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2L-News TWA (fwd)

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  • Natalie Davis
    Jun 20, 1999
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      From: Grrlsrch@...

      As many of you are aware, TWA is a corporate sponsor for St. Louis PrideFest
      '99. It seems that TWA has received a petition from some employee owners
      asking TWA to reconsider the company's position on future sponsorship of
      events, such as the "St. Louis Gay Pride Festival, or to any organization
      which is so divisive and emotionally impacting to the people of this

      TWA's response includes the following statements:

      "Every year, TWA participates in hundreds of community events in the areas we
      serve. It's a good way to put our name before the traveling public and build
      good will.

      This particular event costs us a very modest amount of complimentary travel
      and delivers great exposure at an event that attracts tens of thousands of
      participants. It is a well organized, well-run "picnic in the park"that is
      actively supported by The City of St. Louis and many other sponsors,
      including major corporations as well as a number of travel agencies and
      churches who have booths and displays."

      I would encourage each of you to write TWA and thank them as a member of
      Pride St. Louis, Inc., for their participation in PrideFest and show your
      support to TWA.

      I would suggest letters be addressed to

      Mr. William Compton C.O.O.
      Trans World Airlines
      One City Centre
      515 North 6th Street
      St. Louis MO 63101




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