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29210Roundup Herbicide 125 Times More Toxic Than Regulators Say

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  • Teresa Binstock
    Apr 15, 2014

      Roundup Herbicide 125 Times More Toxic Than Regulators Say

      Sayer Ji

      A highly concerning new study published in the journal Biomedical Research International reveals that despite the still relatively benign reputation of agrochemicals such as Roundup herbicide, many chemical formulations upon which the modern agricultural system depend are far more toxic than present regulatory tests performed on them reveal. Roundup herbicide, for instance, was found to be 125 times more toxic than its active ingredient glyphosate studied in isolation.

      Titled, "Major pesticides are more toxic to human cells than their declared active principles," the study evaluated to what extent the active principle (AP) and the so-called 'inert ingredients,' i.e. adjuvants, in globally popular formulations account for the toxicity of 9 major pesticides: 3 herbicides, 3 insecticides, and 3 fungicides....

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      Open access:

      Major Pesticides Are More Toxic to Human Cells Than Their Declared Active Principles
      Robin Mesnage, Nicolas Defarge, Joël Spiroux de Vendômois, Gilles-Eric Séralini
      Biomed Res Int. 2014; 2014:179691