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  • Sukla Sen
    [The unfolding saga of cabinet formation in the coming days promises to be interesting. The CPN(M) has captured just short of 40% seats of the 575 seats of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2008
      [The unfolding saga of cabinet formation in the coming
      days promises to be interesting.
      The CPN(M) has captured just short of 40% seats of the
      575 seats of the Constituent Assembly for which
      elections have been held through two modes. It would
      be difficult, rather impossible, for the Nepali
      Congress to deprive them of the post of the Prime
      Minister. But then, it is pretty unlikely that the
      CPN(M) will be able to acquire as dominant a position
      in the new cabinet as the Nepali Congress had been in
      the present one.
      The Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, the fourth largest
      party, will occupy a very crucial position given the
      arithmetic of the newly elected CA. They are likely to
      enjoy much greater leverage, despite the distinct
      possibility of all the major parties joining hands
      against their demands for an autonomous Terai region,
      by virtue of their balancing role. Somewhat on the
      lines of the Left in the present Indian parliament.
      While the going is bound to be tension-ridden, the
      seemingly abiding compulsion to work out a consensual
      approach is likely to work as an insurance against
      break out of large scale violence.
      In any case, Nepal would remain fairly vulnerable to
      international pressures unless of course it makes a
      determined move towards the Pol Potist model with
      disastrous consequences.]


      First sitting of CA to declare republic: PM

      Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has said it would
      be good for all to declare Nepal a republican state
      from the first sitting of the constituent assembly as
      per the provision in the interim constitution.

      In a statement issued on Monday, PM Koirala said the
      results of the polls have mandated the parties to work
      in cooperation for better future of Nepal.

      He asked the parties for renewed efforts for formation
      of new coalition government to cope with the upcoming

      Koirala further said government is ready to call the
      first sitting of the CA within the day prescribed in
      the constitution and urged the UML ministers to
      withdraw their resignation until the new government is

      It is learnt he has written to UML acting general
      secretary Amrit Kumar Bohara to review the decision of
      his party to ask the UML ministers to resign from
      their position.

      He urged all to shoulder responsibilities at this
      critical situation of political transition in Nepal.

      He has expressed his belief that federal democratic
      republic is the only system that can help Nepal
      prosper. nepalnews.com ia Apr 28 08


      Maoists have right to lead next govt: MJF chief

      Coordinator of Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (MJF) Upendra
      Yadav has said that the CPN (Maoist), as the largest
      party in the Constituent Assembly, has the right to
      form new government under its leadership.

      "The Maoists have the right to head the government,
      but they should take other parties, which have got
      people's mandate, into confidence," Yadav said
      speaking at the Reporters Club on Monday.

      Emphasising that there should be a consensus
      government as the Maoists didn't get majority in the
      election, the MJF chief also urged the Maoists to act
      democratically in order to get support in forming the

      Yadav, whose party has become the forth largest party
      after the CA polls, also suggested Prime Minister
      Girija Prasad Koirala to step down and pave the way
      for a new coalition government. Clinging onto the PM's
      post, Yadav said, would be moral decadence on the part
      of Prime Minister Koirala.

      The MJF chief also made it clear that his party would
      not compromise on its demand for 'autonomous Terai
      province', and that the party's support to would-be
      main ruling party, in forming new government, would
      depend on how much support this agenda gets.
      nepalnews.com mk Apr 28 08


      No alternative to leadership of next govt: Prachanda

      Maoist chairman Prachanda has said that there is no
      alternative to leadership of the next government since
      the people have already given Maoists the mandate by
      making them the largest party.

      Speaking at its central committee meeting, Monday,
      Prachanda said that his party will lead the next
      government but all decisions will be taken based on

      According to participants at the meeting, Prachanda
      said that while he is ready for talks on this issue,
      he is not ready to give up the leadership position in
      the next government.

      He clarified that though they did not have majority,
      they had the mandate to lead the government being the
      largest party.

      Prachanda said that the Maoists would explore
      possibilities of cooperation with new parties that
      have emerged from the election. nepalnews.com sd Apr
      29 08

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