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Inauguration of Feku.in

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  • Sukla Sen
    *PRESS RELEASE* www.pheku.in is a new and forward
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2013



      www.pheku.in is a new and forward moving engagement with India's new struggle for democratic space.  The last five years has seen a significant and often angry civil society mobilization against what is perceived as a descent into anarchy and authoritarian actions by the state. The decade long rule of the UPA government has not only led to the sporadic ignition of youth anger but also created the space for the emergence of a fascist politician in Narendra Modi on to the national stage. Like all fascists Modi presents a model of efficiency and effective rule to a beleaguered nation and like most fascists this model of efficiency and growth is based on lies, half-truths and a million dollar PR industry.

      But such a moment when a fascist alternative is being sold to civil society, is also the moment which can produce a creative challenge. www.pheku.in offers such a challenge by putting every creation of the Modi PR machinery under the scanner. We have collected a vast range of data on the Gujarat model of development and have commissioned several new investigations on claims that he has made publicly. Thus, pheku.in will serve simultaneously as a clearing house for publicly available information and as a breaking news site through the election season. Our objective with pheku.in is two-fold: to build a new democratic imaginary by exposing the record of the most authoritarian politician in India today and simultaneously produce a new level of engagement for the youth in Indian politics. pheku.in's team is located in 15 different states across India and 4 cities outside the country.

      The unique combination of Modi's authoritarianism, his deeply communal record, and his ability to lie smoothly is the fertile ground on which pheku.in will flourish. Already some exposures of his smooth lies - such as his Himalayan miracle - have been exposed. Our examinations reveal hundreds more that need to be unveiled. These lie along several dimensions - his destruction of democratic institutions in Gujarat, scams of enormous proportions and needless to say, his Pheks - from which we get our name. Any politician responsible for the slaughter of over 2000 minorities and several encounter killings should be beyond the pale as a Prime Ministerial aspirant. But a beleaguered nation engages all hope even when such hope is mere Chimera. Pheku.in, we hope, will be part of a new era of democratic upsurge in India. 

      www.pheku.in is being simultaneously launched today, August 23, 2013 in over 20 cities across India. The following people launched the website:

      1.    Ahmadabad -to be launched by Prakash Shah, Mahesh Pandya, Gautam Thaker, Hemant Shah

      2.    Ajmer- to be launched by DlTripathi, Anant Bhatnagar, Carol Geeta

      3.    Bangalore- to be launched by (Gauri Lankesh, Parvateesha

      4.    Bilaspur – to be launched by  Zulekha Jabin, Nand Kashyap, Noor Nawaz Khan

      5.    Bhopal- to be launched by LS Hardenia, Father Anand, Yogesh Diwan

      6.    Delhi - to be launched by Kavita Srivastav, Apoorvanand, Mansi Sharma

      7.    Goa - to be launched by Eric Pinto

      8.    Hissar- to be launched by Prof Anil Panikkar, Rajender Yadav , Manjeet Roperia

      9.    Hyderabad- to be launched by  L Ravi Chander, Jasveen Jairath, V Ramakarishnan

      10.  Jaipur- to be launched by Prem Krishan Sharma, Radha Kant Saxena, Mohammed Hasan, Krishan Takhar: Nishat Hussein

      11.  Jammu- Tanveer Hussain Khan,

      12.  Kozhikode- to be launched by Secular Collective & Keluettan Study& Research Centre

      13.  Lucknow - to be launched by Prof Rooprekha Verma- Saajhi Duniya, Pradeep Ghosh- IPTA, Manan Trivedi & Shabnam Hashmi -ANHAD

      14.  Mandya, Karnataka- to be launched by-Dr Vasu-Janashakti

      15.  Mangalore- to be launched by-Suresh Bhat

      16.  Mumbai - to be launched by- Prof Ram Puniyani, Dolphy D’Souza, Abraham Mathai

      17.  Nuh - to be launched by Ramzan Choudhary, Zubair Ahmad, Subhash Kumar, Dr Abdul Wahab

      18.  Patna - to be launched by Father Philip Manthra, Prof. Bharti S Kumar, Prof. M.N.Karna, Alok Dhanwa, Prof. N.K. Chaudhry

      19.  Pune- to be launched by Neeraj Jain

      20.  Rohtak- to be launched by

      21.  Saharanpur - to be launched by Prof Surendra Nischal, Shahin Ansari

      22.   Shimoga- to be launched by Ashok- Karnataka Communal Harmony Forum

      23.   Srinagar- to be launched by- Shabbir Hussain Buchh, Iqbal Wami

      24.  Udaipur- to be launched by Ramesh Nandwana, Ashwani Paliwal

      25.   Varanasi - to be launched by Prof Mohd Arif,  SM Khursheed, Dr Lenin Raghuvanshi, Anand Tiwari,  Zaheer Ahmad, Suresh Kumar


      Pheku.in is endorsed by: Amit Sengupta, journalist, Delhi, Anjum Rajabali, script writer, Mumbai, Anuradha Chenoy, professor, JNU, Delhi, Apoorvanand, Prof, DU, Delhi, Arma Ansari, filmmaker, UP, Ashok Vajpaye, poet, Delhi, Avni Sethi, Designer, dancer, Ahmadabad, Azam Khan, entrepreneur, Hyderabad, Biju Mathew, Hyderabad, Cedric Prakash, Director Prashant, Gujarat, Dev Desai, social activist, Ahmadabad, Ganesh Devi, Bhasha, Baroda, Gauri Lankesh, Lankesh Patrike, Bangalore, Gautam Thakkar, Harsh Mandar, writer, activist, Delhi, Harvardhan Hegde, Surgeon, Delhi, Indu Kumar Jani, writer, Ahmadabad, Irfan Engineer, social activist, Mumbai, Kalpana Kannabiran, Hyderabad, Kamal Chenoy, Prof JNU, Delhi, Kavita Krishnan, Kedar Misra, journalist, writer, Bhubaneswar, KM Shrimali, historian, Delhi, KN Panikkar, historian, Trivandram, Lawrence Surendra, Bangalore, Mahesh Bhatt, filmmaker, Mumbai, Mahesh Pandya, Mallika Sarabhai, artist, Ahmadabad, Manan Trivedi, social activist, Ahmadabad, Manisha Trivedi, Social Activist, Ahmadabad, Mansi Sharma, activist, Delhi, Nandini Sundar, Naseeruddin Shah, actor, Mumbai, Neena Vyas, Noorjahan Diwan, Social activist, Ahmadabad, Parvateesha, Lankesh Patrike, Bangalore, Prakash Shah, journalist, Ahmadabad, Purnima Joshi, journalist, Delhi, Rahul Roy, filmmaker, Delhi, Ram Puniyani, writer, Mumbai, Ram Rahman, designer, photographer, Delhi, Seema Mustafa, journalist, Delhi, Shabnam Hashmi, activist, Delhi, Sukumar Muralidharan, journalist, Delhi, Tanzil Rahman, Delhi, Vani Subramanian, activist, Delhi, Vivan Sundaram, artist, Delhi, Yadavan Chandran, artist, Darpana Academy, Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Hyderabad, Zakia Soman, BMMA, Gujarat, Zulekha Jabin ( Chattisgarh)


      Peace Is Doable
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