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Were the Cartoons a Deliberate Aggression by Christian Fundamentalists?

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  • yogi sikand
    Were the Cartoons a Deliberate Aggression by Christian Fundamentalists? Posted February 18, 2006 February 10, 2006 Ghali Hassan, AxisofLogic.com uruknet.info
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 26, 2006
      Were the Cartoons a Deliberate Aggression by
      Christian Fundamentalists?

      Posted February 18, 2006
      February 10, 2006
      Ghali Hassan, AxisofLogic.com

      "We are being challenged by Islam these years -
      globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have
      to take seriously. We have let this issue float about
      for too long because we are tolerant and lazy. We have
      to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at
      times, run the risk of having unflattering labels
      placed on us because there are some things for which
      we should display no tolerance. And when we are
      tolerant, we must know whether it is because of
      convenience or conviction".

      - Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, 15 April 2005

      Tolerance is a falsehood often pronounced with
      difficulty in all of Western societies. Small
      countries such as Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the
      Netherlands, Austria, and Sweden are leading the pack
      in the war on Muslims at home, and may be on the road
      to encouraging a new Holocaust against humanity.

      While these countries are part of the U.S.-led
      coalition, which is responsible for the mass murder of
      Iraqis, they have also introduced discriminate and
      draconian immigration laws which are specifically
      directed against Muslims fleeing war and economic
      hardship. The pretexts are always the phantom of the
      "War on Terror".

      Historically, Muslims have been at the receiving end
      of Western-Christian violence for centuries. Following
      the 9/11 attack on the USA, Western Europe joined the
      U.S. in its anti-Muslim crusade: "We are all Americans
      now" united against Muslims. Although, 9/11 stills a
      mystery, it is used to legitimise a new form of
      Western-Christian fascism. Media pundits such as
      Christopher Hitchens and Daniele Pipes, who support
      the anti-Muslim ideology, are springing up like
      mushrooms all over the Western world. Using the cliché
      of "free speech", they are fuelling a vicious and
      violent war against Muslims around the world.

      The recent blasphemous images of Prophet Mohammed
      published in the Danish right-wing Christian,
      Jyllands-Posten (J-P) newspaper are nothing more than
      a campaign which promotes racism, violence and the
      marginalisation of European Muslims. Islam is a
      peaceful religion, and Muslims are not "terrorists".
      The insult to Prophet Mohammed, who is revered by over
      a billion people around the world, has nothing to do
      with "free speech". Had the Danish cartoonist shown
      instead George Bush and Tony Blair slaughtering
      hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and
      children, he would have had lost his job by now and
      would be condemned by the same people who are barking
      about "free speech". Would any newspaper in Europe
      dare to discuss Europe’s strict censorship laws of
      discussing the Holocaust?

      Barely a month ago, in early January 2006, Flemming
      Rose, the "cultural" editor of the Jyllands-Posten,
      told Dan Bilefsky of the International Herald Tribune,
      that, "he would not publish a cartoon of Ariel Sharon
      strangling a Palestinian baby, since that could be
      construed as 'racist’". In the past, Jyllands-Posten
      has also refused to run drawings lampooning Jesus
      Christ submitted in April 2003 by Danish illustrator
      Christoffer Zieler, because they were "offensive, not
      funny". Zieler was also advised by the editor, Jens
      Kaiser: "I don't think Jyllands-Posten's readers will
      enjoy the drawings. As a matter of fact, I think that
      they will provoke an outcry. Therefore, I will not use
      them". (The Guardian, 06/02/2006). It is "free speech"
      only if Westerners agree, otherwise, it is "offensive"
      or "anti-Semitism". Flemming Rose has now offered a
      helping hand to Iran in drawing cartoons depicting the
      Holocaust. Rose will work together in assistance with
      the Iranians who want to draw the Holocaust and that
      the paper (J-P) would publish and print the Holocaust
      cartoons. It is also against the Danish criminal code
      (Article 140) to publish the blasphemous cartoons.

      I should also add that Ambassadors from at least
      twelve Muslim nations in Demark requested to meet
      (last October) with Mr Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the
      Prime Minister of Denmark to explain their opposition
      the blasphemous cartoons, but Mr Rasmussen refused and
      rejected their request, which was not only arrogant,
      it was undiplomatic to reject diplomats request for a
      meeting. Rasmussen who leads a government of a
      coalition of two right-wing Christian parties,
      including the very Islamophobic, the Danish Far Right
      Party (Dansk Folkeparti) is the country’s third
      biggest party and underpins a hard-line centre-right
      coalition government claimed that Muslims are secretly
      planning to takeover Denmark.

      Although Muslims make about 2 per cent of the Danish
      population, one in four Danes have been brainwashed by
      their opportunist monarchs, politicians and the media
      to seriously believe that there will one day be "more
      Muslims" in Denmark than non-Muslims. Muslim
      immigrants to Denmark are particularly discriminated
      against and scrutinised. Two of Dansk Folkeparti
      members (pastors in the Lutheran church) have
      repeatedly stood up in parliament and said that
      Muslims are a "cancer on Danish society". Brian
      Mikkelsen, the Minister for Culture (Dansk
      Folkerparti) said: "It is time to eliminate all signs
      of multiculturalists’ relativism in Denmark". It is a
      war against European Muslims.

      The 2005 report of the International Helsinki
      Federation for Human Rights (IHF) on 'Intolerance and
      Discrimination against Muslims in the EU’ found that
      attacks on Muslims have markedly increased recently.
      Muslims in Sweden, Denmark and Austria are
      encountering difficult barriers. In Sweden, Muslims
      are advised to change their names to "Swedish-
      sounding ones" to increase their chance of employment.
      According to the report, 64 per cent of Muslims
      interviewed in Britain said that they were "unfairly
      targeted by counter-terrorism policies". In Denmark
      and Austria, the report reveals, Muslim women wearing
      headscarves are less likely to find work or pursue
      education. In Sweden, rightwing parties warn of a
      "Muslim invasion". Other Europeans such as Belgium,
      Holland, France, Italy and Spain are also contaminated
      with far right groups and anti-Muslims parties.

      In Belgium, the country which has one of the "most
      vicious and inhuman of all colonial histories", the
      far right Party (The Vlaams Blok or Belang) dominate
      local politics, with an agenda to repatriate all
      people of colour to their countries of origin. One of
      its prominent leaders, Filip Dewinter, told the BBC
      recently; "When I see Muslim culture I think that our
      culture is superior. Our values, our way of life are
      superior and we have to say so. I don't think the way
      of life of Muslims is compatible with our way of
      life". Muslim is our enemy, is the new European
      anti-Semitism motto.

      In the "liberal-minded" Netherlands, famous for its
      brutal and violent colonial history, racism is
      becoming part of Dutch values. Muslims have become
      targets of religiously motivated attacks. After the
      killing of an anti-Muslim fanatic and unknown Dutch
      film maker, Theo van Gogh, allegedly by a Dutch Muslim
      of African origin, after making the obscene film about
      Islam, the Netherlands erupted in anti-Muslim racism.
      The death of a Muslims-hater is used to justify much
      uglier crimes. Islamic schools and Mosques were bombed
      and set on fire. Muslim women were attacked throughout
      Holland. The rightwing Dutch government is embarking
      on anti-Muslim legislation to crack down on
      immigration and close-down "suspected" Mosques, and
      give police power to arrest people of Muslim faith.
      Although Muslims make up about one million (6%) of the
      Dutch population, former EU Commissioner Frits
      Bolkestein, said recently; "The most common first name
      registered at birth these days in Amsterdam is
      Mohammed. This, they say, is the Europe-to-be".

      In France, the situation is not much different. The
      French can be proud of their well-known anti-Muslims
      and anti-Arabs hatred. President Jacques Chirac has
      adopted Jean Marie Le Pen extremist and anti-Muslims
      policy, which has increased violence against Muslims
      and denying Muslim women the right to education and
      employment. According to the IHF report, the French
      Front National (an offshoot of fascism), stated
      publicly that France's Muslims "share an allegiance to
      a wider community of believers that threatens national
      sovereignty". Even Muslims, who were born in France,
      have no standing in the ideals of Liberté, Égalité,
      Fraternité, and the plague is spreading to
      neighbouring countries.

      The new German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, compared
      Islam with the "rise of fascism". The East German
      politician who was selected to solve Germany’s
      unemployment and other social ills seems to find the
      war on Muslims a much easier issue.

      Thousands of Muslims have been arrested and screened
      by German police only because of "their profiles have
      matched basic criteria, including an affiliation with
      Islam", reveals the IHF report. The German state of
      Baden-Wurttemberg has enacted what is called the
      "Muslim test", in which Muslim applicants for
      citizenship are asked about their views on September
      11, gay relationships and whether their teenage
      daughters are allowed to attend swimming classes. Can
      you imagine all Germans (in Baden-Wurttemberg) have
      exactly the same opinion on all three? "I am afraid we
      have not learned from our history. My main fear is
      that what we did to Jews we may now do to Muslims. The
      next holocaust would be against Muslims", Dr. Wolfram
      Richter, professor of economics at the University of
      Dortmund told Ziauddin Sardar of New Statesman
      magazine in Britain. It has always been easier to use
      crimes in order to commit even greater crimes.

      Finally, in Australia, the draconian "anti-terror"
      laws are designed specifically to victimise Muslims.
      Indeed, young Muslim men have been thrown in
      Guantanamo-like prisons not because they committed
      crimes, but because they are Muslims. Some companies
      have closed their employment’s doors to Muslim
      Australians and migrants from Muslim backgrounds. In
      addition, the army of commentators in the Australian
      media – one of the most controlled in the world – are
      accusing the police of "softly" treating Australians
      of the Middle Eastern backgrounds. This deliberate
      falsehood is designed not only to discredit the
      Police, but also to increase injustice and violence
      against Muslims.

      The IHF report’s director, Aaron Rhodes warned that;
      "these developments threaten to undermine positive
      efforts at integration and further increase the
      vulnerability of Muslims to human rights violations
      and marginalisation". Hence the IHF report recommends
      that all EU governments "enhance efforts to prosecute
      and punish discriminatory and violent acts". However,
      the warning may fall on deaf ears. As Sardar writes;
      "Even among individuals with more relaxed attitudes to
      interracial relationships, racism is unashamed and
      upfront". The governments may be pouring fuel on fire.

      To clarify one thing that seemed to be missed by most
      Westerners, Muslims are not ignorant of Western
      cultures, or Christianity, which is never part of
      Western civilisation any way. Jesus wasn’t born in
      Denmark or Norway. The fact, that many Muslims are
      studying in Western and American universities and many
      Muslims adopted segments of Western popular culture is
      proof of Muslims acceptability. This misunderstanding
      of Muslim societies, which suffered greatly under
      Western imperialism, is embedded in the West's
      ignorance and imagined superiority, which continue

      As vassals of U.S. imperialism, these small European
      nations such as Denmark, Norway, Swede and the
      Netherlands are using their deceptive position of
      "neutral countries" to commit gross crimes around the
      world. From Palestine to Iraq and Afghanistan, their
      armies are complicit in U.S. war crimes against
      defenceless peoples. In addition, they are
      participants in U.S. "War on Terror" and in U.S.
      "rendition" policy – the policy of kidnapping and
      covertly delivering an individual or individuals for
      interrogation and torture in undisclosed location or

      For example, Norway is credited with the Oslo "Peace
      Process", the "fig-leaf for the ongoing colonization
      of the West Bank and Gaza Strip", and the destruction
      of Palestine. Indeed, the Oslo "Peace Process" allowed
      Israel to confiscate over 50 per cent of the West Bank
      and constructed dozens of Jewish-only colonies for
      Talmudic extremist fanatics.

      Sweden, the "neutral" country, is supplying the U.S.
      army in Iraq with state of the arts weapons. In
      addition to the armour piercing ammunition, AT4,
      Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors – with tacit support
      of the Swedish government – is supplying the US
      Occupation forces in Iraq with new shell, the
      Excalibur produced in collaboration between Bofors and
      American defence giant, Raytheon. "It's completely
      insane. When we've made previous protests about
      Swedish involvement in the American war effort it is
      concerned old contracts. This is a new weapon and a
      new contract. It's in breech of parliamentary
      decisions, which have already been twisted beyond
      recognition by all the exemptions," said Lars Ohly of
      the Swedish Left. But no one should take "opposition",
      Left in particular, literally.

      The Netherlands, is leading the way in "building
      democracy" and terrorising the people of Afghanistan.
      Denmark with 530 soldiers is part of the so-called
      "coalition of the willing", the group of vassals that
      participated in the illegal and criminal invasion of
      Iraq. Indeed, Danish soldiers are complicit in the
      sadistic torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners and

      This brings us to how the Jewish Holocaust – as an
      example of Christian Europe brutality – was initiated.
      Of course, anti-Semitism (anti-Jews and anti-Arabs
      hatred) was widespread in Christian Europe centuries
      prior to Nazi Germany. However, modern anti-Semitism
      was initiated in 1879 by William Marr, the German who
      founded the "League for Anti-Semitism". Marr's racist
      views (Europe’s biological racism) were that Jews
      constituted a distinct racial group which was both
      physically and morally inferior, and therefore must be
      exterminated. With the rise of European racism against
      minorities in the 19th century, European Jews were
      targeted, as Muslims are targeted today. Differences
      between Jews and other European citizens manufactured
      and used as pretext to justify crimes against Jews.
      Jews were accused of "taking over" the world and so

      Adolf Hitler’s election on 30 January 1930 was based
      on his ideology of "one people ['master race’ or
      Übermenschen], one empire, and one leader". Hitler’s
      election paved the way for one of the greatest
      criminal acts in human history. Marr’s European
      biological racism continued during the rule of Nazism
      and became the vehicle for genocide. Jews, Gypsies,
      Czechs, Poles, the mentally and physically
      handicapped, homosexuals and others not belonging to
      the "master race" were targeted for extermination.
      Jews were specifically targeted. Bombings of
      synagogues, blasphemous cartoons depicting Jews, and
      anti-Jews posters were wide-spread all over Europe.

      During the occupation of Europe by the Wehrmacht
      (German forces), in France, Italy, the Netherlands,
      Belgium, Norway etc. the locals were rounding up Jews,
      Gypsies and other folk much faster than the Nazis
      could handle them. And if this wasn’t enough, the
      so-called "neutral" countries such as Sweden and
      Switzerland were sending fleeing refugees back to the
      Nazis – as they do now with Muslims in daylight – and
      looking after the Third Reich money in their own

      Do Western Europeans want to repeat history’s biggest
      crime against humanity? It is the duty of every
      civilized citizen to point a finger at any form of
      racism and violence against minorities. Our duty is to
      reject opportunist monarchs, politicians, the media,
      celebrities and anyone trying to manipulate the public
      and breed racism and violence.

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    • ramesh wasudeo
       most unfortunately, through centuries, the relegion has been used as a tool to create disruption in civil society. history gives us so much knowledge as to
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 27, 2006
         most unfortunately, through centuries, the relegion has been
        used as a tool to create disruption in civil society. history
        gives us so much knowledge as to how conversions took place and in
        india we have several muslims aand christians - who are convertees
        from original relegion of hinduism.

        unlike christians and muslims, buddhism was spread through the
        continent but without bloody wars and force or temptations.

        every human comes to life by accident as per science. however,
        each relegion has different meaning and purpose for human life.
        any sane person must tolerate relegious convictions of any and
        every person as faith is personal to each indivudual. people live
        on faith and every one has right to his or her faith that is

        however forcible conversions are against all norms in civilized
        society. cartoons to my mind do not matter although they do hurt
        feelings of relegious minded. if we agree taht the God is almighty
        and is one, i am sure the supreme power is capable of taking care
        of itself and punish those who dare to play with religious
        convictions of people.

        let us leave it to the GOD almighty to punish those who are
        creating disharmony in the anme of relegion and let us condemn
        FATWA's that do not have sanction of any relegion. all problems
        can be solved in peaceful legal manner and not by hatred or

        let the ebtter sense prevail upon all to find peace and
        prosperity. GOD is great and almighty. let us have faith in hyim
        in whatever form we want to.


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