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John Zerzan's Tour of India and the Booklet (November-December 2009) : Coalition against Work and Civilization in South Asia, November 2009.

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  • Gangadin Lohar
    John Zerzan’s Tour of India and the Booklet  (November-December 2009)   Dear Friends, We invite you to participate in a debate. A deabte about the way out
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2009

      John Zerzan’s Tour of India and the Booklet

       (November-December 2009)


      Dear Friends,

      We invite you to participate in a debate. A deabte about the way out of the crisis we are in. There are at least six  kinds  of arguments being argued for or against in South Asia : 


      I. Arguing for more work, more productivity, more technology, more knowledge and more progress

      II. Arguing for redistribution of wealth and social justice

      III. Arguing for efficient law and order, for better courts, effective policing and active civil societies

      IV. To save enviornment from the market or how only market can save earth from


      V. Arguing for restraint, spirituality and religiosity

      VI. Mostly they blame it all on the failure of leadership and end up in search of some ideal leadership

      VII. Or some combination thereof.


      We are against all these arguments. We are not in two minds that without fundamentally questioning our-daily-life-based-on-work, career and what-is-called-civilization there can not be any way out.  At the centre of daily life is work. At the centre of work is nothingness. The more we are working, the more it is turning against us.


      Without questioning that which is at the centre of normal daily life any amount of change in political parties, policies and social order shall not change anything.


      Questioning Civilization in South Asia

      Some individuals and groups have come together to question these assumptions behind any politics for radical change in our part of the world. Of course, they can be questioned in different ways. While retaining these differences, we invite you to the talks by John Zerzan in Mumbai, Nagpur, Kolkata and Delhi .

      Who is John Zerzan (1943-  ) and what does he stand for?


      In the words of one of his critics Zerzan stands for :


      “ (John) Zerzan has investigated pre-history and history in order to ascertain the roots of our estrangement from one another and the natural world. It is a daunting task, potentially full of political pitfalls. He constructs an argument that is often caricatured as calling for a return to the stone age, but by sheer force of common sense he succeeds in making a compelling case not for going back, but for moving forward, away from technological society and towards a future primitive. In contrast to the more 'woo-woo' and misanthropic aspects of the philosophy of deep ecology that has dominated some of the radical ecology scene in the US , Zerzan's anarcho-primitivist perspective has a distinct class consciousness. In his view, it's not humans in general who are responsible for social oppression and destructive ecological practices, but the civilizing impulses of a certain dominant elite.”


      John Zerzan’s  lecture tour will be  is as follows:


      Nagpur -- 28th. 29th.,30th., November 2009

      Contact : Vilas Sukhdeve (0) 982280834


         11:30  am Department of Fine Arts, Nagpur University


      Kolkata—1st., 2nd.,3rd.,4th., December 2009

      Call Jogin Sengupta (0)9239599423 or Vinita 033-22296551for details

      4.12.09  Manthan, Coffee  House Building , II Floor, College Street , Kolkata

      Delhi--    5th,  6th, 7th and  8th.,December 2009

      Contact  Vinay Ranjan   (0) 9870563558 or

                     Vilas Sukhdeve (0) 982280834

      Bringing out the Booklet  : Call for Co-operation

      Ideas, initiatives and monetary assistance are most welcome !

      On the occasion of his visit, we plan to bring out a booklet. In this booklet our attempt is to bring out some of the texts broadly sharing the same position on similar themes, however, at the same time retaining our different points of departure. Anybody who wishes to help us is most welcome at the following addresses :

      1. Friends of Zerzan in India, Nagpur,



       2. Al Hilaal,



      3. Faridabad Majdoor Samachar

          Majdoor Library
         Autopin Jhuggi
         N.I.T. Faridabad- 121001




      Coalition against Work and Civilization in South Asia,

      November 2009.

      Contact Central :  Vilas Sukhdeve (0) 982280834


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