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29207FCC fines Texas manufacturer $29,250 for jamming cell phones

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  • Rick Kissell
    Apr 13, 2014
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      Houston, Texas-based R&M Manufacturing has been issued a $29,250 Notice of Apparent Liability for its alleged use of a cellular telephone phone jamming device. This, to keep employees at its plant from placing wireless calls at work. 

      The FCC’s Houston office first learned of the interference in a March 29, 2013 complaint from AT&T alleging that a signal was interfering with its licensed cellular communications. On March 29th and April 1st, 2013 using direction finding the agents assigned to the case located the source of the strong wideband signals in the cellular and P-C-S bands were coming from R&M’s manufacturing facility.

      In its decision to issue the $29,250 proposed fine the FCC noted that R&M admitted that it operated a jamming device for about 10 days, starting on or around March 23, 2013, with the intended effect of blocking and otherwise interfering with FCC authorized radio communications. The FCC says that the operation of the jamming device could have had disastrous consequences by precluding the use of cellular phones to reach life saving 9-1-1 services provided by police, ambulance, and fire departments. It could also have disrupted critical communications of first responders who might have visited R&M’s facility or nearby locations in a life and death situation.

      As is customary in these cases, R&M was given the customary 30 days to pay the fine or to file an appeal.