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Ride For Land

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  • Ekta Parishad
    Young Riders on the Mission of Spreading Message of Janadesh 2007 22nd January, Bhopal (India). A group of 15 energetic and young activists of EP started
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2007

      Young Riders on the Mission of Spreading Message of Janadesh 2007

      22nd January, Bhopal (India). A group of 15 energetic and young activists of EP started their journey on Jan 12. These young people are on the livelihood rights campaign. On the 10th day of their cycle journey which started from Kanyakumari (Tamil Nadu) have completed 400 km and they will reach to Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) covering 3000kms will cross 7 states (Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh) of India. These dedicated youths will create mass awareness and spread the message of livelihood rights for the deprived community. Right to livelihood is the fundamental right and has been recognized by the Indian Constitution. Livelihood resources are being taken away from the people in the name of development and compelling people to live in the deprived condition. There are hundred million people who are landless, and there are others who have title of the land but do not possession of it. Government has not implemented laws that ensure protection of marginalized communities. The dalits and adivasis (SC and ST) have victims of so called development. They are struggling to live life with respect and dignity.
      This mission is part of sensitizing people for a non-violent, land Rights Movement by the marginalized people now popularly coined as “Janadesh 2007 (People’s Verdict) ”. In December 2005, Marginalized people assembly declared Janadesh 2007 (People’s Verdict). It is ultimatum to the government to resolve the issue of land and livelihood rights of the deprived community by October 2007 or face non-violent direct action by 25000 peoples who will undertake foot-march from Gwalior to Delhi on 2nd October 2007. The youth in the Yatra say that if you want to eradicate the poverty and want to create a peaceful society you have to ensure the Land and Livelihood rights of deprived community.
      The Young Riders are organizing public hearing and conducting signature campaign in the villages to collect the livelihood grievances and aware the people about their land and livelihood rights. The cultural team is organizing street plays to spread the massage of Janadesh 2007 through the song and street play.
      Mr.Ramesh Sharma, senior youth activist of Ekta Parishad, flaged-off this cycle Yatra on Jan 12, the birthday of Swami Vivekanand from Kanyakumari. This Yatra will culminate on 1st of May on Labour Day at Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. This journey is lead by a young activist Nishok Kumar. He said, “Ride For Land campaign is being welcomed warmly by the village community. Many like-minded organization, including Gandhian organizations and individuals are coming forward to support this initiative” Mr. Mritunjay, Mr. Ram Ekbal, Mr. Rajiv Ranjan (Bihar), Bhola Ram, Mahabir (Chhattisgarh), Chandan, Sunil (Jharakhand), Ramesh, Ranjan (Kerala), Murugraj, Shivshanku, Dev, Jelva Vinaykam (Tamilnadu) and Santosh (Madhya Pradesh) are riding on cycle in this campaign. Ms. Teresa (an activist from Canada) is also enthusiastically supporting the Yatra. This Yatra is eye opening and she is getting first hand information about what India is all about.
      Please contact for more information: cycleyatra2007@... and ektaparishad@...  
      (News by: Anil & Vijay Photo by: Das)

      Ekta Parishad
      Gandhi bhawan,Shymala hills,
      Tel & Fax: 91 755 4223821
      Janadesh 2007
      A Non-violent Disobedience Campaign in India
      Foot March From Gwalior - Delhi

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