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Re: Wondering & Pondering

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  • Jaiprabha
    Hi Shaheen, I went through the website of AIESEC and the two attachments to the mail too. It is a good idea to facilitate International exposure and internship
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2008
      Hi Shaheen,
      I went through the website of AIESEC and the two attachments to the mail too. It is a good idea to facilitate International exposure and internship for college students. Unfortunately we do not have such students who we can send on such internships. Plus the cost factor is also to be borne in mind. If there are sponsors who can support such initiatives it is never a bad idea. Cost factors like registration fee, hostel charges at Delhi, Visa and passport processing charges, air tickets etc. All this will work out to a good total and paying that may not be feasible for the students from the kind of economic bracket that we have here.
      Look for some agencies to sponsor all this cost and it is a very good idea. But I think they are looking for students in and around Delhi only.

      Went through your write up on Wondering and Pondering (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/message/205). Congrats first of all for having expressed your concerns so well. They do appeal. Never a bad idea to embark upon a seemingly impossible excercise to bugle wake the conscience of our leaders.
      I also believe that the problem does not lie in what percent of the GDP does the government apportion for Eduaction and poverty alleviation programs. We do not have a detrmined and an accountable delivery system, be it at the bureaucratic level or at the panchayat and the levels above. Corruption is rampant, people lack the will power to enforce things, teacher selection and training system is in shambles. Unfortunately there are many NGOs which are as irresponsible and unfocussed. I do not think I need to deliberate mcuh on this - we all know what such NGOs do? There are many bureaucrats who have opened NGOs that they can control and tunnel government funds through them. There are parents who are absolutely apthetic towards their child's education. We need to reach out to them. I do not say governments effort is enough. But, we are aware that even the allotted Budget on Education is not utilised by many state governments. What we as NGOs must ensure is to reach out to the people's representatives and the parents and ensure that the existing infrastructure is optimally utilised, the funds are not surrendered, the service delivery is improved both in quality and quantity and such other things. Once that happens, I believe government will automatically allot more on Education.
      I also would like to say that cutting down on sports or celebrations like Republic Day etc. is not a solution. The solution lies in provisioning adequately for Education and ensuring it's fruitful utilisation. Let us first devise the strategy to see that the present allocation for Education does not go under - utilised.
      Have I been too critical Shaheen???? That was my view point. I welcome comments and criticisms. I wrote, based on what I have been seeing around here in Bihar. I am aware of 62 Crore rupees on Education being surrendered by just one district of Bihar. Thats a whopping sum!! Wish the government can have an effective Program Implementation Plan (PIP)???
      The government has hundreds of plans and schemes but the people do not know about most of them. Let there be hoardings and announcements through Public Address equipments about the schemes of the government meant for the masses. News paper ads are never enough. All panchayat representatives need to be briefed and they in turn address the Gram Sabhas and bring about awareness at the grass root level.
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