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28741Fw: [Presente-Honduras] Video testimony w/English transcript military police attempt to raid LIBRE in Kennedy Neighborhood of Tegucigalpa 22-nov-2013

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  • Rick Kissell
    Nov 24, 2013
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      Subject: Fwd: Fw: [Presente-Honduras] Video testimony w/English transcript military police attempt to raid LIBRE in Kennedy Neighborhood of Tegucigalpa 22-nov-2013

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      Subject: Fw: [Presente-Honduras] Video testimony w/English transcript military police attempt to raid LIBRE in Kennedy Neighborhood of Tegucigalpa 22-nov-2013
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      This is from our friends at HSN. I have been alerting the press but I could use help in letting the State Department know that there are US citizens who are watching and who care about the harassment that is going on in Honduras as regards the observing of the elections.
      I would suggest emailing and phoning both US and Honduran officials about the harassment of the HSN delegation and the attempted military police raid of LIBRE headquarters last night (See Andres Conteris' recent presente e-mail on this). 

      State Department, Director of Central America affairs, Scott Hamilton: Hamiltonsi@...
      State Department, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, Charles O Blaha: Blahaco@...
      Honduras Embassy, Human Rights Attache: Amanda Johnson-Miller: johnson-millera@...


      Ministro de Seguridad: Arturo Corrales: oaseguridad@... ph 504.2220.5547 fax 504.2220.4352

      Ana Pineda, Ministra de Justicia y Derechos Humanos apineda@... ph 504.9982.6801 or 504.223


      November 23, 2013
      Today around 10:30-11am in Hotel Suites Aurora in Tegucigalpa 5 men and 1 woman armed civilians dressed men with ski masks offered no identification, another 3 were wearing Immigration t-shirts, who went to reception.  and they asked for passports for the people in the lobby who were here, as well as asked for all International Observers to come to the lobby, asked them questions and looked through their passports and took personal records. They took 2 passports from Brazilian international observers without explaining why. When they asked why, they say “because yes we can”.  They explained they were tourists and still they took passports without credible cause.
      The Brazilians felt threatened “with fear, they can do whatever they want” they did not go up to the rooms but according to all present they were told that “they could go up to their rooms anytime”. Everyone felt a state of fear and intimidation, and very shaken up.
      Later, the two Passports were given to me by an immigration officer, without even asking to return to the right person, whom they took them from.
      This is an international outrage that this is happening during this election process and we are concern for what this may foretell for the transparency process tomorrow during elections.

      One observer said that when she asked a soldier who he was, he said he could not identify himself, that he was under the command of Manuel Escobar Mejia.

      We are extremely concerned for the safety of the International Observers and anyone here to witness the process of the elections.
      Please stay tuned to what is going in Honduras and please be aware of the intimidation to International Observers.
       Names of people that came in civilian clothes, armed and with ski masks:
      Gabriel Matute-Immigraiton
      Manuel Escobar Mejia (agente con arma larga)
      David Ramos (migracion)

      Please forward

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      Subject: [Presente-Honduras] Video testimony w/English transcript military police attempt to raid LIBRE in Kennedy Neighborhood of Tegucigalpa 22-nov-2013

      Video testimony and english transcript from attempted military police raid of LIBRE in Kennedy neighborhood of Tegucigalpa on 22-nov-2013

      Question: What happened?
      Answer: We were in a meeting with congressional candidate Gilberto Rios two blocks away from here. We were in the meeting with the collective from our community when we saw two cars full of military police go by. And he told me no you’re just tense. So we went into the meeting and we were there a half hour and then we left because we were going with the same candidate to another meeting with other people and we were about to go in when they told us that they were trying to take over the headquarters of the party here in the Kennedy neighborhood.
      So we went out but we were already surrounded with a military police line that went from Gilberto Rios’s house to the headquarters and they had two cones in the street, to make it seem that they had a checkpoint. But then when they saw that people were starting to arrive to the headquarters, we came as some of the first but others were already starting to come and so we came and when the police saw that there were people starting to come, then they pointed their rifles at us like this, they pointed them right at our faces they pointed them at us like this and they looked up at the headquarters with terrible eyes filled with hate, looking up at the headquarters like this and with their hands like this in this position. Then some sisters and brothers who are observers put on their observer identification and their vests and when they saw that we had people they left but still aiming at us.
      Question: About how many of them were there?
      Answer: They filled up about two blocks it was a lot of them.
      Like three cars full of military police. Because for them to fill up two blocks it was a lot of them.
      Question: And it was military police?
      Military police and the car said Tazon de Seguridad but it didn’t have plates.
      Answer: And the raiding of the other houses you were telling me about?
      Yeah they went to the houses neighboring the headquarters here but we don’t know what they talked about with the people. But several groups of them came up we didn’t know what they wanted. Like to put us down and make us think… well we don’t know but they aimed at us like they were going to fire, that was their position.
      Question: And any commentary to close with in general after these type of incidents are you afraid, any message for the world from the Honduran people?
      Answer: Yeah we have been through this through the coup d’etat of 2009, we dealt with tear gas, we dealt with bullets, we dealt with a lot of things and we’ve been through this and I don’t think they can scare us. We don’t stop having certain fear for our lives, right, but we’re willing to keep going forward with this project and not get distracted. The people from the LIBRE party and the National Front of Popular Resistance are people who are very committed to this project and nothing and nobody is going to make us go backwards.
      (translated by La Voz de los de Abajo)
      The Committee of Relatives of the Disappeared in Honduras ( COFADEH ) denounces that the night Friday, November 22 , military police attempted to break into the headquarters of the party LIBRE party in the Kennedy Colony of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
      A few minutes before ten o’clock, three patrols of military police arrived , with approximately 12 troops in each patrol. Covering their faces with balaclavas , the troops began to surround the location , intimidating the four people who were there at the time.
      Upon calling other members of their party, neighbors from the colony arrived and word of the situation spread through various media. The military police troops left , driving past the house of a candidate of the LIBRE party. Neighors, media and International Election Observers, responding to the news, remained at the headquarters.
      * ” We will not forget and not forgive the acts nor the perpetrators” COFADEH *
      Human Rights Monitoring Project for the 2013 Electoral Process
      * COFADEH *
      * Telephone : 3347-7819 / 9720-5673
      * E – mail: * monitoreocofadeh2013@... / monitoreocofadeh2013@...

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