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An Appeal from Raj Ghhat

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  • drprem singh
    *Date: 07 June 2013* *Defer FYUP: An appeal from Raj Ghat* Dr. Prem Singh, a teacher and alumnus of Delhi University, has undertaken a THREE DAY FAST to
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         Date: 07 June 2013

    Defer FYUP: An appeal from Raj Ghat


                Dr. Prem Singh, a teacher and alumnus of Delhi University, has undertaken a THREE DAY FAST to express his anguish and pain at the hurried and unthinking implementation of the Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP).  On the occasion of the end of his fast, we, his supporters and co-protestors, would appeal to the Vice Chancellor to listen to the voice of reason and defer the FYUP to allow the university community to thoroughly discuss its intent, design, content and logistics so that it does not adversely impact the students admitted to this course.  We request him to not reduce the FYUP to a matter of personal prestige but to prioritize the interests of the young women and men who are attracted to DU because of the academic credibility it has earned through the work of its teachers, researchers and students over the past ninety years.  Leading educationists and scholars of differing intellectual and political persuasions have offered reasoned and convincing arguments against the design, content and manner of implementation the FYUP.  They have also appealed to various authorities to defer it for at least a year.  The academic community is disappointed at the disdain with which the DU authorities have trashed these concerns without addressing their substance.

                The very fact that – after prolonged inaction – the UGC has finally been compelled to set up a committee to track the progress of the FYUP and to suggest corrective measures is proof that there is substance in the critiques of the program.  It is high time the university authorities realized that rushing through a pedagogically unsound programme that dilutes existing standards of excellence would cause immense damage to the image of DU as India’s leading undergraduate university that has also produced pioneering research across the disciplines.  We request the esteemed members of the Advisory Committee to carefully examine FYUP in all its aspects and to immediately begin the urgent task of addressing its numerous flaws.   This vital exercise will be rendered meaningless without a deferral, which alone will provide the necessary time for careful course corrections.  We also appeal to the Honourable President, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, the Visitor of DU, to perform his duty as the supreme authority of the university and repair the damage already done by deferring the FYUP in order to protect the interests of the thousands of students who would enrol in the undergraduate programme this year.


                Rajindar Sachar (Former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court), Kuldip Nayar (Veteran Journalist), Rajendra Yadav (Eminent Writer), Dr. Sandeep Pandey (Magsaysay Award Winner), Satish Deshpandey (Department of Sociology, D.U), Ravi Kiran Jain (National Vice President, PUCL), Anil Nauriya (Senior Fellow NMML), Dr. Raj Kumar Jain (Former DU Teacher), Udit Raj (Political Activist), Shaswati Mazumdar (Dept. of Germanic & Romance Studies, DU), Sanam Khanna (Dept. of English, kamala Nehru College, DU), Bikram Singh (Dept. of Hindi, Desh Bandhu College, DU), Mukul Mangalik (Dept. of History, Ramjas College, DU), Vibhas Chandra Verma (Dept. of Hindi, Desh Bandhu College, DU) Ashwani Kumar (Dept. of Hindi, Motilal Nehru College Evening, DU) Shantanu Das (Dept. of History, Dayal Singh College, DU), Apoorvanand (Dept. of Hindi, D.U) Kumkum Yadav (Dept. of English, SGND khalsa College, DU) and many others.

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