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Human Chain for Peace . We thank Citizens, Students and Children for their enthusiastic particpation.

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  • Sukla Sen
    The wide participation of Mumbai citizens - cutting across the barriers of age, gender, caste creed, language etc. - in today s human chain is a very
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2008

      The wide participation of Mumbai citizens - cutting across the barriers of age, gender, caste creed, language etc. - in today's human chain is a very significant event in so far as it raised its calm and resolute voice against the war frenzy and blind blood lust being whipped up by a section of the media with the backing of certain political forces.

      The call for the end to the scourge of terrorism that went out in unison today is securely rooted in the realisation that it is an inalienable part of the broader fight against all forms of unjust violence.


      The need of the hour is thoughtful and effective response to the disaster just left behind and, more than that, the further challenges ahead. Not knee-jerk reaction.

      So, "No to Terror!" is also "No to War!" and "No to Violence!"


      The realisation of the specific ten demands as worked out and listed below calls for sustained popular mobilisation and spirited campaign. Today's resounding success is no doubt a great moral booster for the struggles ahead.


      Sukla Sen

      EKTA (Committee for Communal Amity)







      We,  thank the Citizens of Mumbai and more particulary the Children ,students, Colleges and Schools  for their enthusiastic participation for  peace and unity  by coming out on the streets and holding hands in unity from 12 noon to 12.15 pm. today,  Friday the 12th of December 2008 across the city of Mumbai.


      We had an ambitious target of covering 100 kms.Although the chain was not continous , we had a large turnout at different locations which comprised of Children, Students and Citizens across Mumbai. The two routes, one from Oberoi was stretched upto Dahisar and the other one from behind Taj Hotel went through Dadar TT, Dharavi right upto Mankhurd.

      Our estimates indicate a participation of over one lakh citizens all over Mumbai.

      This campaign was organised by over 200 organisations under the banner 'MUMBAI FOR PEACE', which also included the professional bodies and Institutions like the Indian Merchant Chambers , Institute of Chartered Accountants , and Staff from several Offices etc  who also joined in this campaign.

      We will also file some of the expectations listed below with both the Goverment of Maharashtra and at the Centre.

      We wish to advise that this is not one-off an event and we have planned a sustained Citizens Campaign as only such campaigns would  bring the desired changes that are most needed. Watch out for more information on our agenda for action on our website:www.mumbaicitizens.com.

      We sincerely thank the electronic and the print media for their extensive support to the campaign and look forward to their continous support for our future events.

      Best Regards,

      Dolphy D'souza


      email: citizenmumbai@... / dolphyadsouza@...


      MUMBAI FOR PEACE: a campaign of Mumbai based organizations.

        website: www.mumbaicitizens.com


      We, the people of Mumbai, who have seen hatred and bloodshed in our city, pledge that we will not give in to terror and to those who preach war, violence, hatred and intolerance. We undertake to keep Mumbai a city that is peaceful and united. We commit to building a world based on the principles of tolerance and peace, equality and justice.


      We expect:

      1.      Government must take responsibility and map out long-term and short-term strategies, and take action on them.

      2.      Accountability, better coordination amongst various security and intelligence agencies to deal with terror; and sharing of intelligence and information.

      3.      Joint action between India and Pakistan governments to curb religious extremism of all shades in both countries.

      4.      Punishment of those responsible for attacks on minorities, which is also an attack on the multi-cultural body politic of India.

      5.      Swift, transparent and credible trial and punishment for all those involved in terror, whatever the religion they may profess.

      6.      Protection of civil and human rights of people and no arrests and torture of innocents in the name of ant- terror measures.

      7.      A comprehensive Communal Violence Bill in place of the one pending in the Parliament.

      8.      Immediate implementation of police reforms, providing equipment and training, basic service conditions to police personnel and state security forces. Active facilitation of community participation in security and intelligence gathering.

      9.      Ensuring moderation and sensitivity in media reporting of violence whether terrorist or any other form, through self-regulation.

      1. Evolve a policy for legal action against hate speech and demonization of any religion or community.


      MUMBAI FOR PEACE: a campaign of Mumbai based organizations.

        website: www.mumbaicitizens.com


      Contact: Dolphy D'Souza: 9820226227, Jatin Desai: 9322255812, Varsha Rajan Berry: 9820603704, Datta Iswalkar: 9224197954, Soheb Lokhandwala: 9833627173, Varsha V.V: 9869289453,  9820068257, Raju Bhise: 9960464430, Muhammadali Patel: 9820568641, Lena Ganesh: 9821211661

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