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prathap chandran
Jun 29, 2011

LPC2148 P0.14 Issue

I have made a board using LPC2148. I have provided a 10K pullup resistor at P0.14 which is also used as KBDATA signal. I short this pin to Gnd for putting the
May 7, 2011

GNUARM GCC 4.1.1 violates function pre-emption when optimization is

Hello- This is a warning kind of post with an explanation and a work around proposal(sorry for making it a bit long :-)). When optimization is not used (often
Jun 27, 2009

ARC-OTG USB driver for linux

Hi. I'm trying to find a distribution of linux that contains the ARC-OTG driver. The USB core I'm working with is the CI13611A, which is similar to the USB
May 7, 2009

Re: Acess ARM9 hardware timers ( C and Linux )

... It is certainly more complicated but you get a lot of infrastructure for almost no cost. Infrastructure you might never have got around to writing because
Gordon J Milne
Apr 11, 2009

Re: Acess ARM9 hardware timers ( C and Linux )

Hi Jim, I haven't looked but I suspect that the 'hi-res' timer is already used and available in the kernel. You might be lucky and find a device driver, but
Simon Glass
Apr 11, 2009

Re: Acess ARM9 hardware timers ( C and Linux )

Thank you Simon. mmap() would be a quick and dirty way to access the timer registers. I was hoping that somebody had already written a device driver to use the
Apr 11, 2009

Re: Acess ARM9 hardware timers ( C and Linux )

Hi Jim, Suggest a period of learning! A great book is 'Linux Device Drivers'. If you are just wanting to read the timer in order to timestamp something in user
Simon Glass
Apr 10, 2009

Acess ARM9 hardware timers ( C and Linux )

Hello everybody, I'm new to embedded linux development. I want to write some routines that need 1uS timer resolution. I understand that the ARM9 processors
Apr 10, 2009

Re: First Psot ( ARM pt110 rev 0 (v4l) problem

... 102404*4) ... Hi again, I'm currently connected to card using JTAG approach but I'm unable to stop the autoboot:. in Hyper terminal after: Hit any key to
Jan 29, 2009

First Psot ( ARM pt110 rev 0 (v4l) problem

Hello all, I have a Digital multimedia receiver card (NMP-530 from Viewsonic) looks like Mediagate35 but with Sigma design EM8621L-LF The CPU info is:
Jan 29, 2009

linux 2.6.25 on PXA255?

Hello, We experienced some troubles with one of the last Linux kernel ( on a PXA255. We actually started from a previous 2.6.14 version on a
Jun 19, 2008

ARM920T: CP15-Reg10 read issue

Hi, I am writing TLB lockdown code (both I & D TLBs) for 920T. I followedthe procedure list in the ARM documents, but regardless when I read CP15-Reg10 -- It
Michael Anburaj
Apr 28, 2008

Re: Makefile problem

... Hi again!! I've tried this as toolchain, i think that these errors can prevent the make file from being executed correctly: #! /bin/sh # Variables export
Apr 24, 2008

Re: Makefile problem

Hi, Maybe you need to use 'make clean' first if you have object files lying around from another build. Regards, Simon ... -- -- ... Bluewater Systems Ltd - ARM
Simon Glass
Apr 24, 2008
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