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[AIDS INDIA] RNP+ to go for a hunger strike on December 01, 2007

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  • gbs
    Dear friends, I have written many times this whole story to NACO and Ministers concerned both in the Union and State Government, but never received any single
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      Dear friends,
      I have written many times this whole story to NACO and Ministers concerned both in the Union and State Government, but never received any single line response. It seems that the NACO has closed their eyes from RSACS.
      In fact the situation in RSACS is more worsened than Brijesh Dubey has mentioned. We have faced this kind of ignorance, carelessness and reluctance etc. in the RSACS number of occassions. The recent example - we had organised a workshop on "Three Ones" in Jaipur on May 11, 2007 for NGOs involved in implementing HIV/IDS programmes and wanted to invite both kinds of NGOs in the workshop i.e. those who were receiveing grants from RSACS and those who not. So we requested RSACS to issue a lsit of NGOs received grant from them which was never provided to us and the behaviour of the dealing personnel of RSACS was like a police Inspector. Her literal reply was " Hamne sab NGOs ka theka nahin le rakha hai" (we have not signed any contract for all NGOs). I complained against her behaviour to all those concerned, but nothing could happen. Later I knew that the personnel playing role like a police Inspector was related to the Minister.
      Further, recently during carrying out a survey on risk of HIV infection in rural areas and facilities available for VCT and treatment of STDs etc. in 6 districts of Rajasthan, shockingly we found that no such services/facilities are available at district levels, even the VCTCs are lacking basic amenities/infrastructural facilities for VCT inspite of allocating lots of funds. No treatment services/facilities for STDS/RTIs or opportunistic infections are available at district hospitals. We could be able to release the complete report of the survey soon. 
      We could never know the process of selecting NGOs for TI projects, rehabilitation centres (RC), involvement of civil society in planning, implementation and monitoring etc. as promised in the NACP III for example the RC to be established in Jodhpur was allotted to a person living in Bharatpur just because of their alliance with the minister. It was opposed by the local NGOs of Jodhpur, but nothing could be changed as the politics was involved. There are number of stories on how people at RSACS function?
      In such a situation it can be imagined as what would be the fate of implementation of NACP III in Rajasthan. But what surprising to me and all like minded people, particularly those who are acquainted with the work and attitude of people at RSACS, is why NACO has closed its eyes?
      We, all at our organisation and other NGOs associated with our network are with you dear Brijesh Bhai. Go ahead to fight against the inhuman practices at RSACS.  
      with regards,
      Bhawani Shanker Kusum
      Secretary & Executive Director
      Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS)
      NGO Delegate for Asia Pacific, UNAIDS PCB
      Amber Bhawan, Amber 302 028 India
      Tel.: 91-141-2531242 Fax: 2530719
      E-mail: gbsbsk@...   www.gbsjp.org

      Dear All,

      Greetings from Rajasthan Network for People Living With HIV/AIDS (RNP+)

      RNP+ is a community based charitable nodal organization working for upliftment of the life of people living with HIV/AIDS & protecting their basic right since 2002. We would like to draw your kind attention for necessary action because due to negligence of RSACS many brothers, sister & children’s died before time and many of them are in queue.

      Frequent change of Project Director in RSACS has damaged & delayed the projects & programs. The post is supposed to be for an IAS according to NACO guideline, which is not the case.

      Neither Access Nor availability of Opportunity Infection medicine at ART center or District level hospital even after the disbursement of money at the District level and ART.

      From appointment to activity, processes are being influenced by politics resulting in increase in number of deaths & Drop out cases at shocking rate in Rajasthan.

      HIV positive people are facing Major stigma & Discrimination faced by the Health Department and service providers.

      Lack of Co-ordination and Co-operation among RSACS & implementing agencies.

      We have become the subject of earning for many of them. Millions & million of money is being spent but so for there is no impact assessment done by & for Community to develop a strategy.

      Lack of understanding & Implementations of GIPA principal for effective response & lack of Treatment Education among PLWHAS for quality of life

      Maintaining Confidentiality of PLWHAs identity is not an important issue in Rajasthan.

      The seriousness of RSACS can be assessed by the fact that RSACS, E C committee & I E C committee have not met during last two years

      We had been seeking some information from RSACS under RTI ACT 6 (1) for transparency & Accountability since June’07 but have not received any information as yet.

      Clinton Foundation has been supporting NGOs rather than Network (Rajasthan) as a result NGO representatives are moving door to door and forcing parents to bring their children for screening which is a open disclosure of confidentiality of the parents as well as of the children.

      Therefore, we people living with HIV/AIDS urge you to kindly help us to live a healthy life with dignity & prevent untimely deaths. There is threat to the PLHWAs that due to lack of commitment & insensitivity is resulting into the vaporization of very youth from the community.

      RNP+ has decided to go for a hunger strike on December 01, 2007 in front of RSACS office If above issues not addressed by the concerned authorities.

      Sincerely Yours
      Brijesh Dubey
      President [RNP+]

      Rajasthan Network for People Living With HIV/AIDS
      64, Mahadev Nagar, Chitrakoot,
      Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur-302021 (Rajasthan)
      Phone: 0141 2353469, 4030861
      Fax : 0141- 2353469
      E-MAIL: rnpplus@yahoo. co.in

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