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Khidra Khan on EAD

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  • arkitect95
    Education At Doorstep (EAD) I have been a silent reader of Ark Foundation mails but the last two mails (Akash and Tariq s dated Jan 22, 2004) forced me to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2004
      Education At Doorstep (EAD)

      I have been a silent reader of Ark Foundation mails but the last two
      mails (Akash and Tariq's dated Jan 22, 2004) forced me to break the
      silence and say something in this online discussion. I think in this
      democratic set up where every one is expressing his opinion, I want
      to say something. This is not to hurt any one but to say my point of

      After reading all these mails specially the last two, I will like to
      say that we should not be judgmental and try to understand ther
      ground reality of people who need help without delay and those people
      who are offering help. We must not discourage such people.

      I really appreciate Akash's decision to hold fundraser/donation
      service. How can this hurt the reputation of a country. How does a
      reputation build? Is it people are the land who who should be at the
      foe fromt of the reputation. What makes a nation? People are land?

      When people of dying of hunger, you say I can not take help because
      it hurts you. But what about those people. And akash is our own
      brother, pursuing education in US. How can we deny his right to help
      his own people. And above all, as for as I can understand, Ark is
      not connecting Indians but those individuals who are willing to do
      something but feeling loneliness and hence leaving their desire to do
      something good of r them and their society in the back. Akash, Tariq,
      shant, shaheen and others are scuh individuals. We should be
      positive towards these individual and provide them space and platform
      before they get lost in the mob.

      Look at Dhapo Slum education centre. As per the last mail or the last
      newslater, it has to be close down because of lack of teachers. All
      the teachers were students. They withdrew their voluntary service to
      prepare for their exams. An d I suppose, Ark Foundation does not have
      fund to hire teachers even for 2-3 months. Such help can help ark
      foundation to sustain their developmental activities.

      So what is important?

      And above all Akash is an Indian and he has a genuine feeling to do
      some thing for his countey. He is our own brother pursuing education
      in US and we don’t have right to deprive him from helping his
      brothers and sisters in his own country.

      Hence I beg to disagree from those arguments which says mobilsation
      of help in US will tarnish india’s image? In one of the mails,
      probably shanty’s mails, I came to know that India has the highest
      number of illiterate in the world. In the Human Development Index, we
      are at the bottom. In the field of education, we are even below
      Bangaldesh. Bangladesh’s Records in Education for childrean is much
      better than India. So where is the reputation.

      I think we can not go alone. We have to fight this unitedly- no
      matter whether the person helping your casue is in US or Nepal. We
      have to be united and in the firght for the just cause.

      Sincere people should unite and work together

      Long live little individual with big hearts


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