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Indian Geopolitics is at the mercy of Economic Hitmen working for Warmongers

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  • palashc biswas
    Strategic Transparency in Nuclear Renaissance Since the cutt off year of the Great Indian History happens to be either 1947 or 1971, we tend to lose the very
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2007
      Strategic Transparency in Nuclear Renaissance
      Since the cutt off year of the Great Indian History
      happens to be either 1947 or 1971, we tend to lose the
      very roots which feeds this divided geopolitics
      Indian Geopolitics is at the mercy of Economic Hitmen
      working for Warmongers
      Palash Biswas
      Contact: Palash C Biswas, C/O Mrs Arati Roy, Gosto
      Kanan, Sodepur, Kolkata- 700110, India. Phone:
      Email: palashbiswaskl@...
      Indian Geopolitics is at the mercy of Economic Hitmen
      working for Warmongers. Since the cutt off year of the
      Great Indian History happens to be either 1947 or
      1971, we tend to lose the very roots which feeds this
      divided geopolitics. Anthropological and archeological
      evidences are quite different from the History
      sponsered. The Geopolitics fights war within against
      its own people. The indigenous Black Dalit people who
      are beyond the cutt off year line policy making
      process have to be annihilated mercilessly. So the
      Ruling classes arrnage marraiges opportune and enjoys
      Live Together only to maintain the brahminical zionist
      white supremacy.
      Indo US Nuke Deal is a classical case of suicidal
      politics and diplomacy in Asia. It heralds
      unconditional submission and subordination of
      nationalities to the Post Modern Galaxy Manusmriti
      Zionist Hindu White Order ruled by White House and its
      thousands of hands, the ruling comradors worldwide!
      This is the saga of strategic transparency and
      coolblooded genocidesnot only in this region, but the
      infection is inflicted in the entire third world!
      Full coverage
      Whither nuclear deal?
      Two years after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and US
      President George W Bush inked the historic nuclear
      agreement that had heralded an era in which India's
      N-isolation would be a thing of the past, the UPA Govt
      finds itself in a bind, and is facing the worst-ever
      crisis after it came to power in 2004. ...Before this
      deal really goes through, there are many issues that
      need to be resolved: IAEA safeguards, NSG clearance
      and so on. But before Manmohan goes whole hog about
      allaying NSG's fears on proliferation, he has to put
      his own house in order, what with snap poll staring
      the Govt in the face, courtesy Left and an overzealous
      Opposition. Hindustantimes.com brings together the
      stories that have dominated the popular mood in the
      recent times. Read on...
      Nuclear Deal Imbroglio
      | The 123 Agreement de-mystified
      | Interviews
      | Top stories
      | ExpertTalk
      US-India Security Alliance Policy Conference in
      Washington, DC

      Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

      Indian American Security Leadership Council (IASLC), a
      non-profit bipartisan organization of high profile
      Indian-Americans is busy organizing Security Policy
      Conference to strengthen the U.S.-India Security
      Alliance. India, the world's largest democracy with
      over 60 years of electoral stability, is a growing
      military and economic power in the region, and can
      help safeguard American security interest in a way
      that no other country in the region can.
      Washington, D.C. (PRWEB) September 3, 2007 -- As much
      of the focus in the last three weeks have been on the
      parliamentary debate with the possibility of mid-term
      elections due to opposition parties in India
      threatening to withdraw their support from the Central
      Government, there is a different kind of preparation
      going on in Washington, DC. Indian American Security
      Leadership Council (IASLC), a non-profit bipartisan
      organization of high profile Indian-Americans is busy
      organizing Security Policy Conference to strengthen
      the U.S.-India Security Alliance.
      The Security Alliance Policy Conference is expected to
      be attended by many military experts and policymakers
      from both U.S. and India. Some of the distinguished
      speakers at the event include Admiral K.K. Nayyar, Air
      Marshal B.D. Jayal and Lt. General Jfr Jacob from
      India. Admiral Nayyar is a member of National Security
      Advisory Board and Chairman, National Maritime
      Foundation and the Forum for Strategic & Security
      Studies, a New Delhi based think tank. Air Marshal
      Jayal was awarded PVSM and AVSM awards for his
      service, and is a major policy contributor for the
      Indian Air Force. Lt. General Jacob was Chief of Staff
      of Indian Army during the critical period of 1971
      Bangladesh liberation and is author of a book
      ''Surrender at Dhaka Birth of a Nation''.
      Top US lawmaker Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
      (D-NV) and Senate Armed Service Committee member
      Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) are the key note speakers
      at the Policy Conference. Admiral Walter F. Doran,
      USN, Four Star Admiral in-charge of the Pacific fleet
      and Department of Defense Pacific Command Assistant
      Secretary James Clad are the prominent US policymakers
      speaking at the event.
      The security conference on U.S.-India Security
      Alliance is scheduled on September 5, 2007 at Senate
      Hart Building, Washington, DC.
      IASLC was created to encourage closer ties between the
      US and India, and to promote the idea that US future
      security would be greatly enhanced by working closely
      with India. In the past, IASLC was instrumental in the
      passage of US-India Peaceful Atomic Energy Corporation
      Act in the House and Senate. "Our first goal was to
      facilitate the passage of the US-India Peaceful Atomic
      Energy Corporation Act in the House of Representatives
      and the Senate," said Ramesh Kapur, President, IASLC.
      "We believe US-India relations will have ups and downs
      in business and international arena, but the security
      interest will be the glue that will keep US-India as a
      strategic ally for the next century."

      Mining policy to be announced soon: Minister
      Kozhikode, Sep 1: The Centre would announce the new
      mining policy during the ongoing session of
      Parliament, Union Minister of State for Mining T
      Subbirami Reddy said today.
      USA wants to set up colony in SE Asia : Biman
      Kolkata, Sep 1: Left Front Chairman Biman Bose today
      alleged that the USA wanted a military base camp in
      South East Asia by signing the Indo-USA nuclear deal.
      US to be focal theme for 2008 Kolkata Book Fair
      Kolkata: The US will be the focal theme of the 33rd
      Kolkata Book Fair beginning here from January 30,
      Scotland will be the guest of honour country during
      the 12-day event, arguably the world's largest such
      fair. The annual fair is orgainsed by the Publishers
      and Booksellers Guild.
      Last year Australia, US, China, France, Great Britain,
      Iran, Poland, Ecuador, Germany, Latin American
      countries, Africa, the European Union and Bangladesh
      had participated in the fair which generated
      tremendous business inquiries. The fair had attracted
      some 2.5 million visitors.
      However, the fair had its share of controversy with
      regard to its venue, traditionally the Maidan area
      which is under the army. But for some years
      environmentalists and the army had been against
      holding the fair there as they said it caused
      pollution and damaged the green top of the sprawling
      parade ground.

      China said Sunday it will begin reporting its armed
      forces budget to the United Nations and rejoin a
      global register of conventional arms amid foreign
      pressure for greater military transparency.China said
      the moves were meant to show the world its commitment
      to military transparency, at a time when its massive
      armed forces expansion is causing alarm bells to ring
      in Asia and further afield.
      "The Chinese government has decided to report annually
      to the Secretary-General of the United Nations basic
      data of its military expenditures for the latest
      fiscal year," said a statement by Foreign Ministry
      spokeswoman Jiang Yu.
      "This is a significant step on the part of China in
      further enhancing its military transparency, which
      fully demonstrates that China is committed to
      improving mutual trust with other countries in the
      military field."

      President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday Iran had
      reached a key goal in its atomic drive by putting into
      operation more than 3,000 uranium-enriching
      centrifuges in defiance of world powers.
      U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon flies to Sudan on
      Monday to push for talks between the government and
      rebels to end the four-year-old crisis in Darfur and
      clear the way for a big peacekeeping force.
      Nearly two years after Gerhard Schroeder exited the
      political stage, his Social Democrats (SPD) are
      struggling to fill a void left by Germany's
      charismatic former leader and come to terms with his
      legacy of economic reform.
      The composition of the committee to allay the Left
      parties' concerns over the Indo-US nuclear deal is
      likely to be announced tomorrow, even as the verbal
      duel between leaders of the ruling UPA coalition and
      its supporting parties continued today. Reacting to
      Congress President Sonia Gandhi's statement that the
      deal was in India's "long term interest", CPI leader
      Gurudas Dasgupta said "we do not accept this
      statement. To give such a certificate to the nuclear
      deal is not reasonable". He told reporters here that
      Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who said
      India could not afford to miss the "bus of nuclear
      renaissance", should not be making such statements.
      Meanwhile, highly-placed sources said the composition
      of the committee to deal with the Left concerns over
      the nuclear deal was likely to be announced tomorrow.
      Besides leaders of the Left parties, it is likely to
      be headed by External Affairs Minister Pranab
      Mukherjee, and comprise leaders of Congress and other
      UPA parties.The Left parties, meanwhile, would hit the
      streets from Tuesday to launch a nationwide mass
      campaign against India's participation in the joint
      naval exercises involving America from September four
      to six in the Bay of Bengal. The four parties would
      start two simultaneous processions from Chennai and
      Kolkata to protest the naval wargames, besides
      organising separate campaigns against the
      "anti-people" policies of the government.
      In Kochi, Accusing the Congress-led UPA government of
      compromising national security through the "flawed"
      Indo-US nuclear deal, senior BJP leader L K Advani
      today asked the Prime Minister to clarify if all the
      previous governments had "missed the bus" by not
      signing the NPT. Reacting to the Prime Minister's
      recent statement that India cannot afford to "miss the
      bus" of nuclear renaissance this time, Advani asked:
      "why all previous governments, including the Congress,
      had not signed the NPT. Was it wrong?" The BJP feels
      that the present agreement imposed curbs on India's
      strategic options. During the past 60 years,
      irrespective of which party came to power, they were
      all opposed to the Non-Proliferation regime. Now, by
      signing this agreement, India has been made part of
      the regime, he said. BJP was opposed to the agreement
      purely upon national interest, he said adding the
      party felt that the curbs could come due to the
      provisions of 123 agreement, which says "national
      provisions will apply". The US has many laws,
      including the Hyde Act and all their laws will apply
      to India also, he said at a press meet here.
      Describing the Congress and Left alliance as a
      "quarrelsome marriage" which was likely to fall apart
      soon, following differences over the Indo-US nuclear
      deal, senior BJP leader L K Advani today said mid-term
      polls could be expected by early 2008.

      On the other hand,India has invited a prominent
      Chinese Communist Party leader who could be carrying a
      political message from the top leadership in the midst
      of reports that the Communist nation was not entirely
      well-disposed towards the Indo-US nuclear deal. At the
      invitation of the Ministry of External Affairs,
      Communist Party Secretary of southwest China's
      Chongqing Municipality, Wang Yang, will undertake a
      week-long "friendly visit" to India. A high-level
      Party delegation led by Wang, 52 has left for India.
      He is expected to meet with senior Indian leaders as
      well as Left parties and discuss bilateral ties and
      party-to-party affairs. His visit is coming at a time
      when both New Delhi and Beijing are making active
      preparations for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit
      to China later this year. Wang is currently an
      alternate member of the 16th Communist Party of China
      (CPC) Central Committee and has served as secretary of
      the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee since December
      China will not adopt a "dogmatic" stand on the Indo-US
      civilian nuclear agreement and jeopardise Prime
      Minister Manmohan Singh's planned visit to Beijing
      later this year, Chinese scholars said in Beijing on
      Commenting on the Chinese Foreign Ministry's earlier
      statement as well as Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi's
      latest remarks on the Indo-US nuclear deal, former
      Chinese Ambassador to India and Myanmar, Cheng
      Ruisheng, said it clearly showed that Beijing would
      not adopt a "dogmatic" stance on the India-US nuclear
      "It is my personal view that China will adopt a
      flexible attitude," Cheng, also a member of the
      India-China Eminent Persons Group (EPG) told PTI.
      Meeting with the EPG delegation in Beijing on Friday,
      Yang said that China is willing to "explore
      cooperation with all countries for the peaceful use of
      nuclear energy in accordance with the rules of the
      International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)."
      Pakistan's political crisis deepened on Sunday after
      exiled former prime minister Benazir Bhutto vowed to
      return home having failed to reach a power-sharing
      deal with President Pervez Musharraf.Strongly
      favouring dismantling of terror networks in her
      country, former Pakistan prime minister Banazir Bhutto
      today hoped that New Delhi and Islamabad could reach a
      "peace treaty" for building common future for the
      people of two countries. As she prepares to return her
      home country in next few weeks after being in exile
      for over eight years, Bhutto said it was in Pakistan's
      "own interest and regional security for us to
      dismantle the terrorist networks and militant cells".
      She voiced concern over the increased pro-Taliban
      activities in Pakistan and observed that certain areas
      of the country "no longer seem to be under the
      authority of the constitution or law of the land".
      Power-sharing talks between Pakistan's embattled
      President Pervez Musharraf and former prime minister
      Benazir Bhutto have stalled but political compulsions
      are likely to push both back to the table, analysts

      Musharraf and self-exiled two-time prime minister
      Bhutto have been sounding each other out for years but
      with Musharraf's terms as both president and army
      chief due to end soon, they have intensified efforts
      to reach an agreement.
      But Bhutto said in London on Saturday the talks had
      stalled and she planned to return to Pakistan soon
      even without an deal. She will announce details of her
      return on September 14.Any agreement would likely see
      Musharraf stepping down as army chief before he stands
      for another term between mid-September and
      mid-October, while clearing the way for Bhutto, who
      still faces graft charges, to return to politics and
      take part in general elections due at the end of the
      The two are natural allies, both opposed to Islamist
      militancy and in favour of free-market reforms.The
      West would like to see cooperation between moderates
      in the nuclear-armed country on the front line of the
      fight against al Qaeda and vital to tackling the
      Taliban in Afghanistan.But with Musharraf's popularity
      plummeting, legal challenges to his rule mounting and
      former exiled prime ministers Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif
      preparing to return home, Pakistan is facing the risk
      of turmoil.While some analysts said the mistrust
      between Musharraf and Bhutto was too deep for them
      ever to reach a broad pact, others said they needed
      each other.
      "Pro-Taliban elements have "asserted their autonomy"
      and are attacking NATO troops in nearby Afghanistan,
      Banazir Bhutto said.
      "Similarly, militants had attacked the Indian
      Parliament," she told Times Now news channel.
      "In our 60th years of independence, India and Pakistan
      can embark on building hope for all the people through
      a common future, through a peace treaty," she said.
      Bhutto said she was planning to return to Pakistan in
      the next few weeks to work for "a moderate, a
      democratic Pakistan that is free from threat of
      terrorism and which can address the basic needs of its
      "I look forward if the people of Pakistan honour me
      with the election to working with both my neighbours
      in Afghanistan and in India," she said.
      No proof so far about teachers’ provocation behind DU
      unrest: Justice Habibur Rahman
      The one-man Judicial Inquiry has been given a 15-day
      timeframe to submit its probe report

      Justice Habibur Rahman, head of the one-member
      Judicial Inquiry Commission formed to probe the Aug
      20-21 incidents on Dhaka University campus, Saturday
      said that no proof has so far been found that teachers
      provoked the student unrest, reports UNB. • FULL STORY

      No election without Hasina, no dialogue with EC under
      ban on politics: Zillur
      More in store for Hasina if she quits: Amu

      Acting President of Awami League (AL) Zillur Rahman
      Saturday reaffirmed his party stance that it would
      neither participate in the general election nor would
      hold the party council keeping Sheikh Hasina in jail,
      reports UNB. • FULL STORY
      BNP leaders express their shock as govt disallow party
      chief to visit Zia's mazar

      Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) senior leaders
      expressed their shock and wonder as the government did
      not allow party Chairperson Khaleda Zia to visit slain
      President Zia's mazar and offer fateha on the occasion
      of BNP's founding anniversary Saturday.(The Financial
      Express) • FULL STORY
      GSP (generalised system of preference) forgery in RMG
      export to Europe
      Probe body found Chinese, Indian firms involved

      A government investigation committee has found several
      Chinese and Indian companies responsible for exporting
      products to European countries using fake Bangladeshi
      GSP (generalised system of preference)
      certificates.(The Daily Star ) • FULL STORY
      Split of opinion in EC over indoor politics
      First parley with IOJ on Sept 12

      The Election Commission (EC) seems to have developed
      some difference of opinion about the opening of the
      political activities in a limited scale, according to
      a source.( The News Today ) • FULL STORY
      Politicians, teachers linked with recent violence
      The law-enforcers and intelligence personnel have
      identified most of the persons involved with the
      campus incidents

      Intelligence personnel found direct involvement of a
      number of leaders from different political parties,
      their front organisations and a number of university
      teachers with the violence on Dhaka University (DU)
      and other campuses, sources said.(The New Nation ) •
      UN expert for Sigma Huda's 'right to fair trial'
      The office of the HCHR is seeking confirmation
      directly from Bangladesh government

      United Nations, New York-A United Nations expert on
      the independence of judges and lawyers has voiced
      concern over the trial proceedings of Sigma Huda, a
      fellow Special Rapporteur, sentenced to three years in
      prison by a Bangladeshi court, according to a UN News
      Centre release of August 30 available on the
      website.(The Daily Star ) • FULL STORY
      Aid dependence to remain despite policy review calls
      IMF delegation due in Dhaka next week to sell a new
      tool of policy prescriptions called ‘Policy Support

      The government, seemingly undaunted by recent spate of
      criticism of conditional credits from global lenders,
      is set to start negotiations with the International
      Monetary Fund and the World Bank for fresh credit
      schemes.(The New Age BD ) • FULL STORY
      Indian forces using brutal torture: Amnesty Intl
      “Many women have also been raped by security forces,
      sometimes in retribution for attacks on security

      SRINAGAR, Aug 31: Amnesty International has accused
      Indian security forces of using ‘brutal’ torture in
      the fight against insurgencies in occupied Kashmir and
      north-eastern states, reports Internet/ Agencies. •

      In her letter appearing the Congress organ, Gandhi
      emphasised that throughout the negotiations with the
      US, Left parties and Opposition have been kept
      informed. But Dasgupta disagreed with this, saying
      "the Left parties were not informed about the any
      discussion" on the 123 agreement.CPI General Secretary
      A B Bardhan has also taken exception to the Prime
      Minister's statement saying "some people are having a
      misconception that all the gates of heaven will be
      opened by signing the nuclear treaty". He also wanted
      a national debate on whether "complete subjugation of
      India's foreign policy to imperialist powers" was too
      heavy a price to be paid for merely seven per cent
      power generation in 2020.
      Maintaining that Indian armed forces were conducting a
      majority of such wargames with the US forces, CPI(M)
      General Secretary Prakash Karat has said these would
      "interlock" Indian armed forces with American forces
      leading the country to acquire the status of a US ally
      undermining national interests.
      He said the naval exercises, nuclear deal and the
      economic policies of the government designed to
      advance the interests of US capital were "parts of the
      trio which are harmful for India's sovereignty,
      independent foreign policy and the people's economic
      leader Sitaram Yechuri today said the talks on
      India-specific safeguards agreement with IAEA would
      not be held at the forthcoming meeting of the
      international nuclear watchdog in Vienna this month.
      "It would not be discussed in the September meeting of
      the IAEA", Yechury told reporters when asked what the
      Left parties would do if the government went ahead
      with the discussions relating to IAEA safeguards.
      Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Anil Kakodkar is
      scheduled to travel to Vienna later this month to
      attend an IAEA conference.
      Yechury said the Manmohan Singh government would
      itself decide its future over the Indo-US nuclear
      issue as the Left parties had asked it not to
      operationalise the deal till the recently-formed
      committee completed its work.
      "Now it is for the government to decide whether to
      plunge into crisis or not as we have asked them not to
      operationalise the agreement till the committee,
      formed to study the implications of Hyde Act and other
      related issues, completes its work. This is our
      understanding with them," Yechury said after meeting
      CPI(M) patriarch Jyoti Basu at the latter's residence.

      http://www.voanews com/english/ 2007-08-04- voa11.cfm
      Israel Considers New Nuclear Plant
      By VOA News
      04 August 2007
      An Israeli official says Israel is considering
      plans to build a nuclear power station in its
      southern Negev desert.
      Israel Army Radio quoted Infrastructure Minister
      Binyamin Ben-Elizer as saying he has the support
      of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and that the plan
      would be considered in coming months.
      The construction of a nuclear power plant could
      draw renewed attention to what is widely believed
      to be Israel's nuclear weapons program.
      Following a policy that it calls "nuclear
      ambiguity," Israel has never admitted nor denied
      having a nuclear weapons program.
      Some information for this report was provided by AP
      and Reuters.

      Sitaram Yechury for Furthering India's "Strategic

      "If we are wrong in our position taken on the deal,
      tell us on the
      basis of facts but do not say that we are acting in
      the interest of
      China. This nuclear deal seeks to cap our strategic
      programme and it
      has been done by this government. Both the previous
      NDA regime and the
      current UPA government have tried to cap India's
      strategic programme
      and who stands to benefit from it, obviously China and
      Pakistan? So
      who is acting in the interest of China? Certainly, not
      our party," Mr.
      Yechury said.
      [Source: http://www.hindu com/2007/ 08/25/stories/
      2007082559800100 .htm]
      Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For
      Legitimate Government
      29 Aug 2007
      All links and summaries to articles below are
      available here:
      Bush Wants $50 Billion More for Iraq War --Planned
      Request Signals
      Confidence That Congress Won't Prevail on Pullout 29
      Aug 2007 President
      [sic] Bush plans to ask Congress next month for up to
      $50 billion in
      additional funding for the war in Iraq, a White House
      official said
      yesterday, a move that appears to reflect increasing
      administration confidence
      that it can fend off congressional calls for a rapid
      drawdown of U.S.
      forces. [Fend *this.*]
      Bush Cites Nuclear Risk of Leaving Iraq 29 Aug 2007
      President [sic]
      Bush told a receptive audience of veterans on Tuesday
      that an American
      withdrawal from Iraq would unsettle the entire Middle
      East, create a haven
      for Al Qaeda [al-CIAduh] and embolden a belligerent
      Iran. He said
      Tehran’s nuclear programs threatened to put "a region
      already known for
      instability and violence under the shadow of a nuclear
      Bush: Fight Against Extremism Is Crucial 28 Aug 2007
      Broadening his
      defense of the war in Iraq, President [sic] Bush said
      Tuesday that
      withdrawing U.S. forces would allow the Middle East to
      be taken over by
      extremist forces and put the security of the United
      States in jeopardy.
      U.S. troops release detained Iranians 29 Aug 2007 U.S.
      troops released
      seven Iranians early Wednesday, hours after detaining
      them at a central
      Baghdad hotel, an Iranian embassy official said. The
      Iranian diplomat,
      who refused to give his name, told The Associated
      Press that one of
      those released contacted the embassy Wednesday morning
      to say that they
      have been handed over to Iraqi authorities...
      Videotape shot Tuesday
      night by AP Television News showed U.S. troops leading
      about 10
      blindfolded and handcuffed men out of the hotel in
      central Baghdad.
      U.S. troops raid Baghdad's Sheraton hotel 28 Aug 2007
      U.S. troops
      raided a Baghdad hotel Tuesday night and detained
      about 10 people. A
      U.S.-funded radio station said the group included six
      members of an Iranian
      delegation here to negotiate contacts with the Iraqis.
      The Iranian
      Embassy said seven Iranians including an embassy
      employee and six members of
      a delegation from Iran's Electricity Ministry were
      staying at the
      Sheraton Ishtar Hotel, which American forces entered
      late Tuesday.
      'The resistance will continue until the last soldier
      leaves Basra.' As
      British leave Basra, militias dig in --An Iraqi
      official says a deal
      was struck with the Mahdi Army to ensure a safe
      departure. 28 Aug 2007
      The last contingent of British soldiers based in the
      center of this
      southern city will leave by Friday, says a senior
      Iraqi security official,
      adding that a deal has been struck with leaders of
      Moqtada al-Sadr's
      Mahdi Army to ensure their safe departure [surrender].

      Miliband: US will not dictate our pullout from Iraq 28
      Aug 2007 The
      decision to pull troops out of Iraq will be
      independent of the United
      States and based only on the "British national
      interest," the Foreign
      Secretary [David Miliband] said today.
      Iraq imposes curfew after clashes 29 Aug 2007 The
      Iraqi authorities
      imposed curfew on Tuesday in the holy city of Karbala,
      ordering dozens of
      thousands of Shiite pilgrims to evacuate the city,
      after fierce clashes
      between gunmen and the Iraqi police, a local police
      source said.
      Toll rises to 52 in clashes in Iraq's Shiite holy city
      29 Aug 2007
      About 52 were killed and more than 206 others injured
      so far during fierce
      clashes between gunmen and police in Iraq's Shiite
      holy city of
      Karbala, which initially erupted on Monday night, a
      local police source said
      on Tuesday evening.
      US officer convicted for discussing abuse at Abu
      Ghraib 28 Aug 2007 The
      only US officer tried over the abuse scandal at
      Baghdad's infamous Abu
      Ghraib jail was cleared Tuesday of mistreating
      prisoners there, but
      found guilty of disobedience in its wake. Lieutenant
      Colonel Steven
      Jordan, 51, is the only US officer charged in the
      abuse scandal which
      emerged in 2004 when photographs of naked Iraqi
      prisoners being tormented by
      grinning US troops circulated around the world. Jordan
      now faces
      sentencing for disobeying an order not to discuss the
      scandal with other
      people, when he sent two emails about it to a
      colleague in spring 2004.
      Leaked Red Cross report sets up Bush team for
      international war-crimes
      trial --History Will Not Absolve Us By Nat Hentoff 28
      Aug 2007 If and
      when there's the equivalent of an international
      Nuremberg trial for the
      American perpetrators of crimes against humanity in
      Guantánamo, Iraq,
      Afghanistan, and the CIA's secret prisons, there will
      be mounds of
      evidence available from documented international
      reports by human-rights
      organizations, including an arm of the European
      parliament—as well as...
      deeply footnoted books... While the Democratic
      Congress has yet to begin
      a serious investigation into what many European
      legislators already
      know about American war crimes, a particularly telling
      report by the
      International Committee of the Red Cross has been
      leaked that would surely
      figure prominently in such a potential Nuremberg
      Faster, deadlier pilotless plane bound for Afghanistan
      27 Aug 2007 The
      Air Force this fall will deploy a new generation of
      pilotless airplane
      with the bombing power of an F-16 to help stop
      [foment] the Taliban
      'insurgency' in Afghanistan. The Reaper is an upgraded
      version of the
      Predator, which has become one of the military's most
      sought-after planes
      since it first appeared in Afghanistan in 2001.
      US own goal with 'Allah' footballs 28 Aug 2007
      American troops in
      Afghanistan have provoked anger in eastern Afghanistan
      by distributing
      footballs bearing the name of Allah. The "blasphemous"
      balls show the Saudi
      Arabian flag, which includes the Muslim declaration of
      faith and the
      revered words Allah and Muhammad, the prophet. The
      footballs, which were
      dropped from a helicopter over the province of Khost,
      led to an angry,
      100-man demonstration.
      The Coalition of the Bribed: Army turns to National
      Guard for
      recruiting help 28 Aug 2007 The U.S. Army is turning
      to the National Guard for
      help recruiting would-be soldiers in hometowns across
      America. Army
      leaders, struggling to meet recruitment goals in the
      midst of a long and
      unpopular war in Iraq, are quietly working out final
      details of a program
      that would give 'bonuses' of $2,000 per recruit to any
      National Guard
      soldier who brings somebody into the active duty Army.

      US Opposition Political Leaders Issue Urgent False
      Flag Terror Warning
      --Warn of imminent plot to "orchestrate and
      manufacture a new 9/11
      terror incident" By Steve Watson 27 Aug 2007 A group
      of former government
      officials along with current Congressional candidates,
      authors and
      activists has issued an urgent warning that a faction
      of the US government
      allied with D Cheney is planning to stage a terror
      event or
      provocation as a pretext for launching military
      attacks against Iran and
      implementing emergency powers in America.
      McKinney, Sheehan, Tarpley Warn of New Cheney 911
      --The Kennebunkport
      Warning 26 Aug 2007 Massive evidence has come to our
      attention which
      shows that the backers, controllers, and allies of
      Vice President [sic]
      Dick Cheney are determined to orchestrate and
      manufacture a new 9/11
      terror incident, and/or a new Gulf of Tonkin war
      provocation over the
      coming weeks and months... We urge responsible
      political leaders everywhere
      to begin at once to inoculate the public opinion of
      their countries
      against such a threatened false flag terror operation.
      (Signed) A Group of
      US Opposition Political Leaders Gathered in Protest at
      the Bush
      Compound in Kennebunkport, Maine, August 24-25, 2007
      Survey Shows a High Rate of Asthma at Ground Zero 28
      Aug 2007 Rescue
      and recovery workers at ground zero have developed
      asthma at a rate that
      is 12 times what would be expected for adults,
      according to findings
      released yesterday by the New York City Department of
      Health and Mental
      Study confirms 2006 human-human spread of bird flu 28
      Aug 2007 A
      mathematical analysis has confirmed that H5N1 avian
      influenza spread from
      person to person in Indonesia in April, U.S.
      researchers reported on
      Tuesday. They said they had developed a tool to run
      quick tests on disease
      outbreaks to see if dangerous epidemics or pandemics
      may be developing
      [in Bush's labs].
      DemocRATs poised to surrender, once

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