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I am very happy to

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  • arkitect95
    Friends I am very happy to announce a successful programme on the occasion of the completion of one year educational activities in Dhapo Colony Slum on
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003

      I am very happy to announce a successful programme on the occasion of
      the completion of one year educational activities in Dhapo Colony
      Slum on September 1st . We had beautiful programmes by children of
      Ark Education Centre of the slum. We received more than 40 paintings
      and drawings for painting competition and around 50 for essay. They
      also participated in song- solo and group, speech (not debate), skit
      etc. it was really a worth watching programme. More than 70 children
      took part in this programme. For detail please wait for the next
      issue of The Arkitect.

      I am also happy to announce about launching of long awaited website

      For last six months we have been trying to organizing a programme for
      children's enjoyment and bringing out website for arkitects message.
      It is very good to see both the things happening on the successful
      completion of one year ARK activities on September 1st.

      www.arkitect.org is just a beginning. For several months I have been
      thinking to up load our website but I could not do it because of un
      satisfactory web page. I am still not happy with the page either-the
      page I have developed so far. Apart from professional out look there
      are few sections which need extra effort. I have to write about few
      section which have been untouched because of my busy schedules and
      lack of volunteers for this work.

      In stead of waiting for the day when I will be able write and design
      a decent web page, I decided to design two websites. The one which I
      have up loaded is the first attempt. It is a kind of rough draft and
      the second one, on which I am working will be a bit better than this.
      I am learning with trial and error method.

      I must thank to Mr. Alex Popovich, a teacher of Penola High School,
      Australia, for giving me a basic lesson on which I am developing my
      web designing skill. Alex, you are a very good teacher and you know
      how teach such a difficult skill in a couple of days to a lay student
      like me. Thank you very much, Sir!

      I would also like to thank Annie Romanos who always find time to help
      me out in content development.

      Another person without whose help it would have been delayed for
      another few months is Nikhil from Domain Hosting of India. He
      himself came forward to volunteer in designing the web page. I
      sincerely thank him for his helping hand.


      I will be very happy if the readers of this mail criticize on the
      contents, give some suggestions to improvise it and few lessons on
      web designing.

      I am always ready to learn something new and implement it for the
      better result. So let me know if any one you would like to volunteer
      in giving me a lesson on webdesigning.

      I am eagerly waiting for your comments.


      Dr.Shaheen Ansari
      352 E, Desraj Tokas House
      Munirka Village
      New Delhi, India.
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