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29280The Death Penalty’s Grotesque Reality

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  • James Nimmo
    May 8 5:04 AM

      The Death Penalty’s Grotesque Reality

      DB: And this governor was so proud. If they [the justices] wanted to delay that first execution, she was gonna give us a double header, wasn’t she? It almost seemed this was a vindictive response, and it came back to bite her, of course, in the middle of torturing a human being.
      MK:  Well, who knows what goes on in the heads of politicians? They’re always looking for the next issue that’s going to put them back in the state house or the senate or wherever they happen to be. And the issue becomes less important than their evaluation of how much it is going to help their political careers. So basically we are saying here that we are willing to torture people to death for the basic right of seeking public office, and keeping it. It’s a very, very disturbing, and even a disgusting practice.
      DB: Alright, Michael, I want to get from you, because you have spent a lot of time thinking about this. As we said, you have watched your friend grovel and suffocate, and die a horrible death. You’ve spent a good chunk of your life fighting this brutality. What does this thing that happened in Oklahoma, what does that say about who we are in 2014?

      MK: Well, you know, as a political system I think it says that we have still not lifted our last foot out of the slime of antiquity. We are still holding on to basically what become human sacrifices. I mean, the numbers of people who commit murder in this country, as I said, 20,000-plus. The numbers of people who get sentenced to death, then again the numbers of people who actually get executed, you have this very tiny, in terms of the total number of people who could qualify. This very tiny group of sacrifices.
      And it’s very much like throwing the virgins into the — I don’t want to equate people who commit murder with virgins — but I’m talking about a process that lets leadership keep their leadership. We don’t mind sacrificing human beings. We condemn the act of taking a life, by taking a life. And it doesn’t require more than a six-year-old to understand the absurdity of that.