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What happened to you, Mr ND Tiwari?

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  • banga_sss2003
    What happened to you Mr ND Tiwari? To, Mr Narayan Dutt Tiwari, Chief Minister, Govt. of Uttaranchal, Dehradoon. Respected sir, I hwve written you several
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2006
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      What happened to you Mr ND Tiwari?

      Mr Narayan Dutt Tiwari, Chief Minister,
      Govt. of Uttaranchal,
      Respected sir,
      I hwve written you several letters , sent them by post or simply
      faxed. As I know you since my childhood for about five decades, it
      never happened. You had been Chief minister of united Uttar Pradesh ,
      no less than three times. Moreover, you held the portfolio of
      departments like industry and finance in the centre under Mrs Indira
      Gandhi. It never happened that any letter or communication to Mr ND
      Tiwaricould remain unanswered. I tried to contact you as a journalist
      working in a newspaper group like Indian express on Phone.Then I
      tried quoting our intimate family relationship as my father late
      Pulin Kumar Biswas had been alifelong companion of yours. You visited
      my dying father suffering from cancer at BasantiPur in Dineshpur. I
      nmay never forget your tears falling tirelessly. I hear from people
      that you still weep for your dear friend.
      You promised so many things to my father while he was breathing last.
      He had a little contribution to eingineer your political and social
      career, as we know.
      Then, what happened to our dear leader who has family relationship
      with his people. Information explosion and E governance have isolated
      you from us , we have to believe. You have a seniormost associate in
      Mrs Indira Hridyesh as the minister of information, and as people say
      as defacto CM. And you?
      My mother Basanti Devi is seriously ill and has a few days to live.
      Our family is in deep financial crisis as no one from my family got
      an employment except me and I live far away in Kolkata. No
      congressman even care to visit our place. And you, yourself never
      visited Basantipur after my father`s demise. The Rudrapur MLA mr
      Tilak Raj Behar is the health minister and we are facing the
      financial crunch for the expenses of tratment of my mother , daily Rs
      500 to 1000 only.
      Unvieling the stetchu of Plin Babu in Dinesh pur, the health
      minister Mr Behar assured a job for our family. Later, Mrs Indira
      Hridyesh reassured. It never happened.
      Neither my father or any member of our family sought any personal
      favour from you, you know well. Pulinbabu always supported you
      unconditionally. Despite political and idiological differences, I had
      been always supporting your all acts in favour of the people.
      But you promished to modernise the Dineshpur Hospitol and ITI to
      fulfil your friends last wishes. You simply forgot. You forgot the
      Dineshpur area and its problems, where the entire population had been
      your traditional vote bank.
      What happened to you Mr Tiwari?
      Given an opertunity, I want to draw your attention to the burning
      problems of our people. I wait your response. I hope that like erlier
      days, you might respond at leatst once.
      Sincerely yours
      Palash Biswas
      Gosto Kanan, kolkata- 700110
      033-2213-8585,86,87 (Jansatta, Kolkata)
      Permanent Address:
      Vill- Basanti Pur,
      PO- Dineshpur,
      Distt. Udham Singh Nagar,
      Email: palashbiswas_kl@...
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