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Re: [arkitectindia] India's Muslims lack an enlightened leadership

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  • rajib sagaria
    Dear Imteyaz thanks a lot i got you today, lets discuss about your topic if possible invite me to chat or i ll meet you yours Rajeev
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 11, 2009
      Dear Imteyaz
      thanks a lot
      i got you today, lets discuss about your topic
      if possible invite me to chat or i'll meet you

      On 11/11/09, Imteyaz Ahmad <imteyaz.ahmad@...> wrote:

      @ Mr. Amulya Ganguly

      Hi all!

      Apropos to the article 'India's Muslims lack an enlightened leadership' published by Mr. Amulya Ganguly, I would like to say that the article is partially true and stereotypical in its assessment of the leadership issues in Muslims.
      First and foremost, I completely agree with Mr. Ganguly when he tries to say that Muslim clerics tend to harp on the differences rather than the commonalities prevailing among the Indian masses at large, rendering Muslims cut off from the mainstream and reality. But at the same time, he should keep in mind that every religion (including Islam) has its code of conduct and any (veiled) attempt to stereotype those as retrogressive and antediluvian will further alienate the Muslim community and make them resort more to the ghetto mentality.

      Probably, Mr. Ganguly, is not aware that, what he 'thinks' is a disease (Islamic way of life) is the panacea for all the problems pertaining to Muslims; he needs to know more about the inbuilt mechanisms for the uplift of Muslims not just the modern cosmetic measures.

      As a seemingly enlightened man, Mr. Ganguly, should also talk about the instilling of the ghetto mentality and its eradication politically. I will not talk much about it; but is Indian socio-political history and the 'makers' and 'lords' of India, i.e., top leaders of the Congress Party by their acts of commission (during riots and Babri Masjid demolition and their aftermath) and omission (implementation of the Sachchar Committee Report) not responsible for this ghetto mentality? Mr. Ganguly should keep in mind that this ghetto mentality is not just social but, primarily, it is psycho-political which renders them merely a vote bank.
      If Muslims have to change their fortune thereby changing the fortunes of this great country, they will have to overcome this psycho-political ghettoisation which can happen only by their socio-economic and political awakening while keeping a right balance between their culture and modern day reality.

      This does not mean that they throw their culture and religion in the dustbin and take the 'medicine' which have more side-effects than benefits. We, Muslims, need to evolve with the changing time while keeping in heart warmth for our religion and enlightened humanism.

      The problems with Muslims clerics that they focus on the problems; they need to be solution oriented and need not play to the gallery (their political masters, Congress et.al.). Mere proscription will not help; prescription is also required to come out of this ghetto mentality for Muslims' good and India's welfare.

      Muhammad Imteyaz Ahmad

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