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Fwd: TEXAS INMATE 35 year old woman has died of Heat Exhaustion

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  • April Sims
    From: Brenda Pitts Bennett To: Subject: TEXAS INMATE 35 year old woman has
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2001
      From: "Brenda Pitts  Bennett" <bpb123@...>
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      Subject: TEXAS INMATE 35 year old woman has died of Heat Exhaustion
      Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 15:11:10 -0500

      TEXAS INMATE 35 year old woman has died of Heat Exhaustion
      I have repeatidly asked the media for stories on the heat factor inside the Texas cells reaching 140 degrees and that our Texas meterologist and doctors tell us daily to "Stay Out Of The Heat BECAUSE  It Is A Killer"   This is not the only death this year from the heat factor inside and will not be the last unless we get the FBI  to investigate.  Why can't people realize that 89% of our prisoners are non violent and that  99.9% of the population could be incarsarated immediately if their secrets was known. They just haven't been caught. Even the prisoners whom are violent are real people and should not be allowed to die from heat strokes or any other kinds of abuse from the system as they all encounter daily.
      Brenda Pitts Bennett
      New report in today from Hobby in Marlin -- by Sherry A. Nance, Ex. Officer
      for women/TPLU
            from her letter to Dwight Rawlinson/Administrator/TPLU-Waco, Texas

            "There was a 35 year old woman who died of Heat Exhaustion.  She was
      Indigent and could not buy a herself a fan and she was at risk due to her
      being on Psych meds!  She pushed on the Buzzer and they would not let her
      out.  She had been to medical 4 days earlier and they told her there was
      nothing wrong with her! Then the afternoon that she died, when they finally
      made rounds on the  In/Out, she was face down on the cell floor and had been
      for about 10 min.'s.  Eventually they tried C P R but she was already too far
      gone!   Her name is Penny Campbell."

            Just another dead inmate to T D C.  The only real issue, is HOW to
      BEST cover it up.   T P L U will of course do what it can to find the family.
       Lawyers in Texas will not take a case against T D C on contingency and since
      the woman was Indigent, her family will not have the needed $20,000 to open a
      case against T D C.  Attorney-- Mike Lattimer in San Antonio is being sent
      this info. as he does have a case opened on behalf of Mary Markham's family
      due to her Negligent Death due to Septic poisoning-- Untreated infection,
      something that occurs in 3rd. World Countries.

            T D C has it's OWN grave yard for unclaimed inmate bodies-- The T D C
      guards Proudly refer to it as Peckerwood Hill
      Sharing By: Brenda Pitts Bennett
      Texas Prison Advocacy Group
      701 Meadowdale
      Royse City, Texas 75189
      (972) 636-3575
      Fax  1-413-556-1891

      Shared by:  April Sims
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