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Counter-Currents Update: On American War Plans in Iran etc.

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  • yogi sikand
    Hello Kindly forward this newsletter to your friends and encourage them to join this mailing list. http://www.countercurrents.org/subscribe.htm In Solidarity
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      Kindly forward this newsletter to your friends and
      encourage them to
      join this mailing list.

      In Solidarity

      How The War On Terror Made The World A More
      Terrifying Place
      By Kim Sengupta & Patrick Cockburn


      Innocent people across the world are now paying the
      price of the "Iraq
      effect", with the loss of hundreds of lives directly
      linked to the
      invasion and occupation by American and British forces

      In Iraq, The Killing Of 18 Teenagers Is A Horrible
      By Robert Fisk


      This is a story with a caution. Eighteen teenagers
      were killed on
      Monday at a football field east of Baghdad. On Sunday,
      equally young
      students of Mustansiriya University - the oldest in
      Baghdad - were blown up by
      a suicide bomber. It has become a routine, at one and
      the same time
      more horrible and more normal each day

      Global Markets Slide After China Sell-Off
      By Nick Beams


      Global stock markets tumbled on Tuesday after a near 9
      percent drop in
      the Chinese market—the biggest fall in a
      fears that a series of financial imbalances in the
      global economy could
      start to cause serious problems

      Getting A Bit Anti-Climatic
      By Michael Major


      If we attempt to make climate braking profitable for
      corporations then
      we greatly delay the date at which any real reversal
      may begin. Like
      peak oil we will see the occasion of reversal only in
      the rear view
      mirror. The climate is not broken. We cannot usefully
      act directly on the
      climate. Climate change is not a discrete illness but
      a valuable symptom
      reflecting a lethal underlying global disease

      Engagement And Confrontation In The Middle East
      By Nicola Nasser


      Two-pronged U.S. tactics of confrontation and
      engagement unfolded last
      week and described by some media as "turnabouts" in
      the strategy of
      containment of what Washington perceives as adverse
      regional roles in the
      Middle East, but in the Iraqi context and in
      historical perspective
      these tactics are revealed only as old diplomatic
      manoeuvres in the
      drawers of the State Department

      This Spring America's Target Is Not Iran But Pakistan
      By Abid Mustafa


      America knows full well that she will not be able to
      crush the Pushtun
      resistance and that Musharraf may not survive. But the
      US has no
      choice-it is make or break for the US in Afghanistan
      and the calculus of
      Musharraf survival is irrelevant

      The Case For Withdrawal From Afghanistan
      By Tariq Ali


      The lesson here, as in Iraq, is a basic one. It is
      much better for
      regime-change to come from below even if this means a
      long wait as in South
      Africa, Indonesia or Chile. Occupations disrupt the
      possibilities of
      organic change and create a much bigger mess than
      existed before.
      Afghanistan is but one example

      America's March Madness
      By Mickey Z.


      Last month, I touched on a fraction of February's
      forgotten history
      vis-Ã -vis America's long history of global brutality.
      Here's a small
      taste of March's madness

      "You And I And The Next War"
      By Uri Avnery


      An American and/or Israeli adventure would be a
      disaster. Bombs can
      devastate a country, but not a people like the
      Iranians. Only the wildest
      imagination can foresee how the more than a billion
      Muslims in scores
      of countries - including all our neighbors - would
      react to the
      destruction of a Muslim country (even a Shiite one).
      This is playing with fire,
      which may start a world-wide conflagration

      A Democracy In Crisis: Who Is Really In Control?
      By Ramzy Baroud


      If I could only present these questions to my dear
      professor of many
      years ago; if he is still alive, I wonder what his
      answer would be. Would
      he contend that our system of checks and balances and
      foresightedness of the founding fathers would
      eventually prevail over the corruption
      of the ruling elites and big businesses? Or would he
      finally admit that
      a nation that compromises on its freedom under false
      pretexts is a
      nation that is destined to lose its own democracy,
      once the greatest on

      Five Years After Godhra And The Pogrom
      By Dionne Bunsha


      There is no violence but the atmosphere of fear and
      prejudice still
      prevails. Gujarat is a society divided — where
      minorities are
      segregated and face social and economic boycotts.
      Muslims have been pushed
      into ghettos

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