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The Wedge Issue To Use To Free The Press

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    The Wedge Issue To Use To Free The Press We have a great opportunity with the issue of the link between anniversaries and terrorism To free the press. We need
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      The Wedge Issue To Use To Free The Press
      We have a great opportunity with the issue of the link between
      anniversaries and terrorism
      To free the press. We need to ask the public- via emails, letters to
      the editor, and call ins to radio and TV talk shows WHY the American
      media has not been telling Americans about the link between terrorism
      and anniversaries. We can use this wedge issue to open up the media to
      all other issues, from the stolen election of 2000, to the layoff led
      depression of 2001 and 2002 to free elections in 2002 and 2004. Let's
      get to work on this issue now. "He had tried to board on the
      "Reid boarded the flight at Paris' Charles de Gaulle airport on
      December 22,(2001) the day after the 13th anniversary of the blast
      that destroyed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. He had
      tried to board the American plane the day before, on the anniversary
      itself, but was delayed by suspicious security personnel and missed
      the flight." http://debka.com/
      " WASHINGTON (AP) By Will Lester, Associated Press, 1/1/2002 Seven
      in 10 Americans believe there will be another terrorist attack in the
      near future."
      We are asking for a sustained p.r. campaign by everyone who reads this
      email. Please post it widely and please also CALL your Senator,
      Congressperson, Governor, Mayor, and other elected officials AND in
      help our fellow Americans become aware of the link between
      anniversaries and terrorism . If America really does have a free press
      we hope that your phone calls and emails and letters to the editor of
      every newspaper and magazine in America will reveal that fact when
      American media starts talking about the relationship of terrorism to
      anniversaries. Until then know this: SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN THE
      Why hasn't American media done more, in fact, done anything at all, to
      alert Americans to the relationship of anniversaries to terrorism? Is
      the American press free or not? Had the shoe bomber's shoes exploded
      in mid-ocean arafat would have had a chance to replicate his role in
      the Achille Lauro hijacking in which he played "good guy" to the "bad
      guys" he was secretly controlling. Similarly had Pan Am 103 NOT been
      an hour late in take-off it too would have been destroyed in
      mid-ocean, leaving no clues but another opportunity for arafat to play
      "good guy" in "investigating" that event. Another plane, also delayed
      an hour in takeoff, TWA Flight 800, also would have exploded in
      mid-ocean had it not taken off late, also would have afforded arafat
      the chance to play "good guy" helpful investigator
      "Shoe bomber Richard Reid and the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam
      BrigadesExclusive to DEBKAfile http://debka.com/
      31 December: Shoe bomber
      Richard Reid may have been
      strip-searched by Israel's
      security-conscious El Al
      airlines before they flew him
      from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv
      in July 2001, but in the Gaza
      Strip he was accorded
      upgraded hospitality.
      According to DEBKAfile's
      military and intelligence sources, Nabil Aqal, one of the senior
      operations officers of Hamas's military wing, the Izz el-Deen
      al-Qassam brigades, laid out the personal welcome mat, hosting the
      strapping Briton at his home in Gaza's Jabalya camp for several days.
      Aqal was related to Imad Aqal, the brigades' operations officer in
      the first Intifada in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Israel
      liquidated Imad Aqal in late 1991, when the uprising was on the wane.
      He did not treat his unusually tall visitor like any chance tourist.
      Reid was kept carefully hidden in Nabil Aqal's home away from prying
      eyes, except for a nocturnal outing round the Gaza coastal area and
      its famous fish restaurants. Aqal was seen playing the tour guide for
      his important guest, an extraordinary display of hospitality on the
      part of a senior al-Qassam officer. Fundamentalist Hamas leaders
      usually give the restaurant strip and its free-flowing alcohol a wide
      berth, acutely aware that that it is also teeming with the spies and
      informers employed by the various intelligence agencies services
      operating in the Gaza Strip. After two days of the red carpet in
      Gaza, the English visitor crossed into Egyptian-controlled Sinai at
      the Rafah border crossing. DEBKAfile's intelligence sources report
      that the multinational inquiry into Reid's actions at Aqal's home
      focus on question of where Reid received the explosive shoes he tried
      to detonate aboard the American Airlines Paris-Miami flight on
      December 22. Were the explosives handed over in Aqal's home, by his
      host or a Hizballah visitor?
      An alternative theory is that one of the Hizballah operatives posted
      in the Gaza Strip visited Reid at Aqal's house and handed him a
      contact address in Turkey or Pakistan, his next destinations after
      leaving Gaza, for picking up the shoe bomb.
      The investigation has turned up a meeting in Turkey between Reid and
      senior Turkish Hizbollah operatives associated with Turkish terrorist
      Metin Kaplan, who is widely regarded as having close ties to local
      al-Qaeda and Hizbollah networks. Reid also met Hizbollah operatives in
      the Peshawar region of Pakistan.
      Imad Mughniyeh, the most dangerous terrorist mastermind working for
      the two top al Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri is
      emerging as a prime suspect in the shoe bomb case.
      Investigators are examining whether Mughniyeh -currently active in
      Lebanon-used his agents or other emissaries to assign Reid with the
      suicide mission of bringing down the US airliner. They are also
      checking for operational links between Mughniyeh and Yasser Arafat,
      and the Palestinian leader's inner circle, since the type of
      explosives packed in Reid's shoes was identified as triacetone
      triperoxide, or TATP, the same substance used by the Jordanian suicide
      bomber, Said Khoteri, who carried out the Tel Aviv disco atrocity on
      June 1, killing 21 people, mainly Russian speaking youngsters, and
      wounding more than 100.
      TATP was also used in two further devastating suicide bombings in
      Israeli towns: the explosion in Jerusalem's pedestrian mall on
      December 1, that took 10 lives and injured more than 170 and the Haifa
      bus bombing a day later, in which 15 people were killed and more than
      50 wounded.
      According to a disclosure in the Jerusalem Post, two Hamas explosives
      experts, Jassar Samaro and Naseen Abu Ras, both of whom received their
      professional training from Hizbollah, are known to have fabricated
      TATP. The investigation has turned up the fact that Reid's host in
      Gaza, Nabil Aqal, acts as the Qassam brigades' liaison man with the
      Hizballah officers whom Arafat imported from Lebanon to the Gaza Strip
      in December 2000 and January 2001 to upgrade Palestinian terrorists'
      standards of operation.
      Two men in Arafat's immediate circle keep constant tabs on all
      Hizballah personnel in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.
      They are Sahar Habash, Arafat's most trusted
      henchman, and Mohammed Dahlan, chief of the
      Preventive Security Service in the Gaza Strip. Habash and Dahlan are
      in direct operational contact with Aqal.
      It would be stretching the imagination to believe they
      were not told of the arrival of a stranger like Reid to
      the Qassam man's home - in which case, there was no
      way the information would have been kept from
      Investigation of the Reid episode has exposed
      evidence of cross-fertilization in the international terrorist
      movement. In a word, the operational marriage Arafat sealed with the
      Hizballah to enhance the effectiveness of his confrontation with
      Israel, yielded a contribution to the international terror campaign 19
      months later.
      This discovery has added urgency to the categorical
      American demand of Arafat that he disband Hamas
      and Islamic Jihad and bring Palestinian terrorism
      against Israel to a halt. To accomplish this, the
      Palestinian leader must first arrest all Hizballah
      operatives in the Gaza Strip and West Bank and
      smuggle them out to Lebanon.***
      (Israel let) Reid board an El Al flight from Amsterdam to Tel Aviv in
      July, although an armed sky marshal was ordered to sit next to him.
      This was a calculated risk in order to find out who Reid's contacts
      were in Israel and the Palestinian territories and the only way to
      cover his movements effectively. In fact, they found out as early as
      July 2001 that terrorists associated with the Hizballah planned to
      smuggle explosives onto planes in the soles or heels of their shoes.
      Israel also realized eight months ago that terrorist operatives had
      discovered a "dead spot" in support beams for electronic scanning
      equipment at airports, located roughly 10 cm (four inches) from the
      floor, through which weapons and explosives can pass undetected.
      Israel passed this discovery on to the Americans with a recommendation
      to pay particular attention to the shoes of suspect passengers.
      Reid's were therefore taken off and examined when
      showed up at Amsterdam airport for his flight to Tel
      Aviv, but nothing was found. However, Washington,
      say the Israelis, failed to act on their warning. Indeed,
      prior to the September 11 attacks in New York and
      Washington, they accuse US authorities of
      consistently ignoring Israeli information linking
      al-Qaeda and Hizballah terror networks and operations to Arafat and
      his senior security and intelligence lieutenants. ***Major General
      Amos Malka, the outgoing chief of Israeli military intelligence, gave
      the following account in a farewell interview with Israel's Maariv
      newspaper on December 28:
      "Two years ago, Israeli intelligence services received concrete
      information about Hizballah activities among the Moslem communities in
      Europe aimed at developing a terrorist infrastructure. Israel asked
      intelligence agencies and Western governments to put a stop to these
      Hizballah activities. Their response was hostile, accusing us of
      distorting information for political gain. Today, the world
      understands things differently and is more ready to hear us out."
      Bomber quit intelligence service to
      join Hamas 2 days before attack
      By Eric Silver in Jerusalem
      03 December 2001 The Jerusalem bombers
      were identified by Israeli and
      Palestinian sources as Osama Bahar and
      Nabil Halbiyeh, both in their
      twenties. The Haifa bomber was Maher
      Habashi, 21, a plumber from
      Nablus, recruited by Hamas. Halbiyeh
      resigned as an officer in the
      Palestinian intelligence service two
      days before the bombings and
      announced that he was joining Hamas.
      Israeli security forces raided
      Abu Dis, the home village of Bahar and
      Halbiyeh on the eastern fringe
      of Jerusalem yesterday, and arrested
      about 10 of their family members
      and friends. Habashi's father learnt of his son's fate when Hamas
      supporters came to congratulate him."
      "Iraq now assists the PA by rewarding families of suicide bombers with
      a sum
      of $15,000, and even pays every Palestinian injured while fighting
      Israel $1,000"
      "The Iraqi government has upgraded the rates it pays to families of
      Palestinian suicide bombers, YEDIOT AHARONOT reported.
      Instead of giving families of suicide bombers $10,000, Iraq will now
      reward families with $15,000. Also, Iraq will pay every Palestinian
      injured while fighting against Israel $1,000 instead of $500"
      LIVE America's New War: Laura Bush Discusses the Impact of September
      11 Aired October 2, 2001 - 21:00 LARRY KING: A couple of other things:
      Have you spoken to your father- in-law? (Not in transcript, but the
      father in law in question is one George Herbert Walker Bush !!!) LAURA
      BUSH: I've spoken to my father-in-law. They were-they had actually
      spent that Monday night here. (not in transcript but "here" means at
      the White House !!!) LARRY KING: Really? LAURA BUSH: I had just seen
      them off that morning when I got in the-got in the car and found out
      about the first plane. LARRY KING: Didn't know that. LAURA BUSH: They
      were-they were on their way to St. Paul, Minnesota to give a speech,
      and they were in a private plane, and their plane was diverted to
      Minneapolis." http://www.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0110/02/lkl.00.html "US
      officials state that an FBI investigation had substantiated charges
      that the Iraqi government plotted the assassination of former
      President Bush while visiting Kuwait in April 1993."
      " PLO's Sheltering of Killers of Americans
      The PLO has refused to hand over to either Israel or the U.S. four
      terrorists who have been identified as suspects in recent murders of
      Americans: Nabil Sharihi, who helped prepare the bomb for the April
      1995 attack in which Alisa Flatow of New Jersey was murdered; Muhi
      a-Din a-Sharif and Abd al-Majid Dudin, who were involved in planning
      and preparing the August 1995 bombing in which Joan Davenny of
      Connecticut was murdered; and Amjad Hanawi, one of those who carried
      out the May 1996 shooting in which David Boim, an Israeli-American,
      was murdered.
      Two of the PLO terrorists involved in planning the Munich Olympics
      massacre, in which David Berger, an Israeli-American athlete was
      killed, reside in PLO territory. Amin el-Hindi is chief of Palestinian
      General Intelligence; Abu Daoud is a resident of PLO-controlled
      Another PLO official, Abdul Latif Abu Hijleh, has been implicated in
      the PLO's murder of the U.S. ambassador to Sudan in 1973, Cleo Noel
      (Jerusalem Post, January 8, 1989). The PLO has refused to arrest Abul
      Abbas, mastermind of the 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking in which
      American tourist Leon Klinghoffer was murdered. Abbas freely enters
      and leaves PLO territory without being detained."
      Cheney's infamous speech on the need to keep
      Saddam in power http://www.washingtoninstitute.org/pubs/cheney.htm
      "Secretary Richard Cheney Secretary of Defense of the United States
      "The Gulf War: A First Assessment" Soref Symposium April 29, 1991 I
      think that the proposition of going to Baghdad is also fallacious. I
      think if we were going to remove Saddam Hussein we would have had to
      go all the way to Baghdad, we would have to commit a lot of force- And
      once we'd done that and we'd gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and his
      government, then we'd have had to put another government in its place.
      What kind of government? Should it be a Sunni government or Shi'i
      government or a Kurdish government? " It's no wonder Cheney has been
      for the most part kept under wraps since Saddam's henchman ,bin Laden,
      attacked America on September 11th. Any good reporter worth her or his
      salt would have questioned Cheney on that speech. Sept. 11th 1990
      Dubya's Dad Speaks to Congress on Iraq When ? September 11th? Yes !
      September 11th 1990. Exactly 11 years to the day before the infamous
      September 11th 2001 attacks on America. Saddam's Revenge !!! How clear
      it is!!!
      Please note in particular in the September 11th 1990 speech below the
      statement by then President Bush: "Out of these troubled times, our
      fifth objective-a new world order-can emerge: a new era-freer from the
      threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of justice, and more secure
      in the quest for peace."
      Then read the infamous quotation from Iraq here: Iraq Cheers
      September 11th Attacks on America "Wednesday, September 12, 2001
      Baghdad TV Commentary: US 'Reaping Fruits of Crimes Against
      Humanity' Baghdad Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic 1700 GMT 11
      Sep 01 [TV Commentary by Sa'd Yasin Yusuf read by announcer over
      footage of explosions in New York] [FBIS Translated Text] [With thanks
      to Laurie Mylorie - Iraq Watch] The American cowboy is reaping the
      fruits of his crimes against humanity. It is a black day in the
      history of America, which is tasting the bitter defeat of its crimes
      and disregard for peoples' will to lead a free, decent life.The
      massive explosions in the centers
      of power in America, notably the Pentagon, is a painful slap in the
      face of US politicians to stop their illegitimate hegemony and
      attempts to impose custodianship on peoples. It was no coincidence
      that the World Trade Center was destroyed in suicidal operations
      involving two planes that have broken through all US security barriers
      to carry the operation of the century and to express rejection of the
      reckless US policy. Panic has spread among US official circles, which
      evacuated the White House following a series of explosions. They also
      evacuated the Pentagon, the State Department, and Congress and closed
      down the airports and government institutions. The collapse of US
      centers of power is a collapse of the US policy, which deviates from
      human values and stands by world Zionism at all international forums
      to continue to slaughter the Palestinian Arab people and implement US
      plans to dominate the world under the cover of what is called the new
      [world] order. These are the fruits of the new US order. [Video of
      explosion rocking World Trade Center] [Description of Source: Baghdad
      Republic of Iraq Television in Arabic-Official television station of
      the Iraqi Government]"
      Clearly the September 11th, 2001 attack on America was Saddam's
      revenge for the September 11, 1990 Bush speech excerpted from below:
      "Address Before a Joint Session of the Congress on the Persian Gulf
      Crisis and the Federal Budget Deficit September 11, 1990 *** We gather
      tonight, witness to events in the Persian Gulf as significant as they
      are tragic. In the early morning hours of August 2d, following
      negotiations and promises by Iraq's dictator Saddam Hussein not to use
      force, a powerful Iraqi army invaded its trusting and much weaker
      neighbor, Kuwait. Within 3 days, 120,000 Iraqi troops with 850 tanks
      had poured into Kuwait and moved south to threaten Saudi Arabia. It
      was then that I decided to act to check that aggression. At this
      moment, our brave servicemen and women stand watch in that distant
      desert and on distant seas, side by side with the forces of more than
      20 other nations. They are some of the finest men and women of the
      United States of America. And they're doing one terrific job. These
      valiant Americans were ready at a moment's notice to leave their
      spouses and their children, to serve on the front line halfway around
      the world. They remind us who keeps America strong: they do. In the
      trying circumstances of the Gulf, the morale of our service men and
      women is excellent. In the face of danger, they're brave, they're
      well-trained, and dedicated. ***Clearly, no longer can a dictator
      count on East-West confrontation to stymie concerted United Nations
      action against aggression. A new partnership of nations has begun. We
      stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the
      Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to
      move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled
      times, our fifth objective-a new world order-can emerge: a new
      era-freer from the threat of terror, stronger in the pursuit of
      justice, and more secure in the quest for peace. An era in which the
      nations of the world, East and West, North and South, can prosper and
      live in harmony.***. Today that new world is struggling to be born, a
      world quite different from the one we've known. ***. Nor do we
      exaggerate when we say Saddam Hussein will fail. Vital economic
      interests are at risk as well. Iraq itself controls some 10 percent of
      the world's proven oil reserves. Iraq plus Kuwait controls twice that.
      An Iraq permitted to swallow Kuwait would have the economic and
      military power, as well as the arrogance, to intimidate and coerce its
      neighbors-neighbors who control the lion's share of the world's
      remaining oil reserves. We cannot permit a resource so vital to be
      dominated by one so ruthless. And we won't."
      Note: The President spoke at 9:09 p.m. in the House Chamber at the
      Capitol. He was introduced by Thomas S. Foley, Speaker of the House of
      Representatives. The address was broadcast live on nationwide
      television and radio. http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/ Please
      read 2 very important books on Iraq: REPUBLIC OF FEAR: THE INSIDE
      Publishing Co; ISBN: 0091751713 SPIDER'S WEB : THE SECRET HISTORY OF
      http://www.msnbc.com/news/629481.asp#BODY "It occurred on the second
      anniversary of Iraq's expulsion from Kuwait City, and the Bank of
      Kuwait just happened to have a vault in the basement of the World
      Trade Center. The Hunt Begins The mystery of who triggered the new
      york blast prompts a massive manhunt. What the experts are looking
      for- and where the clues may lead By Russell Watson NEWSWEEK WEB
      EXCLUSIVE March 8, 1993 issue - The explosion in the basement of the
      World Trade Center did deadly work in more ways than one. It shook the
      building, all 110 floors. It killed at least five people (two others
      appeared to be missing) and injured more than 1,000. It trapped tens
      of thousands of frightened workers and visitors in coal-dark elevators
      and smoke-filled offices and stairwells. It knocked local television
      stations off the air and welded the streets of lower Manhattan into a
      gridlock built for the ages. It instantly shut down a city-size office
      complex, a symbol of America's enduring power in the global economy.
      The explosion shook more than the building; it rattled the country's
      confidence, dispelling the snug illusion that Americans were immune,
      somehow, to the plague of terrorism that torments so many countries.
      "No foreign people or force has ever done this to us," said New York's
      Gov. Mario Cuomo. "Until now, we were invulnerable." "At
      approximately 12 noon on February 26, 1993, a massive explosion rocked
      the World Trade Center in New York
      City."http://www.dssrewards.net/english/wldtrade.html Remarks at the
      Commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Liberation of Kuwait
      Secretary Colin L. Powell Kuwait City, Kuwait (US Embassy) February
      26, 2001 http://www.state.gov/secretary/index.cfm?docid=954 "Middle
      East Correspondent, Robert Fisk: Why was it that the bombing of the
      two embassies in Tanzania and Kenya occurred on the eighth anniversary
      to the very day of the first arrival of American troops of the 82nd
      airborne in Saudi Arabia in 1990?"
      http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/stories/s12267.htm Saddam loves 11th
      anniversaries, for instance " Saddam Hussein's speech on the 11th
      Anniversary of the Great Victory Day In the Name of God, Most
      Compassionate, Most Merciful Great People, The Valiant of Our Brave
      Armed Forces, Sons of our Glorious Arab Nation, Friends
      please note that January 16th, 2002 will be the 11th anniversary of
      the start of the Gulf War
      "in February 1998, hundreds of people received an unsolicited E-mail
      message containing one of Pierce's anti-Semitic and racist propaganda
      pieces. The message was a transcript of a recent radio broadcast by
      Pierce, entitled "Bill, Monica, and Saddam." In it, Pierce claimed
      that by writing about the Monica Lewinsky affair, the "Jewish media
      bosses" harmed President Clinton, who "would do whatever they told him
      to do," but "had screwed up so many times that he had become a
      liability for them." Pierce also asserted that these "media bosses"
      exaggerate the danger posed by Saddam Hussein so that the United
      States will attack Iraq and aid Israel, adding "the Jews would like to
      have us get rid of Saddam Hussein and cripple Iraq for them."
      Disrupting Discussion Groups *** another harassment tactic employed by
      the organization was the creation of an "Alliance Cybercell," whose
      members disrupted Internet discussion group exchanges, particularly
      those dealing with issues of concern to the Jewish community. During a
      1996 speech to the NA's Cleveland unit, Pierce explained how the NA
      cells operated:
      "We have organized members working as teams, not identifying
      themselves as Alliance members but going into these discussion groups
      and virtually taking them over.." Pierce went on to say that cell
      leaders "decide what discussion groups they want to get into . . .
      analyze the situation, analyze the types of propaganda that have been
      presented by the other side and we go in there and just tear them
      "Iraq has the motivation and the means to actively support the
      Islamist networks of the region*** In the past, there have been
      intelligence reports of possible cooperation between Iraq and Osama
      bin Laden. Iraq has already tried to assassinate President Bush Senior
      in 1993, when he visited Kuwait as a private citizen. In the attack on
      the USS Cole in Aden last October, there could have been an Iraqi
      connection. Iraq has excellent relations with the anti-Western Yemeni
      Islamists of the Army of Aden-Abyan, whose militants have been
      arrested by the Yemenite authorities in connection with the attack.
      Such an attack required long preparations, technical and military
      skills and good operational intelligence. In addition, the explosive
      used in the attack was sophisticated, a "shaped charge" like a torpedo
      or a missile, a device not in use by terrorist organizations, and
      which may have come from a military stockpile."
      http://www.adl.org/ict/ Mughniyeh - Linked Also to Arafat
      4 November: On February 9,
      the Washington magazine
      US News & World Report
      ran a cover story captioned:
      Hostage to Terror, What the
      US Can Do The face on the
      cover was that of American
      Professor Robert Polhill, who
      was kidnapped January 24 in
      Beirut, by a master of terror
      named in print for the first
      time in that article: Imad
      One particular paragraph of that spine-chilling expose sheds a harsh
      light on the fate of Mugniyeh's victims:
      Intelligence sources have told U.S.News that some of the hostages
      (American and European), when first captured, are brought to a
      sound-proofed basement of a building in Dahya where they are
      blindfolded and chained to their beds. It is only after they have been
      held for some time that the blindfolds are removed and the hostages
      are allowed to stretch their legs. When they are transported to
      different locations, it is done secretly: Some have even been carried
      in trunks and cardboard boxes.
      Inevitably, most of the decisions regarding the hostages in Dahya are
      made by one man. His name, sources say, is Imad Mughniyeh, a
      Palestinian Shiite with close ties to Iran.
      This name struck the intelligence community like a thunderbolt -
      especially when the writer went on to uncover new aspects of that
      Palestinian Shiite's trail of terror: the Beirut hostage-taking dramas
      of the 1980s, the bombings and other atrocities, notably the
      devastating explosion at the US embassy in Beirut in April 1983, in
      which 63 Americans died and the entire top rank of the CIA's Middle
      East-Persian Gulf department, 29 officers in all, were massacred,
      including the brilliant Middle East desk chief Robert Ames.
      The article carried two striking revelations: The US embassy was not
      ravaged by a truck-bomb as reported then and since, but by a bomb
      planted on the floor above the conference room in which the CIA
      officers assembled.
      DEBKAfile's intelligence sources disclose for the first time, 19 years
      after the event, that two minutes after the CIA chiefs took their
      seats in that room, the explosive charge was detonated by remote
      The second revelation shows up a little-known facet of Mughniye's
      murky past: Up until 1982, when he burst on the Shiite terrorist world
      of Beirut, Mughniye was a member of Yasser Arafat's personal guard,
      Force 17, when the Fatah group was one of the fiercest warring
      militias of the savage Lebanese civil war. The embassy bombing must
      have been executed with the help of an inside informer or a mole. So
      secret was the top-level CIA conference that only a trusted insider
      would have known enough to give its timing away to the bomber. That
      insider had to have pre-knowledge of the meeting and be present in the
      building to signal the outside detonator. That was one of many clues
      to how deeply US intelligence was penetrated. That problem was not
      attacked, any more than the terror menace that began sprouting then.
      Instead, after suffering a series of terror strikes, Washington turned
      its back and ordered the US Marines and other Americans to leave
      war-torn Lebanon and go home. Switching fast forward to early 1996,
      1997 and 1998, DEBKAfile's intelligence sources discover intelligence
      building up in the Middle East and the US on operational relations
      developing between Mughniyeh and the young Saudi Islamic firebrand
      Osama Bin Laden, on the one hand, and between Mugniyeh and his
      erstwhile boss Arafat, on the other."
      YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN TheLoyalOpposition
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