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Shramdaan: Simple Act Significant Impact

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  • arkitect95
    Friends The Executive Committee of Ark Foundation met on April 02, 2004 and resolved to meet on April 18, 2004 to: 1. Present Annual Report a. Delhi Activities
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      The Executive Committee of Ark Foundation met on April 02, 2004 and
      resolved to meet on April 18, 2004 to:

      1. Present Annual Report
      a. Delhi Activities
      b. Aligarh Activities
      c. Kataila Activities

      2. Discussion on the last year's development report of the

      3. Panel Discussion on "Shramdaan: Simple Act Significant Impact"


      1. Prof. V.K. Tripathi
      2. Prof. Anand Kumar
      3. Mr. Vishwa Deepak
      4. We are in touch with other distinguished persons to address
      and participate in the panel discussion.

      4. Membership
      5. Election of ARK Team for year-2004

      Proposed candidates for the election.

      Posts Candidates

      Chairman: Dr. Shaheen Ansari
      Vice-Chairman: Sudhyan Negi
      Secretaries: Sneha Singh
      Amit Kumar
      Joint Secretary: Dr. Ahmad Khan
      Treasurer: Satyajit Puhan
      Director: Ruby Siddiqui
      Editor: Mohan Mishra

      Proposed candidates for the selection/appointment

      Chief Executive Officer: Abdul Halim
      Chief Programme Coordinator: Annie Romanos
      Volunteer Coordinator: David Follington
      Coordinator, Friends of Ark: Alex Popovich
      Director, Educational Programme: Rushda Siddiqui
      Director, Health Programme: Pallavi Sharan
      Director, Jharkhand ARK Team: Amarji Singh
      Director, Uttar Pradesh ARK Team: Jitendra Rai
      Director, Aligarh Programme: Arif Hasan

      1. Please suggest some more names for the panel discussion
      2. Those who cannon come to Delhi to attend the Annual General
      Body Meeting and Panel Discussion they can still share their
      views on "Shramdaan: Simple Act Significant Impact".
      3. Just write and email to us. It will be read on behalf of the
      4. We are open to suggestions to make it a successful meet.


      Venue: SSS Committee Room, JNU, New Delhi.
      Date: Sunday, April 18, 2004
      Time: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

      For detail please contact Sneha (011-32538170), Ahmad (9810208924),
      Richa and Halim (011-26717332). Or write to shaheen@... and

      Executive Committee
      Ark Foundation

      Shramdaan has been derived from two Sanskrit words shram (labour) and
      daan (donation) meaning donation of labour. In the past Shramdaan
      had played a significant role in building dams, water tanks, schools
      and monasteries etc. Now the tradition of Shramdaan is on the verge
      of extinction which needs to be preserved and encouraged among
      children, youth and elders of our society before it becomes a part of

      Ark is a volunteer based organisation and encourages people to
      volunteer at least two hours a week. "Two Hours a Week" programme is
      very successful among students. This allows them to go to Ark
      Education Centres to teach while pursuing their education.

      Successful experiments at Dhapo Slum (New Delhi), Jamalpur (Aligarh)
      and Kataila village (Ghazipur) strengthen our belief in the
      significant role of Shramdaan in bringing some positive change in our

      It is because of this reason we are meeting on April 18,2004 so that
      we can revive our culture of Shramdaan. We are successfully running
      education centres at three places without creating any hurdle or
      problem in the regular work of our volunteers. We need to work on it
      to give a model so that it can be replicated in other places as well.

      The important point is to work on a model to translate labour of
      ordinary people (volunteers) for extra ordinary result- Kataila is
      the best example. Here we are able to run a High School with the help
      of villagers. We just organised them and result is before us. In
      November 2002 UP government recognised it till 5th standard. This
      year we have introduced 11th standard also. It is because of this
      that every year 15-20 girls fro the village pass 10th standard.

      Students of AMU, Aligarh are giving two hours a week to run an
      evening school in Jamalpur. We are receiving 150 children. About 100
      are girls and about 70% of them never visited a school and others are
      school drop outs. We are working on making them to rejoin main stream
      schooling system.

      Same is the story with Dhapo Slum, New Delhi, where JNU students are
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