organizations in your area in event a
      >death warrant is signed.
      >Upcoming National Mumia Meetings:
      >National meeting of individuals and organizations working for justice for
      >Mumia: Saturday, August 14, in Philadelphia. Exact time and place to be
      >announced. Everyone is urged to send a representative to this meeting.
      >Please contact the IAC if your organization is interested in coming.
      >Sunday, August 15th
      >East Coast Youth and Students organizing meeting for September 21st
      >International Youth and Student Day for Mumia and other activities for
      >Mumia Awareness Week 2pm=974pm IAC office, 39 W. 14th St. Room 206 (between
      >5th and 6th Aves.), Manhattan Contact
      >Youth and Students for Mumia at 212 633-6646
      > or npcny@...
      >Refuse and Resist Youth Network at 212-385-9303 or rnryouth@... OR
      >Mumia Awareness Week Natl. number 212-924-8585 for more information.
      >To find about Mumia organizing in your area please call:
      >International Action Center-East Coast
      >39 West 14th Street, Room 296
      >New York, NY 10011
      >email: iacenter@...
      >phone: 212 633-6646
      >fax: 212 633-2889
      >Other Mumia Contacts:
      >Intl. Concern Family and Friends for Mumia Abu-Jamal
      >215 476-8812
      >Rainbows Flags for Mumia
      >Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Two-Spirit, Trans People for Mumia
      >39 West 14th Street Room 206
      >NY, NY 10011
      >212 633-6646
      >Contact: Imani Henry or Deirdre Sinnott
      >Youth and Students for Mumia
      >39 West 14th Street Room 206
      >NY, NY 10011
      >212 633-6646
      >Contact: Vivan Martin, Sarah Sloan, Imani Henry, Andrea MacManus
      >The New York Free Mumia Coalition
      >212 330-8029
      >Mumia Awareness Week National Number
      >National Peoples Campaign/Millions for Mumia
      >39 West 14th Street, #206
      >New York, NY 10011
      >212 633-6646 212 633-2889 FAX
      >email: npcny@...

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