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Lok Satta Party Communication: Get ready for battle! Election 2014 - Click on; win.loksatta.org

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  • Surendra Srivastava
    [image: Inline image 1] * Click on; ** win.loksatta.org * Dear friends, Over the past few weeks, we have extensively discussed
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                                                  Click on;      win.loksatta.org

      Dear friends,


      Over the past few weeks, we have extensively discussed electoral strategies at National level and with various state leaders and state working committees for the upcoming Assembly Elections in A.P & General elections.


      The time has come to end the discussions, roll up our sleeves to get into action.

      LSP will be bidding for power in A.P. Our aim is to form the government in May 2014. We are the only party that can put the state firmly on development track and will deliver win-win solution for state division and for the Telugu people of all three regions “Telangana”, “Rayalseema” “Seemandhra”, and all Indians who have made the state their home. No other party has any interest in serving the public and they have no credibility. All the other parties in A.P have the same DNA. We will field great candidates in all 294 constituencies. We will run an aggressive and bold campaign on the ground and in print/electronic/social media.


      This is the time for all of us to put our best foot forward and win the state. 


      All of us, including myself, must acknowledge the mistakes made in earlier election cycles and vow not to repeat them. We must exude confidence and show that we WILL WIN and we are the ONLY party that can genuinely represent people. This is a unique opportunity in the history of Andhra Pradesh and we must do all we can to wrest power.


      I would like to call upon all LSP warriors to stand beside me as I prepare to take on this battle. I ask for all of you to contribute your time and raise funds for the party and recruit your friends and family to do the same. Please ask everybody to log on to win.loksatta.org to volunteer and to donate.


      We need a large army to win this battle. We are looking for dynamic, go-getters that can aggressively take us forward and change voter perception about Lok Satta.

      I'm ready and determined to form the government and I want you to put aside everything else and focus on this singular goal.

      Write to lsp4ap@... to express your commitment for this mission.


      I am constituting the following committees to run a smooth campaign. These are the empowered committee(s) composed of experts that are not burdened by responsibilities as candidates or for ground campaigning.


      1-    National Election Campaign Committee


      This Committee will be responsible for strategy, planning, messaging, branding, budget, contingency response. This committee will also have authority over all State Campaign Committees in every respect.  Surendra Srivastava, National General Secretary will chair this committee and other members include Ms.Tara Krishnaswamy, Chairperson National Alliance Committee, Mr. Srinivas Alavilli, Chairperson, National Communication Committee. The chairperson of National Campaign Committee will be free to draw more resources from states as may be needed.


      2 - AP State Election Campaign Committee


      A.P. State Campaign Management Committee will be responsible for running the state campaign, volunteer management, manifesto, training, data analysis, fund raising, media and communications, finance. The AP State Election Steering Committee comprises of Mr. Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Mr. Anand Reddy Mr. Gunnam Gangaraju, Mr. Karthik Chandra, Ms. Rajani Karuturi, and Mr. Praveen Potineni, Mr PR Rao and Mr. Sivarama Krishna. The complete list of committee members and roles and responsibilities will be announced soon. We are also delighted to have the privilege of Mr. SS Rajamouli's expertise on this campaign.


      3 - Candidate Selection Committee(s)


      The candidate selection committee will have oversight by National President and National General Secretary. Details to follow.


      Best regards,



      Jayaprakash Narayan

      National Presient



      Lok Satta Party

      House No: 8-2-674B/2/9,

      Plot Number: 93, Happy Valley,

      Road No: 13-A, Banjarahills,

      Hyderabad - 500 034.

      Tel: 91-40-2331 1819 / 2331 1817;

      Fax: 91-40-2331 0612



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      Volunteer - Lok Satta Aandolan
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      URL: www.surendrasrivastava.com
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