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RE: [Arkitect India] Muslims must salute these Hindus [2 Attachments]

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  • rajagopalan ss
    I have been taught from my early years to look at other people as fellow human-bengs not as Hindu, Muslim etc., I have never asked for nor expressed a desire
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 20, 2013
      I have been taught from my early years to look at other people as fellow human-bengs not as Hindu, Muslim etc., I have never asked for nor expressed a desire to know the caste or community of others.

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      Subject: Fwd: [Arkitect India] Muslims must salute these Hindus [2 Attachments]

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      Dear Peace Promoters,

      We have high regards for  brethren from Hindu and other communities who and also for Muslims who respect each other, stand to help and  fight for justice to other communities.  We have  attached  a press clipping of the reciprocation to what Mr. Abdul Jabbar shared.  

      Also another press clipping  published in Daily Munsif of 19th June 2013 published from Hyderabad, which shows justice system in Islam: A Muslim Scholar in Egypt has been sentenced 11 years prison for hurting sentiments of Christians by tearing of holy scripture Bible during protest against an American anti-Islamic Film.  Judgement has been accepted in religious circles and by Islamic scholars.

      We have to educate citizens of our country to disown the people and politicians  who encash for their selfish interests exploiting religious sentiments spreading hatred for other faiths.  

      We have to expose the conspiracy of a few who are bent upon to marginalise  Muslim, Christian and other suppressed  Communities,  one by one, through horrible disasters and damage to the Nation to grab political power and to run their monopoly.  We also have to highlight the sacrifices of all marginalised communities in making of the Nation, to sensitize people how faithful and law abiding are these communities since centuries and given a chance can show their mettle in safeguarding interests of the Nation from traitors inside.

      With best wishes,
      Mohammed Turab

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      Date: Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 7:57 PM
      Subject: RE: [Arkitect India] Muslims must salute these Hindus
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      Dear Sir,
      There are lot Hindus from various level are helping to Muslims in either political, social and educational.
      I am hearing from many Muslims that, in school many of non-Muslim teachers are even paid poor Muslim student fees. In political & social activity and governmental level many non-Muslims activities are bringing Muslims problems in the public to know the world.
      Example Mr. Karkare. We salute him. Many Indians are even Muslims too think the bomb blast in India was done by so-called Indian Mujahedeen and such. But he proved that other hand in this tragedy even he got pressure from politicians. Because of that he lose his life. He is a real hero.
      But in fact if you see what Muslims are doing such voice against atrocity for other community issue, less or nothing you can say.  Example Sikh people murder by politician at the time of Indira Gandhi killed, Orissa Kandamal issue against Christian and against corruption and national welfare and many. So how Muslims are expect others to come and  help them? Wake up Muslims.
      Abdul Jabbar

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      Subject: Re: [Arkitect India] Muslims must salute these Hindus

      I think everyone should raise their voice for the oppressed irrespective of which side of the religious or ideological divide the two fall. It is indeed sad that most Muslims choose to remain silent spectators. It is indeed heartening to see Hindus fighting for the rights of non Hindus and being born to a Muslim family i am indebted to each one of them. 
      On both sides of the border there are people who have strong secular views and are fighting for a socially just environment. Its an uphill task and as Faiz said, chaly chalo ke wo manzil abhi nahin aaie
      On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 11:19 PM, Zubair Ahmad <szubairahmad@...> wrote:

      They are Hindu politicians, Hindu human right activists, Hindu Police officers, Hindu lawyers, Hindu journalists who are tirelessly fighting for the cause of Muslim community. There are Teesta Setalwad, Sanjiv Bhat, Mukul Sinha, Ashish Khetan, SR Darapuri, Rajiv Yadav and Atul Kumar Anjan. These are a few names I have mentioned, we can find such Hindus in every village and city of India who oppose injustice and who are always ready to fight on behalf of Muslims. Muslims must salute them and be thankful to them.

      Christians and Hindus are playing their part by opposing injustice and atrocities meted on Muslims all over the world. Are the Muslims playing their part by protesting against the injustices and atrocities committed on non-Muslims in any part of Muslim world? Did Muslims ever protest against the atrocities on Dalits and Tribals?

      To read more please click the link below..

      Syed Zubair Ahmad
      New Delhi

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