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    Message History: Arkitectindia An Online Discussion Forum of Ark Foundation Members as on December 30, 2006: 2637 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2006
       Message History: Arkitectindia
      An Online Discussion Forum of Ark Foundation
      Members as on December 30, 2006: 2637
      Dear Members and Supporters of Ark,
      Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2007
      On the eve of every New Year we sit and discuss to improve Arkitectindia messaging system to make it more relevant to the ongoing development initiatives in different parts of the country and abroad.    
      We started this practice because all the active members were students.  We knew, in fact it is still true, very little about the area we choose to give our time and energy. Though we have been getting supports from teachers also but the active teachers are very few in number. Prof. V.K. Tripathi (IIT), Dr. Akhlaq Ahan (JNU), Dr. Ashish Agnihotri (JNU), Dr, Dhir Sarangi (JNU), Dr. Ashok Sharma (IIT), Mr. Alex Popovich (PHS) and Dr. Ahmad Khan (DU) are those few teachers who have been consistently guiding us to translate our dream into reality- Our dream is to see that each and every child has access to a quality education, a healthy life and a society free of exploitation and violence.
      Since we were students with desire to reach out other people in the field to learn from their ideas and experience, we started this forum-Arkitectindia. We have been immensely benefited from this and would like to be more relevant to the world of development sector.  The table, showing message history of Arkitectindia, clearly tells the way this forum has been growing in terms of number of monthly mails. We would like to keep this graph growing but in the desired direction.  We would like to see serious discussion on various issues.
      We shall be highly grateful for your comment, criticism and suggestion. Please feel free to give your opinion to improve its (Arkitectindia) usefulness to the contemporary society.
      Post Script:
      Ark Foundation (www.arkindia.org.in) thanks Prof V.K. Tripathi, David, Annie, Marti, Alex, Prmod, Ekram, Badri,  Asif, Ashish, Satya, Biswanath, Vishwa,  Akhlaq, Negi, Ifat,  Akash, Deepak, Dheer, Nikhil (www.domainhostingindia.com), Piyush (www.raftaar.com), Tarique, Halim, Richa and members and supporters of Ark initiatives for consistently supporting our cause by commenting, criticizing and suggesting new ideas and tools for translating our dream into reality. Some earlier postings.
      Some Earlier Invitations for Suggestion
      Education At Doorstep

      Dr. Shaheen Ansari
      Programme Coordinator
      Ark Foundation
      C - 336 - ACD / 2 Z,
      Budha Vihar,(Opposite JNU Gate)
      Munirka,New Delhi- 110067

      Phone: +919868740449,09868319325,09312838170

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