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Today's Voice: Anti-War Protesters to Rally With 'Millions'

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    Dear armchairactivist@yahoogroups.com, Voice4Change Changing Hearts and Minds http://www.voice4change.org February 01, 2003 ... Anti-War Protesters to Rally
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      Dear armchairactivist@yahoogroups.com,

      Changing Hearts and Minds

      February 01, 2003


      Anti-War Protesters to Rally With 'Millions'
      Associated Press Writer

      January 29, 2003

      Anti-war protesters on Wednesday predicted "literally millions" of people in New York, San Francisco and more than 30 international cities would march the weekend of Feb. 15 against war in Iraq.

      A day after President Bush said in his State of the Union address that he was ready to disarm Saddam Hussein's Iraq, organizers brought politicians, church leaders and Oscar-winning filmmakers Jonathan Demme and Mercedes Ruehl out to announce the protest.

      "We can, when we stand up together, actually stop this war from happening," said Leslie Cagan, a co-chairwoman of New York's United for Peace and Justice chapter.

      Cagan wouldn't predict how many people would attend the New York demonstration, but said it would be the largest protest against Iraq to date.

      For the rest of the story:


      Kennedy: War, peace should be debated again
      By Ian Bishop
      Sentinel & Enterprise Washington Bureau


      WASHINGTON -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy urged his congressional colleagues yesterday to throw one more fail-safe in the path of President Bush before American troops can be committed to combat in Iraq.

      "Circumstances have changed so significantly that Congress must consider the issue of war and peace again," the Bay state's senior senator said in an impassioned floor speech. "This ought to be a matter that is debated and discussed."

      Congress last October authorized military action as a last resort to disarm Hussein. Kennedy was one of 23 senators to vote against the approval.

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      Nuns, Priests, Veterans and Students Sentenced to Federal Prison for Civil Disobedience to Close School of the Americas

      Defendants Testified Against Double Standard in War on Terrorism, Put SOA and U.S. Foreign Policy on Trial

      Columbus, GA - As the Bush Administration seeks to expand the �war on terrorism�, 42 human rights advocates from across the country were tried this week in federal court for civil disobedience to close what they call a terrorist training camp on U.S. soil: the School of the Americas, renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHISC). Graduates of the controversial combat training school for Latin American soldiers continue to be implicated in human rights atrocities throughout Latin America.

      For the rest of the story:


      Food Not Bombs - - Act Now

      Here's suggestion for making a difference:

      Place 1/2 c. uncooked rice in a small plastic bag (a snack-sized bag or sandwich bag work fine). Squeeze out excess air and seal the bag. Wrap it in a piece of paper on which you have written:

      "If your enemies are hungry, feed them.� Romans 12:20 . Please send this rice to the people of Iraq; do not attack them.

      Place the paper and bag of rice in an envelope (either a letter-sized or small padded mailing envelope - both are the same cost to mail) and address them to:

      President George Bush

      White House

      1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

      Washington, DC 20500

      For the rest of the story:


      Us Prepared To Violate International Law

      By Adrian Kuzminski

      In a fundamental change of policy, the Bush administration has embraced the doctrine of preemptive war, including the first strike use of nuclear weapons, and is now applying it to Iraq. Speaking in Davos, Switerland, on 26 January 2003, US Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell, said: "We continue to reserve our sovereign right to take military action against Iraq alone or in a coalition of the willing . . ."

      There is no such unqualified sovereign right. On the contrary, as a member state of the United Nations, the US is obliged by law to pursue peaceful means in international relations, as stated in the UN Charter, Chapter 1, Article 2:

      "All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered; and, All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner consistent with the Purposes of the United Nations."


      On-going Campaigns Get Involved!!

      We need your financial support

      Thank You for the wonderful response to our �Tell George He is Un-Patriotic� e-mail Campaign. We will soon be launching a campaign to encourage the United Nations Security Council to hold the line and refuse to be bought off by the criminals running our country. We do not charge our affiliates or readers one dime for our services. We depend solely on the generosity of you, our readers. Without you, we would be just another website. It is our shared interest in making our world a better place that makes us effective. Our Mission is to empower you and our affiliates so that we can make a difference. If you can afford to make a financial contribution please go to http://www.voice4change.org/donation.asp and be as generous possible. Your contribution will be used to expand our efforts. Another way you can help us is to use the Send to Friend buttons on our pages to introduce our site to your friends and family. Thank you, and keep organizing!


      Keep E-mailing George! Let him know what we really think of him!

      Note: I edited the letter to make it a response to his State of the Union. It is not the story below, but closer to the original letter.

      Tell George that he is Un-Patriotic To send E-Mail: http://www.voice4change.org/stories/mailBush.asp


      The World Says No to War
      Saturday, February 15th 2003 Noon
      New York, New York

      Saturday, February 15th will be a world-wide day of action against the Bush Administration's proposed war on Iraq. Protests are already being planned in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Athens, Bangkok, Barcelona, Belfast, Berlin, Berne, Brussels, Cairo, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, Helsinki, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Manila, Oslo, Paris, Ramallah, Rome, San Francisco, Skopje, Stockholm, Tallinn, Tokyo, Vienna, and Warsaw.

      While demonstrations are taking place throughout the globe, JOIN US in New York City and San Francisco to show the depth and breadth of U.S. opposition to this war.

      Details about the New York protest, including the location, are being negotiated with the New York Police Department and will be posted as soon as possible.

      Here are some ways you can plug in now:

      For the rest of the story:


      The Bush White House has an "opinion" line for you to call to say whether
      you oppose or approve of the proposed war in Iraq.

      The line accepts calls from 9-5 EST., Monday thru Friday at 202-456-1111.

      A machine will detain you for a moment and then a pleasant live operator
      will thank you for saying "I oppose" or "I approve." Note that the
      weekends are closed for calls. The president has said that he wants to
      know what the American people are thinking. Let him know.


      Call to Unite For Real Election Reform!

      No matter what your party affiliation is, you have to agree that our political system is broken and needs reform. Campaign Finance Reform was a nice gesture but does anyone think the influence of big money is really gone? They will just find another way to buy influence.

      We propose a change that will move us in the right direction.

      Instant Run-off voting

      What is Instant Runoff Voting?
      Flash Presentation: http://www.chrisgates.net/irv/



      No More Victims!

      Voice4change and www.NoMoreVictims.org have launched an exciting campaign to make sure that George Bush see's the faces of the victims in Iraq. We will not allow him to see only the face of Saddam, he must see the innocent children and people of Iraq who are suffering and will suffer more if he escilates the war that is already taking place in Iraq.

      1. Download the poster: http://www.voice4change.org/redir.asp?url=http://www.nomorevictims.org/PosterDownloads.html and post it all over your Community.

      2. Call the White House to tell them what you think (202) 456-1111

      3. E-Mail the White House to Demand answers: http://www.voice4change.org/stories/mailpresident.asp

      4. Download Post Card: http://www.voice4change.org/redir.asp?url=http://www.voice4change.org/alert/poster021101.asp send to the White House, your elected officials etc...

      5. Use our send to friend script to get more people involved.

      Educate Yourself and friends at www.NoMoreVictims.org

      Flood the White House with e-mails, phone calls, post Cards. We must stop this war! for the children of Iraq!


      Calendar of Demonstrations for Peace

      Many peace activists feel isolated because peace activities are not reported in mainstream media. In one effort to help to correct this, the WRL has set up this page to post events from around the country that have happened, will happen, or are happening on a continuous basis. If you know of such an event, please submit the form at the bottom of this page, or call (212-228-0450), fax (212-228-6193), e-mail (nowar@...) us.

      Note, these events are listed as a public service and are not necessarily endorsed by the War Resisters League.



      Take The Pledge to Oppose War with Iraq

      "A time has come when silence is betrayal. That time is now." Martin Luther King Jr.

      To take the pledge: http://www.voice4change.org/stories/showstory.asp?file=020624~for.asp

      Warm Regards,

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