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  • NEFM
    Dear All Having gone through the different view points about Mr. Anis Ansari, I would like to put forth my views very briefely about Mr. Ansari, as I happen to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2009
      Dear All

      Having gone through the different view points about Mr. Anis Ansari, I would like to put forth my views very briefely about Mr. Ansari, as I happen to know him very closely in my professional as well as personal capacities, as also Syed Hamid Sahab.

      Without attatching any identity to Mr. Ansari, I feel he is much more committed a muslim and does more work for muslims than all the other 14 IAS officers of UP Cadre put toggether ( I know 12 of them well). He is extremely competent person and is very clear in his thougths and actions.

      It is unfortunate that he was denied the office of Chief Secretary by a consipiracy (He in fact told me one month before the incident that the brahminical lobby was active against him). And it will be really very unfortunate for the institution of Jamia to not get a person as competent as Mr. Ansari.

      Few days back I was at Lucknow and I quote what the Agriculture Minister of UP, who told me "I have seen many APCs, but none of the calibre and competence of Mr. Ansari. I have requested our CM to appoint him Agriculture Advisor, after he retires on 30 June, so that the State could benefit of his experience and expetise"

      I have known several hundred IAS officers in the country and of course most these academic fellows, and with all honesty on my command, I feel, to get a person of the integrity and calibre of Mr. Ansari, will be a real tough job. And certainly none of these five fellows compare him, whom the committee has recommended.

      I appologise, if I have hurt the feelings of any one.

      With regards
      MJ Khan
      National Economic Forum for Muslims
      New Delhi - 110001

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      Subject: Response to Mr. Ahtasham Rizvicomment from
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      Mr Ahtasham Rizvi and his ilks

      This is to add to what Mr khalid has replied in response to Mr Ahtasham Rizvi.

      First of all much before the 'fashion show', Mr Anis Ansari was as competent to become the VC of AMU/JMI as everybody who has served in that office.

      Secondly, this is known to large number of media personnel, bureaucracy and politicians that the mis- reporting was done precisely to preempt the Muslim's inevitable prospect of Chief Secretary-ship of the largest province of India. So, then, he was victim of anti- Muslim Brahmanical communalism. This was the cry of the theological scholars like Maulana Kalb-e-Jawwad, Maulana Yasub Abbas, Maulana Khalid Rasheed firangi Mahli, Maulana Fazlur Rahman Waizi in the public sphere against the Mayawati-led govt. Was this orchestrated by mr Anis Ansari? If yes, then Mr Ahtasham Rizvi and his ilks should send his fanatic Islamists or Jamat-e-Islami activists to the abovementioned Maulanas to ask whether their public utterances are available at sale? Anyway, the govt of UP enquired into it, found nothing and revoked the suspension to reinstate Mr Ansari, only after ensuring that his entry into the coveted office of the chief secretary is checked. And now at the hands of the Search Committee (JMI VC panel) he is probably/ arguably a victim of reactionary ashraf politics.

      The ilks of Mr Ahtasham Rizvi could go on to search an URL (news item) about the 'fashion show' to remove, I suppose, his own guilt of anti-pasmanda position. I request him to take the trouble of finding out 5 URL of news items on the allegedly 'evident' financial bunglings done by the incumbent VC of AMU (these URLs were circulated on the AMU alumni networks). But I did not find any voice of the ilks of Mr Rizvi. The outrage does not stop here. The VC-AMU has recently appointed a Provost, who was under suspension for the allegation of having raped a girl (US citizen). This was widely reported in the national English dailies. I wonder why could not Mr Rizvi protest against it? I also wonder why does not the Jamat-e- Islami or any other self- righteous custodian of religious morality protest against it?

      In the second para of his response, Mr Rizvi indirectly tries to instigate the students of Jamaat-e- Islami against Mr Anis Ansari (if at all he becomes the VC of such institutions). I wish to bring it to his kind notice that gone are the days when such fanatics (particularly the SIMI) ransacked and resorted to hooliganism against a youth festival in later half of 1980s in AMU when Syed Hashim was the VC. In the last few years, such fanatics have been 'humbled' effectively. They are alleged to having links with terrorism, and therefore, they can't dare making themselves visible on any campus, let alone AMU, JMI, Hamdard. In short, such instigations amount to flogging a dead horse. An U.S. resident like Mr Rizvi can understand it far better than anybody else. I wonder a resident of liberal society (and state) is resorting to this kind of politics and hits Mr Anis Ansari below the belt. Is it a sign of the desperation of the ilks of Mr. Rizvi?

      For a moment, for argument's sake only, let us assume that Mr Ansari would be a very bad VC of such institutions. Then let��s go into the history of the VCs of such instituions in order to have a comparative understanding that will Mr Ansari would be worse than his predecessors?

      From Mr Mehmoodur Rehman to Prof P.K. Abdul Azis, every VC of AMU has shielded the corruption, illegal recruitments/ promotions, so clearly exposed in the Justice Mathew Report. How many of you protested that since the VCs including Mr Hamid Ansari deliberately refused to do justice, hence Mr Hamid Ansari (He is a shaikh by caste) does not deserve to be the Vice President of the Indian republic?

      Prof. P.K. Azis (his professorship is also alleged to have been obtained illegally) was already facing the charges of plagiarism in researches, a poor tainted biodata, and financial and other irregularities as the VC of Cochin University. This was widely reported in the Indian Express (November 2006), Outlook (April 2007). Still, the Executive Council and the Court of AMU kept itself blissfully ignorant of all these, and not only empanelled him, these august bodies [let me saydominated by the Ashraf Muslims], gave him an overwhelmingly large number of votes also. The ilks of Syed Hamid and Mr Rizvi are yet to cry against it. Find out the close relations of Syed Hamid with Mr Nafees Ahmad, ex Proctor of AMU and also refer to Nasim Faruqi's autobiography, My Days at Aligarh, It will reveal the outrageous immoralities and academic incompetence of Mr Nafis Ahmad. I ask why does Mr Syed Hamid protect and promote such a man with poor academic stature. After retirement, Mr Syed Hamid entrusted Mr Nafis with some responsibilities of the Hamdard as well. There are many more such examples.

      Mehmudur Rehman, in April 1997, in the capacity of the VC-AMU, gave an interview to the Times of India saying that "AMU is bristling with ISI agents". Neither Syed Hamid nor Mr Rizvi and his ilks launched an agitation against it. Syed Hamid has a habit of writing in Urdu dailies on the affairs of AMU (only after the VC completes his tenure), but he preferred to maintain his silence. Why? This Mehmudur Rehman, also joined/ crafted 'Vajpayee Himayat Committee' in 2004 elections, after the state sponsored anti Muslim pogrom of Gujarat where the BJP govt was there. Will Mr Anis Ansari prove to be worse VC than Mr Rehman?

      Nobody can deny that discrimination against a particular region, charging his own AMU with high treason, endorsing the Gujarat massacre are certainly bigger crime than the absolutely innocuous fashion show.

      Mr Syed Hamid also wrote a two part article in Qaumi Awaz in 2007, when Mr Nasim Ahmad left AMU in chaos and more than one murders took place on the campus within a few weeks. Hamid sb did not question the administrative abilities of Mr Nasim Ahmad. Nor did he press for an enquiry into the affairs (conspiracy) which forced Mr Nasim Ahmad to quit AMU surreptitiously. I am pretty sure, Mr Anis Ansari will not prove to be as bad VC. At least not worse than them. [Syed Hamid's own man, Prof Akhlaq was the Proctor then, and such a person could be promoted to professorial position, is in itself a blatant favouritism]

      Many VCs including Nasim Ahmad and Hamid Ansari are alleged to have extended patronage to undeserving fellows of his districts in AMU jobs/promotions. Will Mr Anis Ansari prove to be worse than them? Mr Syed Hamid indulged in outrageous and blatant discrimination against Bihar. Will Mr Anis Ansari prove to be worse than him? There was acute lawlessness in AMU during Nasim Faruqi's tenure of AMU-VC. Will Mr Anis Ansari prove to be worse than him?

      Go and have a sting operation in JMI, a large number of teachers will confide that the outgoing VC of JMI carries a playboy image, they will even tell you the specific names [This is one of the major reasons why is he being opposed by his teachers, despite having expanded JMI in a big way]. Still he has got a place in the panel once again. Will Mr Anis Ansari prove to be worse than him?

      In short, even if Mr Anis Ansari would be a bad VC, he would only be as bad as anybody else.

      Then why did Mr Syed Hamid refuse to put him even in a panel of five. Why should he carry the stigma of denying social justice? Is it a conscious choice of Mr Syed Hamid to carry this stigma, in order to carry the flagship of reactionary ashraf politics?

      Need I say, the march of social justice can not be stopped by these people for long.

      I, however, do assure all of you, that whenever Mr Anis Ansari, in the capacity of VC, will try to emulate the illegalities and immoralities of his predecessors in the office of the VC of AMU, JMI etc, I will cry at the top of my voice, in protest against him, as I am doing now.

      P.S.: I don't want to be harsh against Mr Syed Hamid, a promotee IAS, about whom the famous novelist and IAS, Upamanyu Chatterji would have preferred the expression, "bloody promotee".[Refer his novel, The English August]


      Zafar Khan

      --- On Thu, 6/25/09, Khalid Anis Ansari <khalidanisansari@...> wrote:

      From: Khalid Anis Ansari <khalidanisansari@...>
      Subject: [FDR] A simple response to a very colored comment from Mr. Ahtasham Rizvi
      To: ahtasham_rizvi@..., "Md Sajjad" <sajjad.history@...>, "��Mohammad Shahanshah Ansari��" <shahanshah.java@...>, TheAligarhForum@yahoogroups.com, fdr_amu@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Thursday, June 25, 2009, 5:37 AM

      From: Ahtasham Rizvi <ahtasham_rizvi@ yahoo.ca>
      Subject: Re: [TheAligarhForum] Re: Appointment of Jamia VC
      To: TheAligarhForum@ yahoogroups. com
      Date: Monday, June 22, 2009, 4:23 AM

      Dear friends ASMK

      It��s very sad that sometimes our intelligentsia like Ansari sahib behave so unwisely. What was the need of having a catwalk with almost clothless models in his home? Before allowing this, he should have thought many times of those clothless Pasmanda dalits and non-dalit Muslims who do not wear clothes because they can not afford it unlike Mrs Ansari's models who were not wearing clothes to sooth the eyes of the attendees.

      Commissioner sahib should have anticipated how this activity will be received in Muslim community. Its surprising how these people change their lives forgetting their humble background. Irrespec tive of how modern we are, such activities are still not seen positively by the community. Unfortunately, our Muslim beurocrates and the politicians involve themselves in such activities to show the majority community that they are closer to them rather than the backward Muslims they belong to. This episode will always stick to him throughout his remaining career. He will be definitely rewarded by the government for this behavior but the students belonging to organizations like Jamat-e-Islami in AMU, Jamia and Hamdard will make his life difficult if he is appointed as their VC.

      However, I strongly condemn the sacking of a so called glamorous and probably a rich Muslim Dalit by another multicrorepati so called Hindu dalit.

      None of us except the Searching Panel know for sure if Mr. Ansari was excluded from the panel of Jamia VC on the basis of racism or there were some other reasons. I strongly condemn if he was excluded due to pasmanadaism.

      No one has given any reasons or even a guess so far why Syed Hamid deducted 5% from Bihari students. It should have been documented somewhere in the VCs office. We should find out the facts from the VC office records. I do not know of this case at all but I still remember that the copying in High School and Intermediate board exams became norm of the day in Bihar and to some extent in UP in early eighties. I am not sure if it played any role in Hamid sahib's decision. I would also like to know if he deducted 5% from Bihari Dalits only or from all, Dalits and non-dalits alike.


      Ahtasham Rizvi
      Mississauga, Greater Toronto

      This is the un-glamorised version of the incident and the answer to Mr. Ahtasham Rizvi's comment:

      It was a tea-party organised by Ms. Asma Hussain (wife of Mr. Anis Ansari, IAS) as Vice Chairperson of UP IAS Officer��s Ladies Club. It was attended by more than 300 wives/ladies of IAS officers. It was a routine tea party which was held in the house of Mr. Anis Ansari as it was the turn of Ms. Asma Husain to host it. As Ms. Asma Hussain is a reputed fashion designer of long standing, and has been running Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT) and a fashion house in Lucknow for more than 15 years, she organised a fashion show as a cultural event for the participants (an all ladies affair). The participants in the show came from the members of Mr. Ansari��s family (including daughters and cousins) and wives of other senior IAS officers including the wives of then Chief Secretary and an Ex-Chief Secretary. Mr. Anis Ansari was all through present in his office. The media misprojected the cultural event as a commercial event.

      The matter was enquired into by the state government and they found nothing wrong about the incident and it was dropped by the state government and Mr. Ansari was reinstated to his former post as Agricultural Production Controller (APC), UP.

      Khalid Anis Ansari

      The Patna Collective
      Ph: +91-9661820277
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