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  • Sneha Singh
    Friends There are few mails who want to know about Ark Foundation and about joining the egroup. We apologise for late response to these queries. In fact we
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 21, 2005


      There are few mails who want to know about Ark Foundation and about joining the egroup. We apologise for late response to these queries. In fact we should have discuss it earlier but anyway better late than never. The purpose of the egroup is to share and exchange news, views and experience to give a proper direction to ongoing development initiatives in various parts of the country. The philosophy is that we cannot go every place but our ideas and  experience can reach there to make a difference with the help  of the internet technology.

      How to join this egroup- arkitectindia?

      There are many ways to join it but I will tell you two very simple and easy method.

      1. Forward this link http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/ to those who are interested in joining the egroup and exchange ideas and experiences to enhance each others understanding on various issues close to our heart.
        1. At the top right  of the page there will be a blue box embossed with "Join This Group"
        2. Tell them to hit "Join This Group".
        3. They will see a form which is very easy to fill and submit.
        4. And instantly they will receive a welcome message.
      1. If there is any problem simply send their email addresses to us at arkitect95@... and relax. 

       How to join Ark Foundation:
      You need to identify an Action Area, preferably a village, in any part of India. Form a group of five committed people who would be interested in development of that area.  All the five should be the local inhabitants. Contact us with their CV and their area of interest. Rest we will do- providing logistical support and all the relevant documents necessary to work as a legally recognised independent group. A group of trainers will visit new action area to train the group in the process of capacity building. Except logistical and professional support, the group will work independently in its area. Therefore, we suggest, one of the group leaders should take it as a full time job.

       About Ark Foundation- For those who have joined the egroup later.

      Ark Foundation is a creation of a group of research scholars from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, who felt the need to use their education for betterment of society.  But now it has been joined by people from different backgrounds and different universities and colleges and also from different parts of the world.

      There is a brief introduction given in the middle of the homepage of the egroup- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/arkitectindia/

      Initially the group was known as "Two Hours A Week". It was the name of our first programme in which every volunteers would give at least two hours a week. later the name of the programme was associated with the group of people itself.

       People's Action for Village Development, Aadarsh Graamin Samaaj, Two Hours A Week and Global Village Group came together on one platform and came to be known as Ark (boat). Later the group registered itself as Ark Foundation under the Society Registration Act (1860) in 2002.

      Different people have different interest and like to devote their time in different projects. Sometime they come with their own programmes and take Ark's help to translate their feeling to do something for the deprived section in their own localities. Ark provides a platform, logistical support, other possible help and, most importantly, a group of experienced individuals in order to maximize the results of their social responsibilities.

       For some it is the education which should be given top priority and hence they engage themselves in educational activities, for others it is the health and further for some, specially students from School of Environmental Sciences, it is the environmental education and preservation of ecological system which is more important. There is no debate and discussion on this issue. We believe every one should work according to his/her interest and understanding of the issue. We should also take out some time to help each other in building a better society for every one. For people like Annie, Pallavi, Sangeeta, Shradha, Sunita and Rashmi, it is women’s issue which should be taken up seriously and that too without wasting any time. They are doing their work in their limited capacity. But at the same time they are also helping others in their educational  initiatives. There is no watertight grouping. One set of people like to see other sets of people doing better in their domain, hence, extends their helping hand.

      Our educational initiatives are most successful  as majority of us feel it is lack of education which is the  mother of many problems in our society. Following are the programmes which different sets of people are involved with.

      A brief introduction of Ark's  programmes- some of them are in action and some are for future action. Though most of us are working in cities but our future plan is to go to villages and create  Village Development Circles (VDC) in each village with a radius of approximately 3kms. It  will be the basis for the implementation of Ark's activities. Each Development Circle will have:

       1.      Ark Education Centre (Coordinator: Dr. Shaheen Ansari)

      ·        High School

      ·        Library

      ·        Computer Education Centre

      ·        Cultural Activity Centre

      ·        Vocational Training Centre


      2.      Ark Health Care Centre (Coordinators: Sneha Singh & Pallavi Sharan)

      ·        Primary Health Centre

      ·        Medicine Bank

      ·        Counseling Centre

      ·        Routine Check up

      ·        Workshop

      ·        Health Mela (festival)


      3.      Ark Women and Child Development Centre (Coordinators: Shradha Sinha  & 
                                                                                                   Rashmi Rawat)

      ·        Women's empowerment

      ·        Vocational Training

      ·        Reproductive Health and Family Planning

      ·        Child-care centres for working mothers


      4.      Ark Youth Bank (Coordinator: Dr. Ahmad Khan)

      ·        Formation of a group

      ·        Provision of Loan for Self Employment

      ·        Identification of Skills and training in their trade

      ·        Vocational Training


      5.      Ark Information Dissemination Centre (Coordinators:  Dr. Razi Ahmad & Juanita

      ·        Publication of quarterly magazine- Baal Chaupal

      ·        Campaigning- individual, family and community level.

      ·        Workshops

      ·        Community Radio

      ·        Folk Songs

      ·        Street Play


      6.      Ark Old Items Bank (Coordinators: Abdul Halim & Rajiv Mehra)

      ·        Collection of Old Items

      ·        Identification of Needy People

      ·        Development of Distribution Mechanism.


      7.      Ark Eco Club (Coordinators: Sudhyan Negi & Ramakant Tiwari)

      ·        Community forestry

      ·        Planting a tree at the three important events of a life- birth, marriage and death

      ·        Planting trees of medicinal, ecological and economic values.

      The above coordinators are at the central level. All the groups have their own sets of coordinators at the local levels. It depends on how many programmes they want to implement in their own Action Areas.

      For detail you can visit our website www.arkindia.org  (it is under construction).

      Remember we are always open for comment, criticism and suggestion.

      Sneha Singh

      Ark Foundation

      JNU, New Delhi

      janmanass <janmanass@...> wrote:

      This question has been ask several times but it has not been replied
      even once.  I request Ark Foundation to tell something about Ark and
      its activities to those who are intersted inknowing it


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      > dear  asfar
      > hallo! i got your mail but i didnt know about this
      > group. so please send me information so i can join.
      > yours,
      > nimisha.
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