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RELEASE: If you don't like the Roman Catholics...

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  • Natalie Davis
    try the Old Catholics!!! This (recovering) Roman Catholic appreciated the writer s intelligent points and howled at the rest. Don t know why. Apr 30, 2002
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2002
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      try the Old Catholics!!!

      This (recovering) Roman Catholic appreciated the writer's intelligent
      points and howled at the rest. Don't know why.

      Apr 30, 2002 03:55pm
      Online version:

      For immediate release

      The Many Errors of Rome

      I find it a moral imperative that I issue this statement on the
      topic of gay Priests, who are under severe attack from the Roman
      Catholic Church hierarchy.

      The Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia has made a blanket
      statement that in part reads as follows: "We feel that a person who
      is homosexually orientated is not a suitable candidate for the
      priesthood, even if he did not commit an act [of gay sex]," he said.
      "A gay seminarian, even a chaste one, he said, by his orientation,
      is not giving up family and marriage. He is giving up what the
      church considers an abomination". This statement of course flies
      in the face of previous policy in that just being gay was o.k. as
      long as you did not fall in lust or love.

      This statement is most contemptible and ignorant in its very essence.
      This so called "Prince" of the Roman Catholic Church has with one
      statement debased all of the good works that gay priests have been
      doing for centuries. It ignores the sacrifices of these same men,
      including the loss of their own lives. Fr. Mychal Judge lost his
      life in the World Trade Center attacks giving the last Rites of the
      Church to a dying Fireman. He was killed by the falling trade center.
      Now according to this priest of the church, he was not fit to be a
      priest in the first place. How dare he vanquish the sacrifice that
      Fr. Mychal made, and others like him! These Cardinals have forgotten
      their role in the Priesthood of Christ. They are here to serve, and
      not to be served. By extension of this command of Jesus, they have
      forgotten to serve the Children of God by singling out Gay priests
      for retribution for their own failings as leaders of the Roman Church.

      To try and cover their butts by scapegoating gay clergy is an
      abomination. The conscious reassignment of priest abusers of children
      is a sin that those Bishops who committed this terrible act must bring
      before God. The policy should be zero tolerance for child molestation,
      including the girls who are molested by Roman Priests. The Church has
      chosen to ignore medical facts and information that almost 97% of
      molestations are by heterosexual men and women.

      Isn't it curious that not one word has been mentioned about lesbian
      nuns? Once again, this points to the significance of women in the
      Roman Catholic Church. They are not even important enough to
      discriminate against!

      I call for all gay Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns to leave the
      Church. I would ask these same priests and nuns to talk to their
      people first, and attempt to leave the Church with a congregation
      already formed, and join the Old Catholic Church. I urge you to look
      at our history, and see that it is the purest form of Catholicism on
      Earth. If you desire information and support as you go through the
      process of leaving the RC Church, or want to discuss it first, then
      send this office an e-mail to OSJB@.... Please feel free to
      visit our web site: OSJTB.com

      Archbishop Bruce J. Simpson
      Benedictine Order of St. John the Beloved &
      Its affiliated parishes
      An Old Catholic Jurisdiction
      Long Island, New York
      OSJTB.com-WEB SITE

      The Armchair Activist & Armchair Activism GLBT -
      Visit the site, join the mailing lists, be the change you want to see in
      the world.
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