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YES WIPO Awarded Inventor

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  • R Singh
    YES WIPO Awarded Inventor Dear Bhagnari, Indians have the bad habit of always creating mischief. They don’t want to work on things that are before them and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2006

      YES WIPO Awarded Inventor

      Dear Bhagnari,
      Indians have the bad habit of always creating mischief. They don’t want to work on things that are before them and they can do for they don’t have confidence or skills and don’t want to spend their time money and efforts.
      Due to professional reasons I don’t disclose my inventions. Any large company that wants to work on my inventions will first have to enter in to confidential agreement.
      Things of public interest like “Rigged Meter” are much more important. And we can get immediate relief from courts on appeal.
      When I first saw your message, I thought you as a trouble maker who waste my time and softened the message by deleting few words when I found “AWAKEN INDIA” in your yahoo ID.
      WIPO regularly promote “Invention Expo’s and Exhibitions” and it will not possible without WIPO special shield to let inventors exhibit their inventions without attracting prior publication and such provisions that invalid the claims of the inventors.
      My earlier corrected message is attached at the end.
      Let people in India know about the award and inventions promotion programs of WIPO.
      Ravinder Singh
      "Mahesh Bhagnari" <mahesh@...> -----
      You seem to be missing the point and discussing the matters not relevant to my enquiry. Please answer the specific questions that I put to you. I am repeating the same for everybody's convenience:
       1. You have mentioned in some of the posts that you are a WIPO awarded
      inventor. Please tell me as to what certificate you have received from WIPO certifying you as an inventor. Please scan the same and send by mail. As far as I know WIPO does not award any certificate as such nor does it issue any patent.
       2. What have you invented? Can you send a link of the published document?
      3. Please name the Laywers who represented you to get this certificate. You can take this for granted that you have been DUPED by them as I said WIPO grants no such certificate. You should contemplate a legal action against these people.
      Please be aware that a Patent is granted by National Offices like USPTO, UK Patent Office or some regional Patent Offices like EPO etc. WIPO does not have any authority to grant a PATENT. That means if you have got one from WIPO then it certainly must have been printed at somebody's basement printed.
      Please respond too these specific points to let us make other innocent people aware and prevent them from being so DUPED.
      Mahesh Bhagnari

      Free Legal Aid For Public Interest

      Dear Bhagnari, Friends,
      I have already posted many petitions to the President/ PM/ CJI in the past like for example on “Rigged Meters” and “Extortion Of Consumers” on your web group messages 173 and 189.
      I found order of Nandrajog absolutely scandalous and deliberate fraud on people. The petition in addition to speed post and e.mail was also hand delivered to some serving and retired Supreme Court and High Court judges.
      Petitions technical contents are already on the group sites.
      I regularly intervene when CJI of India fail in matters like Narmada, Kaveri etc.
      But if any “Capable” law firm needs any further assistance, I am ready to provide my inputs free.
      I am not obliged to send copies of certificates before you may proceed in the matter.
      I have not seen people attaching their certificates in any court case related to public issues.
      On going through you website I discovered that yours is a general practitioner of law firm and have not given even name of the team members you have and their qualifications.
      Court cases are won on the strengths of “Merits Of The Cases”. When I found CJI has directed Karnataka to release 1 BCM of water in KRS dam 6% of basin flow which was just enough for its basic needs and most of it will be lost on way to Kaveri delta about 800 Km downstream, there was “Strong Merit” in the case.
      States paid crores to incompetent lawyers in Kaveri case alone.
      In technical cases like above I can provide “Cutting Edge” to your clients but will charge for exclusive service in non PIL matters.
      You can count on me to whenever you wish to stand up for any public cause.
      Ravinder Singh

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