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    DREAM Our dream is to see that each and every child has access to a quality education, a healthy life and a society free of exploitation and violence. MISSION
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      Our dream is to see that each and every child has access to a quality
      education, a healthy life and a society free of exploitation and


      The mission of Ark Foundation is to empower people by equipping them
      with knowledge, so that they can improve their socio-economic status,
      and participate meaningfully in the development of society. Ark will
      try to inculcate a sense of courage, dedication and confidence into
      the people.


      Ark Foundation was formed by a group of research scholars from
      Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, who felt the need to use
      their education for betterment of society. Observing the lack of
      effective schools in slum areas so close to their own academic
      institution, the group was motivated to make a small beginning to use
      their knowledge and skills to provide learning centers for slum
      children. Ark brings a holistic approach to educate children, with
      its programmes extending to cover basic health and environmental
      issues. Ark began its work in 1995 and got formal registration under
      the Society Registration Act (1860) in 2002.


      Ark aims to assist the people in every aspect of development, be it
      education, empowerment of women or community resource management.
      With this objective the foundation has a people centric programme and
      a children centric programme.

      People Centric Programmes:
      1. Create awareness among people about diverse issues like
      reproductive health and family planning, education, childcare
      and community resource management.
      2. Education on preventive health care, including information on
      communicable disease, and the importance of immunizations.
      3. Establish Eco Clubs for environmental awareness and nature
      4. Increasing literacy rates.

      Child Centric Programmes:
      1. Monitor and mentor school dropouts and bring them into the
      mainstream schooling system.
      2. Empowering slum children with modern skills through
      vocational training, e.g. computer course, trade skills etc.
      3. Provide a modern and relevant education.
      4. Educate student communities on importance of a healthy
      lifestyle, including information on the benefits balance
      diet and exercises.


      Volunteer Programme

      Ark has 35 student volunteers from Jawaharlal Nehru University and 16
      non-JNU volunteers, including skilled professionals from Australia
      and New Zealand. The volunteers assist a range of activities from
      administration and coordination of organisation and its programmes,
      to teaching slum children at Ark Education Centres (AEC).

      "Two Hours a Week"

      Our programme "Two Hours a Week" is currently running at three slums-
      Dhapo Colony, J.J. Colony and Chandanhaula village in Delhi. 35
      undergraduate as well as graduate students of Jawaharlal Nehru
      University (JNU), Delhi University (DU) and Indian Institute of
      Technology (IIT) are sharing their knowledge with the children,
      giving two hours a week to teach Hindi, English, Science and
      Mathematics. The volunteers teach up to 95 students a week at the

      Kataila School Programme

      Ark is assisting a local group, Aadarsh Graamin Samaaj, to run a High
      School at Kataila village, Ghazipur district, Uttar Pradesh. Ark
      also provides opportunity for its volunteers to visit the
      organisation in an effort to help educate volunteers about teaching
      in a rural context.

      The Arkitect, Ark Newsletter

      Ark also brings out an on-line monthly newsletter to its volunteers,
      members and other organisations associated with its activities. Its
      content aims to keep members up to date with programmes and planning
      and informs the reader about current development issues.


      Ark is networking with other like-minded individuals, organisations
      and institutions to exchange ideas and share experiences to increase
      the pace of development.


      A Village Development Circle (VDC) in each village with a radius of
      approximately 3kms will be the basis for the implementation of Ark's
      activities. Each Development Circle will have:

      1. Ark Education Centre
      • High School
      • Computer Education Centre
      • Cultural Activity Centre
      • Vocational Training Centre
      • Library

      2. Ark Health Care Centre
      • Primary Health Centre
      • Medicine Bank
      • Counseling Centre
      • Routine Check up
      • Health Mela (festival)

      3. Ark Women and Child Care Centre
      • Women's empowerment
      • Vocational Training
      • Reproductive Health and Family Planning
      • Child-care centres for working mothers

      4. Ark Youth Bank
      • Formation of a group
      • Provision of Loan for Self Employment
      • Identification of Skills
      • Vocational Training

      5. Ark Information Dissemination Centre
      • Publication of quarterly magazine- Baal Chaupal
      • Campaigning- individual, family and community level.
      • Workshops
      • Community Radio
      • Folk Songs
      • Street Play

      6. Ark Old Items Bank
      • Collection of Old Items
      • Identification of Needy People
      • Development of Distribution Mechanism.

      7. Ark Eco Club
      • Community forestry
      • Planting a tree at the three important event of a life-
      birth, marriage and death
      • Planting trees of medicinal, ecological and economic values.

      ARK TEAM

      Chairman: Dr. Shaheen Ansari
      Vice-Chairman: Sudhyan Negi
      Secretary: Sneha Singh
      Joint Secretary: Dr. Ahmad Khan
      Treasurer: Satyajit Puhan
      Editor: Mohan Mishra
      Chief Executive Officer: Ekramur Rashid
      Chief Prog. Coordinator: Annie Romanos
      Volunteer Coordinator: David Follington
      Coordinator, Friends of Ark: Alex Popovich
      Director, Education Prog. Rushda Siddiqui
      Director, Health Programme: Pallavi Sharan

      352 E, Munirka Village, New Delhi
      Ph: +9126191531, +911132538170, +9818108924
      Fax: +911126183748
      Email: mail@... www.arkitect.org
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