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Annie on EAD

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  • arkitect95
    Hi Ark Supporters I m very happy to read of such enthusiasm for this organisation and the results achieved to date. Look what s possible with a positive mind
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2004
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      Hi Ark Supporters

      I'm very happy to read of such enthusiasm for this organisation and
      the results achieved to date. Look what's possible with a positive
      mind and persistent drive, which I know Shaheen and others have shown
      in developing both the initiatives at Kataila UP and at Dhapo in
      Delhi, to name two. Clearly it is Shaheen's infectious positivity
      and "dog with a bone" attitude that has enabled Ark to continue in
      the face of scarce resources.

      Akash, you are in a pivotal position at your university in the States
      to disseminate information about development issues pertinent to your
      home country (I'm assuming your country of origin is India). I am
      emphathetic with Tariq's comments regarding the relevance of
      literature and in particular that empowerment - people doing it for
      themselves - is key to effective, sustainable, appropriate
      development where people are actively shaping their own futures. In
      this cash driven economistic world, I believe financial donations
      would be most useful for Ark Foundation right now, to enable Shaheen,
      as a facilitator and educationalist for bottom-up development, to
      continue forward in imparting awareness, mentoring people
      and developing appropriate programmes.

      I also know that Shaheen wouldn't say no to offers of support for
      organisation administration and management tasks - in particular,
      preparing reports and applications to funding agencies, newsletter
      content, the maintenance of the website, and educational and
      promotional materials. Having worked closely with Shaheen and others
      in Delhi in 2002, I realised how time consuming, yet fundamental,
      these tasks were to the development of the organisation.

      warm regards
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