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  • Kumar Onkareshwar
    I came to know that several persons could not receive my email invitation earlier so please consider it as first and last invitation(as am mailing it just 24
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2013
      I came to know that several persons could not receive my email invitation earlier so please consider it as first and last invitation(as am mailing it just 24 hours of the event) and for those who has received this earlier is last reminder to kindly intimate me about your participation. Your final intimation would facilitate me in arranging comfortable logistics for the event. Please ! Please intimate me by return mail or call me on 09136358507. 


      Dear Seekers for an Alternative path of Change,


      Greetings on the eve of Independence Day!


      I am sharing my thoughts with you for inviting likeminded change seekers for a dialogue. I hope that you share the similar sentiments and dreams and would like to share your sentiments and thoughts with others in a common quest to transform the dreams into a REALITY! 

       Invitation Link on Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/events/641127372571977/ 


      You are cordially invited to a dialogue to explore the possibilities of Alternative Politics which has its foundation in harmony with nature and conceptual foundations and models of development and spiritual-social-economic transformation based on harmony and synergy with nature:


      Saturday, 24th August, 2013, 09.00am-06.30pm  


      Google Location Map for your kind help: http://goo.gl/maps/s8Rop
      The nearest metro station is Pragati Maidan metro station.

      The nearest bus stand is Hindi Bhawan. 
      Background Note –In brief

      All the major political parties of India, today, are different merely in name and nomenclature.  Their goal, policy, objectives, political strategy and methodologies are almost identical.
      For them, the main problems and challenges for the Indian nation seem to be just two: (i) 1. Inequitable distribution of material resources resulting in abject poverty of a very large percentage of population and; (ii) dysfunctional governance infested with mal-practices and lack of accountability.

      In our view, the key national challenge is to re-explore and re-define, in their very fundamentals, the very concept of development and the economic policies and the scientific- technical models to bring about the change, they have subscribed to. These are two most potent defects which have been totally ignored and marginalized by the governance and polity of the country. 

      To cite, some of the current examples in this context, the recent story of Detroit city is timely and eye-opening news for all. The Detroit city has formally declared itself bankrupt just few days back on 18th July, 2013. The Detroit is in USA and happened to be automobile manufacturing city. We all know it very well that USA is called most developed nation. They have the ‘best institutions’ like FBI, Supreme Court, Police, and science and technologies and all that. Despite all these highest institutions of the modern developed nation –state, their one of the modern and developed city has met the fate of bankruptcy. The entire city seems to have been abandoned. The population of city is reduced to 0.7 million today, from 1.8 million in 1950. This is the ultimate fate and graph of present development model, concept and philosophy 

      This is one of the innumerable examples that compel us to critically review the present concept of development. This concept and notion of development is based on ever increasing greed of consumption for fulfilling the so-called material desires. One of the evil consequences of this quest is simultaneous production of unmanageable, non-recyclable wastes. Thus it would be appropriate to describe the present model and concept of development as anti-nature and anti-environment. 

      At the same time; I wish to make it clear at the very outset that there is no intent here to make an advocacy for going back to Stone Age and cave age. There are potential and possible intermediate-ways, too, which can ensure comfortable life for all, without the necessity of creating antagonism between nature and environment, as we have done today.

      We can have grow-in harmony with nature -model! 

      This the personal quest is to invite you for a day- long heart searching and mind- boggling dialogue.  We shall, together, try to explore the possibilities and feasibility of alternative paths/ ways for a better future.  As an outcome of the meeting, we may consider to form a common-think- tank- group. We may also boldly and collectively explore the desirability and feasibility of forming a fresh new political party. This political party will have a well thought political manifesto with a new vision for the nation. It may decide to go into election mode very soon. Or we can decide to form a think-tank, as well as a political party. By taking any of these concrete steps collectively, the least we can do is to highlight and bring out the real issues and challenges of our times in the fore-front of the consciousness of the society and create a nation- wide new consciousness and agenda for debate and deliberation. It is imperative that the debate on the appropriate -model of development and new and alternative ways of governance should be taken up by the nation. Otherwise; the Uttrakhand and Detroit are going to be the fate of entire nation and entire world, sooner rather than later. We are already too late, we must not waste time, else the posterity would never forgive us and the very survival of human race and mother earth would be at stake!

      A large number of social, environmental and non-aligned political activists have been invited to participate in this day long- heart searching and mind-boggling dialogue and group discussion. This is perhaps the first of its kind in recent times where we are going to discuss the political manifesto addressing the most important, urgent and real issues of our time in India or elsewhere in the world.

      Please feel free to share this invitation among likeminded persons. If you are out of Delhi you may participate via online video-conferencing or recorded video. You may gather at fixed location and share your concern with us online or offline. Please take it as your initiative, spread and manage it accordingly.

      Please intimate in advance about your participation.
      +919136358507 or 

      Participants shall have to strictly adhere to the time slot allotted otherwise advised to wait for next chance. It is very much important to maintain time and subject topic discipline for better functioning of the programme. Your support is solicited!

      Regards and the best wishes.

      Kumar Onkareshwar 


      Aravali Ridge and River Yamuna Protection Movement

      Nominated as a 'Young Leader' by 'Times of India' 

      Mobile: +919818139947, 9136358507, 






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