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ICYO-Youth Information.

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    ICYO - Youth Information E-News from Indian Committee of Youth Organizations ICYO is a coordinating body of 354 Youth Organizations in India. National
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      ICYO  - Youth Information  

                                       E-News from

        Indian Committee of Youth Organizations

      ICYO is a coordinating body of 354 Youth Organizations in India.


      National Consultation on Habitat & Youth Ending Poverty Housing held


      Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) and Habitat for Humanity India Trust (HFHIT) jointly organized the National Consultation on Habitat Youth Ending Poverty Housing at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi on July 7, 2005.


      The Consultation started with the welcome of Mr. Oscar Farnades and introduction by Mr. Vincent Thakur, Executive Director of HFHIT. He gave brief detail of HFHIT and also outline of ‘Youth Build project’ in India followed by a bouquet presentation to Chief Guest Mr. Oscar Fernades, Minister of Statistics and Program Implementation, Government of India and other dignitaries.


      Mr. Ravi Narayan, Secretary General of Indian Committee of Youth Organizations highlighted the activities of ICYO network and its concern to young people in his presentation. Dr. Subba Rao, Chairman of ICYO emphasis on more youth programmes where youth to be involve for voluntary work and that should be linked to welfare of poor and needy people, addressing the cultural integration and promotes the harmony and peace among the young generation.


      Mr. Freddy Martis, Programme Coordinator, HFHIT gave the detailed information on ‘Youth Build India 2005’ than Dr Subba Rao released the Information Kit on Youth Build India 2005 Project and Chief Guest, Mr. Oscar Fernades confirmed his support for the project.


      In his Key note speech Mr. Miloon Kothari, United Nation’s Special Rappotouer on Adequate Housing and Executive Director, Habitat International Coalition (SARP) presented brief scenario on need of housing for poor. He emphasized the role of women in this sector must be ensured.


      Mr. Vijay Bharatiya of ICYO made a presentation on Youth and Habitat Agenda (MDG's and Istanbul + 10).


      The Panel discussion on "Challenges ahead in dealing with Habitat agenda to end poverty housing' was very lively and youth panelist including Ms. Malvika Vartak from Housing and Land Rights Network, Ms Nagma from STOP and Ms. Rekha Kuruvilla, the Resource Development Manager of Habitat for Humanity India Trust presented their views which followed by question answer session.


      Mr Jayanta Chowdhury, Programme Advisor Asia Pacific Region, Habitat for Humanity International, Inc. adjourned the meeting with vote of thanks.


      Steering Committee of World Bank's YDP Network Constituted


      The World Bank organized the two international Conferences on ‘Youth Development and Peace’ (YDP), in Paris (2003) and in Sarajevo (2004). World Bank invited the representatives of Youth Organizations from all over the world in these conferences. The main outcome from the Sarajevo conference was the formation of ‘Youth Development and Peace (YDP) Network’.


      The Steering Committee constituted to develop and Institutionalization the network and to gear-up activities to strengthen the youth organizations on focused issues.


      The World Organization of the Scout Movement (represented by Mr. Arturo Romboli), European Youth Forum (represented Mr. Renaldas Vaisbrodas, President), Indian Committee of Youth Organizations - ICYO (represented by Mr. Ravi Narayan, Secretary General), International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS-Pax Romana, represented by Mr. Joseph Zobel Behala Mboy II, Secretary General), Foro Latino Americano de la Juventud(reprsented by Mr. Sebastian Lamonega), Reseau Africain des jeunes contre le SIDA du Burkina Faso (RAJS) (reprsented by Mr. Bagnombo Bakiono), New Voices Peru – AIESEC (represented by Mr. Guillermo J. Palacios García), Youth Voices in Georgia - "New Generation for Georgia" (represented by Ms. Lina Jikia).


      First SC Meeting:


      The first Steering Committee meeting was held on 22 and 23 June 2005 in Washington, USA and attended by its members and officers of World Bank. The meeting held during and part of the YDP Week.

      Mr. Jean-Louis Sarbib, Sr Vice President, Human Development Network, WB; Mr. Ian Goldin, Vice President for External Affairs, Communications and United Nations Affairs, WB; Mr Jean Christophe Bas, Development Policy Dialogue Manager, Vice Presidency for Europe, World Bank gave the valuable guidance to committee. Mr. Pierre Girardier, Mr. Gaetano Vivo (both from World Bank Paris) facilitated the process.


      The Steering Committee discussed various matters (including focus issues - Education; Employment; HIV/AIDS - risky behaviors; Conflict Prevention and Resolution). The SC formed various task force, Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) will lead the task on 'HIV/AIDS and Risky Behavior'.


      The SC was commissioned with responsibility to monitor and follow the proposal from the conference in Sarajevo. It was decided that Europe will monitor by YFJ, FLAJ will cover the Latin and South America and ICYO will cover the Asia & Pacific.


      YDP Week


      The Youth Development and Peace Week were observed in Washington. Apart from Steering Committee meeting the Non Formal Education Forum and discussion on forth coming World Development Report 2007 (WDR07) on young people were held.


      In a special session of Video Conference Mr. Manny Jimenez, (responsible for the WDR 07) discussed the matter from World Bank office at Bangkok with the participants at Washington. Mr. Jimenez also discussed the possible involvement of YDP network organizations.


      ICYO elected the Vice President of AYC

      General Assembly of Asian Youth Council held


      The Asian Youth Council (AYC), which is the largest network of Asia with the membership of national youth council/national network organizations has elected its new office bearers during its 9th General Assembly held from 24 to 26 June 2005 in Selangor, Malaysia.


      Mr Ravi Narayan, Secretary General of ICYO elected as Vice President of Asian Youth Council (AYC). Rt. Hon. Dato' Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, President of Malaysian Youth Council is elected the new President of AYC.


      AYC will focus on ensuring that the ‘Millennium Development Goals are achieved by governments in the Asia and Pacific region’ is one of the commitment made by the newly elected president Dr Toyo, while talking to the press after the election on 25th June 2005.


      ICYO is member of AYC, attended the GA and represented by Mr. Jayanta Chowdhury and Mr. Vijay Bharatiya.


      MIYD Adopts Plan to Strengthen National Youth Councils


      The Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) adopted a declaration outlining plans to strengthen national youth councils worldwide towards achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


      The MIYD held from June 27 to 29, 2005 in Malaka, Malaysia and organized by World Assembly of Youth (WAY). This is the annual event and fifth in series. This year’s theme was ‘Strengthening National Youth Councils for Global Development’.


      Three thematic workshops were held during the dialogue, namely Capacity Building for Greater Efficiency and Effectiveness of National Youth Councils, Developing Partnerships with Governments and International Agencies and National Youth Councils and the Millennium Development Goals.


      Concluding three days of intense deliberations, the more than 130 participants of the MIYD unanimously resolved to more actively participate in national efforts to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.


      Five participants from different ICYO member organizations attended the International Youth Dialogue.


      Build New India - commitment from Yuva Bharat (Young India)


      The third conference of Yuva Bharat (Young India) was held from 5-9 June 2005 in Bhuvenshawar, Orissa, India and attended by 750 youth from all over India. The main objective is to work towards the exploitation free society for young people.


      The conference discussed the various statements including on education, cultural policy, economic policy etc..


      UK Presidency priorities of the EU 2005 –
      Education, Youth and Culture Education and Youth


      The United Kingdom holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from July 1st, 2005 until December 31st, 2005. Some of the priorities of this presidency are the new Youth Programme.


      The key expected areas of work in education and youth during the UK Presidency are: Negotiating new EU education and youth programme designed to promote cooperation between educational establishments and promote country exchanges between lecturers, teachers and students such as the Erasmus programme; analysing how improving the skills of the European workforce would contribute to increased productivity and agreeing concrete steps under the OMC to take forward work in this area; a report on education and training's contribution to competitiveness and social inclusion under the Lisbon agenda; improving quality assurance for Higher Education Institutions across Europe; agreeing an EU Youth Pact which considers the problems of unemployed young people.


      The discussion on Education, Youth and Culture is expected on 14 - 15 November 2005 at Brussels.


      Intervention Studies on Youth Reproductive Health in India


      From 1999 to 2006, the International Center for Research on Women is working with partners on multi-site intervention studies of men's involvement in adolescent women's reproductive health (RH) in India.


      The various roles that gender plays in RH - and strategies for cultivating sensitivity to that role - figure prominently in this research. Among the findings: In community-based RH education sessions, young married men preferred a more didactic method as compared to the dynamic, participatory methods (e.g., games and songs) found useful with women. For information log on http://www.comminit.com/experiences/pds2005/experiences-3003.html


      UNICEF ADAP Global Networking Meeting


      The Adolescent Development and Participation Unit (ADAP) of UNICEF, New York will convene its first Global Networking Meeting from September 19 -23, 2005. The meeting will bring together over 40 regional and country-level advisors and senior programme staff working in UNICEF's range of programme areas and priorities for adolescent/youth development, including health, education, HIV/AIDS, child protection and social policy. Representatives will also attend the meeting from UN agencies' adolescent/youth focal points, external resource persons and experts and senior staff from UNICEF's Headquarters.


      Review of the World Programme of Action for

      Youth by General Assembly of UN


      In UN Headquarters in New York several events will take place during October 3 -7, 2005 to mark the ten-year review of the World Programme of Action for Youth. On 6 October 2005, the General Assembly will devote two plenary meetings, morning and afternoon, to an evaluation of the progress made in the implementation of the World Programme. The day prior to the plenary meeting there will be an informal, interactive round-table discussion on the theme "Young people: Making Commitments Matter", which will be open to the participation of Member States, observers, organizations of the United Nations system and non-governmental youth organizations. Representatives of youth organization can attend as the observer of these plenary sessions of UN.


      Upcoming events:


      National Integration, Peace and Harmony Youth Camp


      National Youth Project is organizing the National Integration, Peace and Harmony Youth Camp in New Delhi. 5000 youth will be invited from all over India to attend the youth camp. Date of camp will be announce soon.


      Roundtable on Youth and Population:


      ICYO will host the round table on Youth and Population. The organizer has expecting the representative of youth organizations to attend the event and discussion will be focus on family planning programme in India. The roundtable will also try to find the answer to why the youth are excluded from family planning progrmme? The roundtable will be held in Delhi.


      Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Young People: Training-Workshop


      Mamta Health Institute of Mother and Child, Swedish Association for Sexuality Education and SIDA will organize the training workshop on 'Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Young People' in New Delhi from October 14-29, 2005.


      To promote a better regional understanding of young people's SRH and rights through experience sharing; to enhance capacities of individuals and institutions; and to facilitate formulation of policies, program, strategies and interventions that are positively responsive to the needs of young people, are some main objectives of the training.


      For further information and participation log on www.yrshr.org


      International Student Conference


      The International student conference will be held at Odessa National University Model United Nations 2005 (ONUMUN) in Ukraine from November 25-27, 2005.


      Main objective of the ONUMUN is to give a unique and interactive opportunity for university students from all over the world to become familiar with international issues and to enhance students' understanding of the institutional and political in-workings of the UN organization.


      For more detail log on www.onumun.iatp.org.ua


      Globalization and the Future of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


      This conference will be organised by CIDESC (International Centre on Economic, Social and Cultural (ESC) Rights) in partnership with Ethical Globalization Initiative and in collaboration with the New University of Lisbon, Portugal from November 24 –26, 2005. The conference will focus on global issues and institutions and their impact on local ESC rights.


      Internationally recognized advocates for human rights will debate how the human rights community can hold increasingly powerful international institutions accountable for their impact on citizens' rights around the world.

      For more information, visit: www.esc-rights.org/EN/conference_organization.htm


      Youth Information issued by:
      Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO)
      194-A, Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi 110029, India
      Phone: 91 9811729093  /Phone/Fax: 91 11 26183978
      Email: icyoindia@... / icyo@...

      To join the Youth Information Yahoogroup send email to: YouthInformation-subscribe@...
      Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO) is a registered non-profit,
      non-governmental network organization, committed in developing areas of
      mutual cooperation and understanding among different youth voluntary
      agencies, youth groups, clubs and individuals working in the field of youth
      welfare in India.  ICYO functions as an umbrella organization of youth NGOs
      in India. It's family consists of over 354 organizations spread in 122 districts
      of 22 states from different corners of India.


      Affiliation:  Consultative (Roster) Status with ECOSOC, United Nations;
      Consultative Status with Commission on Sustainable Development;
      Full Member of World Assembly of Youth (WAY); Asian Youth Council (AYC);
      Youth for Habitat International Network (YFHIN); CRIN, South Asia Youth
      Environment Network (SAYEN),

      Affiliate group of ECPAT International, Thailand; ATSECE-DELHI.

      Indian Partner of AIDS Care Watch Campaign;

      Steering Committee member of World Bank's YDP Network;
      Working relation with Indian Association of Parliamentarians (IAPPD);
      International Medical Parliamentarians Organizations (IMPO);
      Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD);
      World Youth Foundation, Malaysia.



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