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New Oxfam report -- Rescuing Education for All: How reform of the FTI should lead to a Global Fund for Education

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    Dear colleagues, it s a pleasure to share with you the final version of our new report on global education financing, Rescuing Education for All: How reform of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2010

      Dear colleagues,

      it’s a pleasure to share with you the final version of our new report on global education financing, Rescuing Education for All: How reform of the Fast Track Initiative should lead to a Global Fund for Education.  It is now available on our website in English, French and Spanish:

      http://www.oxfam. org/en/policy/ rescuing- education- for-all

      The report is actually two products: a longer research report with detailed analysis, and a briefing note which summarizes the research and includes political recommendations.  It examines the EFA-Fast Track Initiative (FTI) – both its positive contributions and its current limitations -- and it argues for the reform of the FTI into a more ambitious, effective Global Fund for Education. This redesigned initiative must feature autonomous management and inclusive governance; greater country ownership through better quality aid; improved accountability structures; and more flexibility to respond to the needs of children in conflict-affected and fragile states. It calls upon the G8/G20 donors -- including the US -- to prioritize such a transformation in 2010.

      Enormous thanks go to the many members of GCE-US who have given valuable input into this document.  It is our hope that it will be a useful tool to spark further discussion and consolidation of a civil society advocacy position on a GFE.  Please feel free to share this report widely.

      Looking forward to working with all of you in the months ahead to secure the resources and political commitment needed to achieve Education for All.

      Warmest regards,

      Katie Malouf
      Advocacy and Campaigns Associate
      Oxfam International
      1100 15th Street NW, Suite 600
      Washington , DC   20005   USA
      tel. +1 202 496 1175
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      fax +1 202 496 0128
      Visit the web site at http://www.oxfam.org

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