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  • yogi sikand
    Hello Kindly forward this newsletter to your friends and encourage them to join this mailing list. http://www.countercurrents.org/subscribe.htm In Solidarity
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2006

      Kindly forward this newsletter to your friends and
      encourage them to
      join this mailing list.

      In Solidarity

      Only One Man Stands Between Israel And World War III
      By Geov Parrish


      There is one man, and one man only, who can prevent
      what is otherwise
      rapidly going to escalate into at minimum, a messy and
      regional war; at worst, World War III. That man is,
      unfortunately, George W.
      Bush, who in five years has never shown the slightest
      inclination for
      doing what he must now do at a time of great
      provocation and crisis:
      rein in Israel

      Hizbollah's Response Reveals Months Of Planning
      By Robert Fisk


      The original border crossing, the capture of the two
      soldiers and the
      killing of three others was planned, according to
      Hassan Nasrallah, the
      Hizbollah leader who escaped assassination by the
      Israelis on Friday
      evening, more than five months ago

      When Civilians Become Targets: The Israeli
      Destruction Of Lebanon and
      By Remi Kanazi


      In the last two weeks, Israel has sent a chilling
      message to the
      Palestinian and Lebanese people: civilians and
      infrastructure are legitimate
      targets in their war of aggression. The Geneva
      Conventions have been
      fragrantly violated and humanitarian law has been
      thrown into the garbage

      Refugees Speak Of Catastrophic Bombing
      By Dahr Jamail


      "Both Syrian and Lebanese people are leaving now," he
      said. "There is
      no more food, not even bread. There was no electricity
      or water in our
      area. If this situation continues, it will be a giant

      "This Is A Big Disaster For The Lebanese."
      By Dahr Jamail


      Interviewing people at the border who had fled the
      bombs in Beirut, I
      felt like I was back in Iraq by what people were
      telling me

      The Bamiyan Buddhas And The WTC:
      Two Perspectives Enlightenment vs. Entitlement
      By Ingmar Lee


      Only by the immediate destruction of this
      greed-fuelled Bush American
      empire, that the beings of this beautiful Earth are
      offered any glimmer
      of hope. The Buddha's great and enduring message which
      rings true for
      all time, is that greed is the root cause of all
      suffering. This is
      alas, the antithesis of the George W. Bush version

      Nightmare's Children
      By Sorit Gupto


      Just imagine yourself as an individual of Iraq or
      Kashmir. Your sister
      or mother is raped, your brother or father is murdered
      or imprisoned,
      you are living under constant fear, your home is
      bombarded. The
      humiliation ,cold blooded murder, rape and above all
      the immunity provided to
      the criminals has virtually transforms the places like
      Kashmir and Iraq
      as breeding ground for counter attacks, the revenge

      Terror Tales
      By Ram Puniyani


      The two previous blasts in Mumbai showed in a
      clear-cut manner
      correlations to these episodes of violence. In the
      current one the additional
      aspect of Nanded blasts and their implications have to
      be thought of,
      more so in the light of the fact that Mumbai blasts
      did not use the
      dreaded RDX

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