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Shall not beg , shall not quit

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  • Amitabh Thakur
    Shall not beg , shall not quit  (My views) My mother always says that while other person’s works get done without any one even knowing about it, in my case
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2013
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      Shall not beg , shall not quit  (My views)

      My mother always says that while other person’s works get done without any one even knowing about it, in my case even if the work is not done, it gets noticed and reverberated all through the world. Possibly she is not very wrong and I have been seeing this since the very beginning.  There would be hundreds of IITians who have got selected for IAS and IPS but I must possibly be the only person who was kicked out of M Tech program.  The reason was that when I performed rather poorly in the initial M Tech exams, my Professor asked me why I had done bad despite being a topper in the B Tech and I, instead of telling some lie, gave the true answer that I was preparing for the Civil Services examination, a fact that he could not relish and I was out of IIT. I came back home at Bokaro but it did not dishearten me in any manner nor did it have any adverse effect on me.

      There would be many officers in the IAS, IPS and other services who go for Study leave. No one even knows where they have gone, for what study and they are even back after their study without many people knowing about it. But when my turn came for study leave, almost every person came to know about it and the fact that I had gone to IIM Lucknow for my study leave despite not being granted the study leave. People get study leave almost in a routine manner. But in my case, I got this study leave only after I was back from my studies at IIM and that too after around a dozen court cases, as if granting study leave was going to personally hurt some individuals.

      In the same manner IAS and IPS officers come in service and even before they can blink, they get promoted to senior ranks. Those who were DMs and SPs yesterday are nor Commissioners, IGs and DIGs. All of them regards promotion as a routine affair but in my case it has acquired the shape of an extremely long-drawn process.

      But what I really like about myself is the fact that despite all these hurdles, I am always happy with the situations around me- my motto always remaining- “I shall not beg , I shall not quit.” The tougher the situations turn, the fiercer my fighter spirit grows. Yes, I am really thankful for the fact that I have the courage and confidence to fight, to stand on my own and to feel courageous in all circumstances. Even to retort back and to attack in a legal and appropriate manner.

      There are many occasions when I find people around me feeling helpless when situations turn slightly bad while I personally take each of these as an opportunity to sharpen my skills, to increase my potentials and to make an endeavour to grow myself.

      Yes, I do have the vice of not saying it quits or to surrender before anyone. On the contrary I would mind not do I hesitate to confront even a mountain if the situation demands. Many a times I am eager to take such challenges, even at the cost of definitely losing the battle and/or getting adversely affected in the process.

      I would humbly pray before my friends not to take these words like self-bragging or blowing one’s own trumpet or being foolishly immodest.  If possible kindly do accept it as the words coming straight from my heart. I know very well that the moments words have been spoken, they become public and everyone has full right to understand and interpret them in their own manner, as per their own convenience or their outlook. Thus my role remains limited to speaking whatever I want to say and the rest I leave to my readers.

      It would be pertinent to have a look at my recent Writ Petition in the background of the above-mentioned facts. The Writ Petition filed in Hon’ble Allahabad High Court, Lucknow Bench is as regards alleged non-cooperation and hindrance in the judicial process by Principal Secretary (Home) and DGP, UP.

      The petition presents various facts stating that these officers are showing abject non-cooperation to the judicial process for a long time. As per the petition, on 09 August 2012, Hon’ble CAT directed them to file their Reply with 4 weeks but no reply has been filed till date and similarly, on 16 January 2013, Hon’ble CAT directed to present the relevant records before the next date of hearing but it has not been complied even after many hearings. Despite repeated directions from Hon’ble CAT, for six months there was no State Counsel to represent the State there.

      Hence the petition has prayed for appropriate penal action against these officers for not permitting the judicial forum to perform its duty of delivering justice.

      This is what the petition is all about. But much above what the petition says shall stand the words of the Hon’ble Court which shall be accepted by one and all.  But even then I do feel really happy about myself that instead of taking things as they are and instead of being a passive absorber of things, I always try to stand up and raise my voice, without thinking of the end result and the gains and losses associated with such acts. 

      I would request my friends that they may also try to develop this sense of raising their voice on issues they feel concerned about without thinking too much of linking them with material fain and losses. On this issue, I am of the firm opinion that the gains as they apparently look are not always as much they they look and the same holds true for the losses. There are many such gains and losses which are not very apparent but have long term importance.

      At least in my cases, I am always governed by this instinct. Despite not getting promotes year after year on the grounds of being incapable and unfit for promotion, while there might be people who would pity with me, but I take it only as an opportunity that paves newer ways to serve and to develop myself more stronger.

      Amitabh Thakur
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