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    Enslavement! Palash Biswas Contact: Palash C Biswas, C/O Mrs Arati Roy, Gosto Kanan, Sodepur, Kolkata- 700110, India. Phone: 91-033-25659551 Email:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2007

      Palash Biswas

      Contact: Palash C Biswas, C/O Mrs Arati Roy, Gosto Kanan, Sodepur,
      Kolkata- 700110, India. Phone: 91-033-25659551

      Email: palashchandrabiswas@...

      Aamar Gram, Tomar Gram, Shobar Gram: Nandigram,

      My Village; Your Village; Everybody's village.
      Nandigram. Nandigram

      Enslavement is the name of Power game infinite!
      It had been Manusmriti which enslaved eighty five percent native
      Indians to sustain brahminical system. Columbus was the father of
      colonial rule worldwide. The Genocide continues and Nandigram bleeds.

      It is Post Modern Manusmriti, the Hindu Zionist Global Order.
      Restructurization of demographies continue with Annihilitions! Earth
      is a planet now full of Bloodstreams!

      Pl see and realise how Washington dictates Polity and Economy, how
      it gets enslaved nationalities and Nations!

      Domestic car sales in the financial year that ended March 31 rose 22
      percent from the year before to 1,076,408 from 882,208 in 2005/06,
      an industry body said on Wednesday.

      People starve and polity detached. Death takes toll in industries,
      agro sector and tea gardens but the shining ,TO BE Super Power India
      is striving its best for Luxury connectios and Technology Supreme
      for Blue film Revolution! Open market is a Condom bazar meant for
      eternal Bedtime and the mood is Beauty Pageant!
      Thus the Bastardised System works so fine!

      IMF decides what RBI and Finance minister of India should do!
      Hidu Rashtra is a hatred campaign against Muslims and it is well in
      line with the War Launched by US corporate imperialism against

      Enslavement is in vogue right into our families where wo do consider
      children and women nothing else but Property.

      Discrimination, aperthied and untouchability are the symptom of this
      rotten system.

      Would you rise against Enslavement, friends?

      The new rules guiding the special economic zones (SEZ) may put a
      question mark on six sanctioned projects in Maharashtra, home to the
      largest number of SEZs. The empowered group of ministers had on
      Thursday stopped state governments from acquiring land for SEZs
      promoted by private players. The rules are applicable to SEZs
      cleared after February 10, 2006. On the other hand,
      amidst fresh demands from CPM on the controversial Special Economic
      Zone issue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said SEZ is now a fact of
      life but any changes could be considered.
      "SEZ law is a fact of life. A Group of Minister (GoM) is looking
      into what guidelines can be formulated," he said on the sidelines of
      Defence Investiture ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan.
      The ongoing SEZ controversy continued to brew with the CPI(M) not
      only rejecting the proposals of the empowered group of ministers
      (eGoM) but threatening to rake up the issue in Parliament, if the
      Centre did not pay heed to its suggestion.

      On the other hand, the CPI, which was initially open to the concept
      of SEZ, has suddenly turned around and joined the other Left
      constituents in demanding scrapping of the policy. The CPI(M)
      remains the only Left outfit, which wants the policy to be
      implemented with with certain changes.

      ACT NOW to prevent a repeat of Nandigram in Orissa!

      Call/Fax/Email :

      Shri Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa

      Address: Naveen Nivas, Aerodrome Road,
      P.O.-Bhubaneswar, Dist.-Khurda Pin -751001(Orissa)
      Tel. No.(O) 0674- 2531100,2535100 (FAX)

      Tel. No.(R) 0674- 2590299,
      2591099,2590844, 2591100,2590833

      Email here cmo@.... in

      * A multi-billion dollar steel MNC to take over
      4500 acres of land
      * A State Government determined to help the
      * 15 Platoons of Armed paramilitary forces
      * Three villages that have barricaded themselves
      in a bid to protect their land

      Tension on Wednesday prevailed in a dozen seaside villages near
      Paradip, the site for South Korean major Posco's proposed steel
      plant, due to a face-off between a large contingent of armed police
      and villagers opposed to the project. Apprehending that personnel
      standing by at Kujang police station might swoop down on their
      villages to clear bamboo gates they had erected to bar the entry of
      government officials and security forces, the villagers were
      preparing themselves to resist any police action. The
      administration, however, asserted that police wanted to remove the
      bamboo gates as panchayat polls, which could not be held in 13
      booths in the area in February, were to be conducted there. It said
      there was no link to the Posco project.

      March 14 and onwards

      Villagers in Nandigram killed in police firing on march 14th, when
      around 5000 policemen and many CPM cadre moved in to occupy the
      Newspaper reports put the death toll between 6 and 32 (biases and
      govt censorship) but actual death toll is more than 100.
      (reference ) Hundreds more have been injured severely. Many women
      and children are among those killed and injured.
      Around 600 people are missing according to latest reports on bengali
      news channels.
      Contrary to CPI(M)'s claims, Trinamul congress and Maoists are not
      at the centrestage of the resistance against

      There are reports that the govt is not letting people access to
      bodies of relatives, in fact bodies are being put in plastic bags
      and thrown into the sea.
      Due to bold (and even violent) resistance by the people, some
      policemen have also been injured (not one has been killed). The govt
      and sections of the media are trying to exaggerate and shift focus
      to this.
      The area had been a no-entry zone for policemen and the state
      administration for more than two months.
      Many left-leaning intellectuals and artists have denounced the CPM
      and have strongly come out in support of the Nandigram villagers.
      Intellectuals and artists who have protested strongly: Nabaneeta Dev
      Sen (writer), Romila Thapar (historian), Arundhati Roy (writer),
      Tanika Sarkar (historian), Sumit Sarkar (historian), Jean Dreze
      (Economist), Bibhas Chakraborty (theatre), Monoj Mitra (theatre),
      Ashoke Mukhopadhyay (theatre), Kaushik Sen (theatre), Bratya Basu
      (theatre), Nabarun Bhattacharya (writer)

      See this story! How land reforms achievements are being used to
      justify eviction of Rural India!

      Index of equity


      A recent study shows that West Bengal is a leader with respect to
      redistribution of land to Dalit and Adivasi households.

      IN the heat of the current debate on land acquisition in West
      Bengal, and in the aftermath of the violence in Nandigram, some
      critics have questioned the basic character of development in the
      State. They have attempted variously to portray the Communist Party
      of India (Marxist) and the Left Front as organisations of upper-
      caste elites whose interests, by implication, are distant from those
      of the socially oppressed, or West Bengal as a State where the
      plight of the Dalit and Adivasi masses, under globalisation and
      liberalisation, is no different from their plight elsewhere in the
      country. Even preliminary research on Dalit and Adivasi households
      in village economies and their access to land in West Bengal shows
      that such views have little basis in the reality of the post-land
      reform West Bengal countryside.
      Make us boys, cry girls
      - Study exposes widespread child abuse, shatters myth and rips veil

      New Delhi, April 9: Hang your head in shame, Grown-up India. Almost
      half your girls want to be boys because of the way you treat them.

      Overcome by a feeling of neglect and apathy, over 48 per cent girls
      surveyed for a first-ever nation-wide study on child abuse have said
      they would rather be boys.

      More than 70 per cent said they felt "neglected" by their parents in
      a damning indictment of Adult India that has yet to come to terms
      with the horror of Nithari.

      As many as 12,447 children in the 12-18 age group were each asked
      135 questions in what the government said was the largest such
      survey ever conducted in the world. Spread across 13 states and
      carried out over two years, the survey covered 5,981 girls, too.

      Bengal, the self-professed capital of political correctness and
      concern for others, has a wart too many to hide.
      the Kuki rebels are coming together in Manipur, in India's
      heartland the dreaded Naxal militants are also forging new links,
      which many say is behind the new and bloody chapter of Naxal

      But is the unity real or is it to conceal personality clashes and
      competing violence between these groups in India's red corridor?

      Inside the forests along the borders between Jharkhand and Orissa,
      Naxal leaders from across the country are once again displaying
      their new unified strength.

      In September 2004, the two biggest Naxal groups, the People's War
      led by Andhra Naxalites and MCC or Maoist Communist Centre, the
      Jharkhand based Naxal outfit, formally merged.

      The merger created the CPI Maoist - an umbrella Naxal force
      stretching from Andhra, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Orissa to
      Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh - literally a red corridor
      through the heart of the nation.

      Citigroup announced today that it would eliminate or reassign more
      than 26500 jobs as part of a sweeping overhaul to cut costs and
      streamline the global bank's sprawling operations.

      WEST INDIES were in turmoil yesterday amid allegations they were non-
      committed party boys who didn't care after they were ruthlessly
      ejected from the World Cup.

      Both the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and Infosys mentor N.R.
      Narayan Murthy find themselves in similar controversies. While
      Sachin was found cutting a cake in the colours of the national flag
      during the Indian team's stay in the West Indies, the Infosys chief
      is embroiled in a controversy over his alleged remarks on the
      national anthem during President Kalam's visit to the Infy facility
      in Mysore. If there has been an insult, they can be prosecuted under
      the "The Prevention of Insult to National Honour Act, 1971".

      NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Ministers from four trade powers kicked off
      two days of meetings on Wednesday aimed at galvanising global free
      trade talks, with Brazil saying it was urgent to find areas of
      agreement.The United States, the European Union, India and Brazil
      will talk bilaterally before coming together on Thursday, their
      first four-way meeting since July when the World Trade Organisation
      (WTO) negotiations all but collapsed over agriculture.

      EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson met U.S. Trade Representative
      Susan Schwab and then Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim, while
      India's Trade Minister Kamal Nath was expected to meet them later
      and Schwab was scheduled to see Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

      DHAKA (Reuters) - Police in Bangladesh have brought charges against
      56 political leaders, including former prime minister Sheikh Hasina,
      for killing several people during violence in Dhaka last year,
      officials said on Wednesday.Jamaat-e-Islami chief Matiur Rahman
      Nizami and his nine party leaders were among those charged with
      killing a number of activists during street campaigns on Oct.
      28.Senior leaders of Hasina's 14-party alliance had also been
      charged with the same offence because open rioting by the two groups
      had resulted in the deaths of 10 people, police said.

      Having revised short-term lending rates at regular intervals in the
      past few months, the Reserve Bank shares concerns of the IMF on the
      impact of capital flows and remains worried over continuing
      inflationary expectations. Concerns raised by RBI Governor Y V Reddy
      in his interaction with industry and financial market
      representatives ahead of monetary policy review are similar to a
      warning sounded by the international monetary fund against
      the "volatility shock" in the emerging markets.

      Apparently rejecting criticism that RBI`s frequent rate hikes may
      stunt growth, Finance Minister P Chidambaram today said world over
      central banks were taking such measures to contain inflation.

      "Inflation expectations loom large in most parts of the world.
      Therefore, many central banks have responded pro-actively to tighten
      liquidity so that inflation is held in check," he told global market
      regulators here. Voicing concern over the uncertainties on global
      interest and exchange rates, he said they posed a potential threat
      to financial stability of the emerging economies.

      Chidambaram foresaw many challenges before the capital markets and
      said every country should be prepared to meet the challenges of
      globalisation. "Inflow and outflow of capital would continue to pose
      difficult problems. We have to live with some degree of volatility
      in the equity market, forex market and debt market irrespective of
      the level of capital account convertibility."
      Emerging Asia, driven by fast-growing giants China and India, faces
      a "very positive" near-term growth outlook and should be able to
      withstand a U.S. slowdown, the International Monetary Fund said on

      Questions remain, however, about demand for electronics exports from
      countries like South Korea, Taiwan and ASEAN countries, and some
      countries face the risk of a shock if the Japanese yen carry trade
      unwinds dramatically, the IMF said in its twice-yearly World
      Economic Outlook.

      China, meanwhile, is still experiencing excessive investment, much
      of it by inefficient state-owned enterprises whose investments are a
      burden on banks and on corporate profits, it said.

      The IMF forecast that emerging Asia as a whole would grow 8.4
      percent in 2007 and 8.0 percent in 2008, with regional locomotive
      China's growth for the two years to be 10 percent and 9.5 percent,
      respectively. India is expected to expand 8.5 percent this year and
      7.8 percent in 2008, the outlook said.

      "One question in assessing growth prospects for the region is how a
      sharper-than-expected slowdown in the United States would affect the
      region," the IMF said.

      Fallout from a U.S. slowdown would be "relatively well contained"
      because, with the key exception of China, importance to the region
      of the U.S. market has declined amid growing inter-regional trade,
      the report said.

      In addition, a U.S. slowdown centered on the American housing sector
      would have a muted effect on demand for Asian exports, while demand
      for electronics remained mostly firm, the IMF said.

      "Against this background, the near-term outlook for growth in the
      region remains very positive," it said.

      "On the downside, a sharper-than-anticipated slowdown in the demand
      for Asian exports in general, and electronic goods in particular,
      could undercut growth," the IMF warned.

      Terming the contents of the CD brought out by the BJP in Uttar
      Pradesh as "inflammatory" and "offensive", the National Commission
      of Minorities (NCM) today asked both the Central and state
      governments to take serious note of the development and its grave
      implications for communal peace. The Election Commission has
      adjourned the hearing on the controversial CD released by the BJP
      and plea to de-recognise the party till Thursday.Meanwhile, the BJP
      continues to take on Election Commissioner Naveen Chawla. On
      Wednesday, the party argued to keep Chawla out of the case as a case
      seeking his removal filed by the BJP is pending before the Supreme

      From: bhaskar gupta

      Subject: CPI(M) Attack on Keshab Mukherjee, Editor, Swadhin Bangla
      Protest Meeting on 12th March, 2007, 8B Bus Stand, Jadavpur
      Dear Friend,
      On 7th April, Saturday, an armed violent mob, claiming allegiance to
      CPI(M) , brutally attacked a street corner meeting of APDR arranged
      to protest against the genocides and atrocities at Singur, Nanigram
      and other places of West Bengal. The incident happened at about 7-30
      pm near 8B bus stand at Jadavpur in front of a large number of
      common people. Even the pedstrians, who tried to protest, were
      mercilessly beaten up. Women were nor spared either. Keshab
      Mukherjee, editor of 'Swadhin Bangla', had been greviously injured
      and is still rocvering in hospital from rib fracture, head inury and
      other very serious injuries. Let us all unequvocally condemn in the
      harshest tone such fascist assault on democratic rights with a view
      to throttle any voice of discontent through terrorization.
      A protest meeting to voice our condemnation has been arranged at 8B
      bus stand at Jadavpur on 12th March 2007. Please join the meeting
      and invite everybody with democratic ethos to the same.
      ::Bhaskar Gupta

      From a friend:

      Students opposed to the CPM/SFI/Nandigram massacre decimated the
      SFI in polls at the Nandigram College Students Union.They fought
      under a non-party banner, much like BUPC. After more than 12
      years, SFI was routed! News just in. For once, SFI/CPM cannot cry
      that their opposing students fell to false propaganda.These
      students represent the truth that PD articles
      try to hide by its propaganda.They are the college students of
      Nandigram. Yes, Nandigram, where the Congress won the assembly seat
      only ONCE in the last 40 years, yes people, only ONCE IN 40 YEARS.
      http://www.telegrap hindia.com/ 1070410/asp/ calcutta/
      story_7626253. asp
      Strike fizzles out on JU campus - SFI at Writers' with assault
      complaints, pledged drastic steps A STAFF REPORTER Jadavpur
      University (JU) defied the students' strike on Monday, called by
      the SFI to protest vandalism on the campus on the night of April 5.
      Elsewhere in the city, classes were disrupted on campuses where the
      SFI controls the students' union. SFI supporters at JU could not
      prevent classes from being held, despite attempts at convincing
      students to join the protest. The bandh-supporters even tried to
      form a barricade at one of the gates, but police
      deployed outside the campus were quick to disperse them. Members
      of the SFI state committee met chief minister Buddhadeb
      Bhattacharjee at Writers' Buildings in the afternoon and sought his
      intervention in restoring normalcy at JU, on the boil since We the
      Independents (WTI) swept the science faculty election. In their
      memorandum to the chief minister, the leaders alleged that two
      supporters were beaten up at JU and five at Jogesh Chandra
      College. "The chief minister promised drastic steps to restore a
      democratic atmosphere at JU," said Apurba Chatterjee, SFI state
      secretary. At Medical College and Hospital, SFI supporters tried
      to close a classroom but were outnumbered by students wanting to
      attend class. Most classes were suspended at Calcutta University.
      At Presidency College, 10-odd SFI supporters put up posters and
      shouted slogans, but classes were held as usual. Members of the
      JU Karmachari Sansad, observing an indefinite ceasework demanding
      arrest of those who had ransacked their office on April 5, refused
      to unlock the classrooms. But that had little effect, as teachers
      opted to take classes in their offices. By 11 am, the 100-odd SFI
      supporters trying to enforce the bandh seemed to have lost steam,
      as representatives of the students' unions of all three faculties
      arranged for the classrooms to be opened. The Jadavpur University
      Teachers' Association organised a sit-in on the campus in support
      of two of their colleagues accused of beating up WTI members, but
      only 100 of the 1,000-plus teachers could be seen at the venue.
      The SFI supporters quit the university gates by noon, but announced
      in the evening that they would hold a rally on the campus on
      Tuesday. Students, teachers and non-teaching staff members of
      other institutions have been invited to the meeting. Students
      expressed fear that outsiders are being brought in only to assault
      students. IV. From: "ekak matra" <ekakmatra at yahoo.com>
      The Jadavpur University Incident on 5 April You
      must be concerned about the entire incident that took place
      throughout the day of 5th April. It was the day when the results of
      the student union elections of FETSU and SFSU were to be declared.
      It must be mentioned in this regard that the AFSU results were oust
      just a couple o days back and the year old Forum for Arts Students
      won over SFI in all the 4 seats, which SFI were holding for the
      past decade. On the 5th, as SFSU results came out, expectedly SFI
      was white washed in all the 4 seats by WTI. Then as the FETSU
      result counting was going on, the victorious WTI, along with
      general students brought out a victory rally, which is a very
      common feature. Now as it reached `science club'. All SFI members,
      with a 100 of staff members of the CPM staff union, came out with
      banners, flags of CPM and rods, pretending to bring out a rally. It
      must be noted here that the rally was issueless. The presence of
      more than 100 plus staff members at that point f time in their
      union office without any prior planning is also unexplainable. And
      finally the presence of large number of sticks and CPM flags,
      planted in iron rods demonstrated their well planned intentions.
      It was not long before a tussle broke out, and it also be added
      that two teachers of Mathematics department took noticeable roles
      in bashing his own students. A complain has been lodged against
      them with the authority. Then with the intervention of some
      responsible student and staff members further trouble was
      averted. Such hostile behavior of the CPM staff union
      is not new. The SFI which is extremely marginalized in the entire
      JU campus has often depended on such unfair tricks to assert their
      presence and to try and intimidate the general students. We have
      heard of the condemnable role of the staff union in the 1996, when
      at night the lights were cut off inside the Aurobindo Bhavan during
      a movement and the students were brutally beaten up. We still
      remember their hostile role in the students' movement of 2001 and
      on the fasting students during the exam system movement of 2003.
      When everything else fails, the police tries to crack our morale,
      as in the 2005 movement, but only manage to crack just a few
      bones. Each such incident only makes the student more organized
      and determined. The 1996 incident brought into existence WTI, the
      2005 incident led to the formation of FAS. And today we can see
      their mass support and acceptability. Democratic Students' Front
      also consolidated its roots among the general students after an
      incident of massive police brutality in a movement in 1978 and has
      ever since been a very strong movemental organization of

      Nandigram saga

      Many witnesses to the Nandigram carnage were not given a fair
      hearing by Mr Balbir Ram, divisional commissioner, Burdwan zone,
      yesterday at the Talmuk headquarters, alleged anti-land-grab
      protesters who had formed a human shield at Bhangabhera and
      Gokulnagar to prevent police from going into the villages on 14
      Bhumi Uchched Pratirodh Committee and Trinamul Congress leaders had
      earlier requested the district administration to take eyewitness'
      account of the carnage at Nandigram instead of Tamluk headquarters.
      They had argued that it was difficult for witnesses from the strife-
      torn Sonachura and Gokulnagar to reach Tomluk, 60 km away from
      Nandigram. They also said the poor villagers who had registered as
      eyewitnesses to the carnage would be hard-pressed to bear the bus
      fare to Nandigram. But the district administration turned down the
      request. As a result, most of the anti-land-acquisition protesters
      failed to turn up at Tamluk today to narrate their account of the
      carnage before Mr Ram. Mr Sisir Adhikari, district secretary of
      Trinamul Congress and MLA, said: "The district administration did
      not bother to inform us of the location of taking eyewitness'
      account of the Nandigram carnage. We shall do everything in our
      power to seek justice for the victims of the carnage." CPI-M party
      workers, however, brought some witnesses, allegedly sponsored by the
      CPI-M, at the district headquarters under their protection. The
      session continued for more than six hours till evening. Mr Balbir
      Ram, divisional commissioner, Burdwan zone, said: "If the people of
      Nandigram face any kind of problem, we shall provide security to
      them so that they can reach Tamluk safely to give their accounts of
      the day before the probe team."
      The process is likely to continue for a few more days because a
      large number of people have registered as witnesses to the carnage
      that took place on 14 March at Bhangabhera and Gokulnagar.
      Several lawyers of Kolkata have demanded that central security
      forces take charge of Nandigram village where violence over takeover
      of farmland for industry claimed 14 lives last month.
      Members of the Calcutta High Court Bar Association and others
      visited Nandigram April 6 and talked to a large number of villagers.

      Jayant Mitra, one of the 26 lawyers who went to the village, said
      the team was shocked by accounts of villagers about what happened
      March 14 when the police opened fire on protesting villagers.
      "We want the central police force to take charge of the village and
      restore normalcy there," Mitra said.

      The lawyers said they spoke to women who alleged torture by the
      police. "They are living in a state of fear," said Shaktinath
      Mukherjee, another lawyer.He said the villagers had lost all faith
      in the state police.

      The government is likely to move the Supreme Court on Wednesday to
      vacate the stay on 27 per cent quota for OBCs in IIMs, IITs and
      other centrally aided institutions.The court had stayed the quota
      for the current academic year for want of adequate data on OBCs.

      There's been uncertainty among a large number of applicants to all
      these institutions who are waiting for the results.The government
      had ordered these institutions not to declare their results till the
      Supreme Court took a decision on the stay.The first results slated
      to be declared were those of the IIMs on Thursday.

      Maoists may have used sea route to land in Nandigram: Karat

      Ranchi, April 10: Senior CPI-M leader Brinda Karat today claimed
      that Maoists may have used a sea route to reach Nandigram and create
      trouble there.

      "The ultras might have used the sea route from somewhere in Bengal
      to reach Nandigram to create disturbances," polit bureau member
      Karat told a press conference here without giving details.

      She alleged the "Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee", which was
      leading the protest against land acquisition there, was sheltering
      the Maoists who had supported it in an open letter.

      "The open letter is a serious issue. But we did not hear a single
      statement from the Trinamool Congress about it," she said.

      She alleged that Maoists hiding in Jharkhand often crossed the state
      border to commit crimes in West Bengal.

      Concrete steps through coordinated efforts are required to end
      the "serious" problem in Jharkhand, she said.

      "The state should have a policy on how to get over the problem and
      place its action plan before the Centre," she said.

      On "threat" letters issued by the Maoists to politicians, Karat said
      it was serious and called for immediate steps to address it.

      The Maoists had reportedly issued separate letters to Jharkhand
      Deputy Chief Minister Sudhir Mahto and state Congress president
      Pradeep Kumar Balmachu.

      While the Maoists warned Mahto for allegedly issuing statements
      against them, Balmachu did not reveal the content of the letter he

      "The state government should think over how to get over the
      situation. Otherwise, it will affect political work," Karat said.

      Singur has turned violent thanks to brutal and anti-people stance of
      ironic communist government of West Bengal.
      Everything in the known universe tagged nandigram

      Medha Patkar writes about Singur, about the half lies and cover-up
      of the Left government, about CPI(M) cadre intimidating villagers,
      all to help develop people of Bengal.

      Today when the world celebrates the 58th anniversary of the UN
      Charter of Human Rights as the International Human Rights Day, the
      people of Singur or Narmada or Raigad (Maharashtra) , Dadri-Bajada
      (UP) cannot. They cannot be out of struggle for survival, for
      dignity, for life even for a moment to be able to breathe freedom
      and enjoy rights not just as citizens but as human beings.
      Read Full Story:
      More Horror Stories From Nandigram
      Holocaust survivor feels `guilty for staying alive'
      "While government institutions use the Shoah, its victims, and its
      survivors to promote national and financial interests, the State is
      appropriating funds paid to the victims and survivors for itself,
      and humiliating the survivors.
      http://www.ynetnews .com/articles/ 0,7340,L- 3386488,00. html
      Change in the Arab world
      The uncommon occurrence was Abdullah's harsh criticism of his fellow
      Arab leaders, saying the blame for much of the Middle East's woes
      lies with them. Abdullah blamed Arab leaders for divisions,
      infighting, bloodshed and the havoc plaguing the Middle East. In the
      past, Arab leaders tended to place all blame for their ills on the
      United States and the CIA
      http://washingtonti mes.com/commenta ry/20070409- 104839-1080r. htm

      CPI(ML) Team In Nandigram: Summary Of Findings

      (A 20-member CPI(ML) team comprising Party General Secretary
      Dipankar Bhattacharya, West Bengal State Secretary Kartick Pal,
      senior state leaders Dr. Partha Ghosh, Shankar Mitra, Meena Pal and
      Chaitali Sen, AISA leader Malay Tewari and editor of the Party's
      Bengali weekly organ Deshabrati Animesh Chakraborty visited the
      carnage-ravaged areas and people of Nandigram on 17 March. They also
      talked to injured victims undergoing medical treatment at the
      district hospital at Tamluk and the extremely under-equipped and
      over-crowded health centre at Nandigram. They heard reports of most
      horrendous killings of unarmed people, gangrapes and brutal assaults
      on women and children, met several people who were desperately
      looking for missing family members and were shocked to see very few
      young girls and children among the survivors in the carnage-ravaged
      villages of Bhangabeda, Sonachura and Gokulnagar. What follows is a
      brief report of the team's findings).

      US President George W Bush invited Democrats to the White House on
      Tuesday to discuss a standoff over a bill that provides for more
      than $100 billion to pay for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

      "When it comes to funding our troops, we have no time to waste. It's
      time for them to get the job done."

      "So I'm inviting congressional leaders from both parties, both
      political parties, to meet with me at the White House next week,"
      said George W Bush, US President.

      But he made it clear that he would not reconsider his opposition to
      withdrawing troops from Iraq.

      Singur is a hot topic in NY
      2007-02-19 12:41:16 Source : Moneycontrol.com
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      Even as India's burgeoning economy grabs global attention and
      India's new transnationals grab foreign companies, concern still
      persists in the United States over the social issues that may delay
      or even sidetrack industrial projects, especially given the
      largescale protests over the Tata Motors small car project in
      Singur, West Bengal. And when a group of Indian MPs came to New
      York, they found this controversy attracting attention and worried

      Six Indian MPs came to New York as part of a delegation of the India-
      US Forum of Parliamentarians. And they were invited by the
      prestigious Asia Society to discuss Special Economic Zones. The
      focus though was on the Tatas' controversial Singur project, and the
      panel spent its time debating and disagreeing over a possible

      Taken from 'Peoples History of the United States' by Howard Zinn.

      'History is a Weapon' website has kindly scanned the whole book. As
      they say, everyone should read this book.

      The nature of the settlers in the United States has not changed tot
      his day, since the first euro-settlers arrived on that land.

      http://www.historyi saweapon. org/zinnapeoples history.html

      Thus began the history, five hundred years ago, of the European
      invasion of the Indian settlements in the Americas. That beginning,
      when you read Las Casas-even if his figures are exaggerations (were
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