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AFA Action Alert: Hate Crimes Bill CalledUnnecessary

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  • NR Davis
    This comes from the political Religious Right group the American family Association. As always with alerts from the right, read the ACTION section, and do the
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      This comes from the political Religious Right group the American family
      Association. As always with alerts from the right, read the ACTION section,
      and do the opposite. In this case, call your congressional representatives
      and demand that they SUPPORT the Hate Crimes Bill.



      AFA ACTION ALERT 10/29/99

      American Family Association <><
      Dr. Donald E. Wildmon, President
      Tim Wildmon, Vice President
      P.O. Drawer 2440
      Tupelo, Mississippi 38803
      Telephone 601/844-5036
      URL's http://www.afa.net


      Check out the NEW AFA Website: http://www.afa.net


      Hate Crimes Bill Called Unnecessary

      Online version of this Alert - http://www.afa.net/alert/hatecrimes.htm

      ACTION NEEDED: Please contact House and Senate Leadership and urge them to
      oppose all hate crimes legislation. You can reach the Capitol switchboard by
      calling 202-224-3121. If that line is busy, try 202-225-3121. E-mail (and
      locate FAX numbers) your Senators by following this link -
      http://www.senate.gov/ and your Representatives by following this link -
      http://www.house.gov/writerep/ .

      WASHINGTON -- Rev. Don Wildmon, President of American Family Association,
      today urged Congress to oppose hate crimes legislation, which he predicted
      would lead to the prosecution of ministers and others in America who preach
      the word of God. Wildmon said, "President Clinton and the homosexual
      movement are willing to sacrifice the First Amendment of the Constitution in
      an effort to normalize homosexuality in American society. Federal hate
      crimes legislation is not necessary to protect anyone from violent acts. We
      have the state and federal criminal code for that."

      Wildmon noted the great irony of the President's veto of Commerce, Justice,
      State Appropriations bill for failure of Congress to pass the hate crimes
      legislation: "The President is willing to hold up funding for the entire
      Department of Justice, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the
      Drug Enforcement Agency, and all United States Attorneys - those agencies
      and individuals responsible for the enforcement of most federal criminal
      laws - for this unnecessary act. Obviously the President places a higher
      priority on the homosexual movement's agenda than on protection of the
      general public from crime in America."

      RESOURCE: "Hate Crime" Laws Mean Unequal Protection -


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