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Re: [Arkitect India] Report:Public Audit on Prime Minister 15 points programme at Meerut on 28th April [3 Attachments]

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  • Shyamsunder Pasrija
    Dear Sir, Kindly send 15 points programme and oblige.Shyam Sunder Pasrija, Editor, Shaktidata Bharat shaktidatabharat@rediffmail.comFrom: Faisal Khan
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2013
      Dear Sir,
      Kindly send 15 points programme and oblige.
      Shyam Sunder Pasrija, Editor, Shaktidata Bharat

      From: Faisal Khan <faisalkj2002@...>
      Sent: Tue, 30 Apr 2013 17:09:30
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      Subject: [Arkitect India] Report:Public Audit on Prime Minister 15 points programme at Meerut on 28th April [3 Attachments]
      [Attachment(s) from Faisal Khan included below]

      Public Audit on Prime Minister 15 Points Programme 
      at Meerut

      Khudai Khidmatgar organised a Public Audit on Prime Minister 15 Points programme at Lawad in Meerut. Earlier, Khudai Khidmatgar had organised the public Audit in Murshidabad and Malda in West Bengal where the condition of Muslims is very bad.

      According to Minority Commission of India, Meerut is one of the Districts, where Muslims are concentrated. Khudai Khidmatgar delegation comprising Suresh bhai (Gandhian), Faisal Khan (leader, KK), Inamul Hasan (Secretary, KK) and Dr. Abdul Majid (Chief coordinator, western Uttar Pradesh) visited this district, did Public audit and held discussions with the people gathered at Sai Harman Public School, Lawad.

      The discussions revealed that by-and-large, the people were not aware of any of the schemes of the Government and the Minority Commission, and had not benefited by any of their schemes or programmes. 

      Faisal Khan expressed surprise that in Lawad, barely 80kilometre from Delhi, the National capital, not a single person was aware about Prime Minister’s 15 Points Programme, and the condition of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh was almost as bad as in West Bengal. In rural areas, the condition is worse. It is unfortunate that the leaders, social and political, both, or even religious, have not made any efforts to make the people aware about various schemes under which people can benefit. It is high time that we resort to self-help, educate ourselves and organize so as to derive maximum advantage from different schemes.

      Inamul Hasan said that the Chairman, Minority Commission of India, had informed Khudai Khidmatgar that in 2012-13, more than 50% of the amount allocated for the welfare of the Minorities was returned back. If the trend continues, then the Government will either reduce the allocation or change the system altogether – and we would be wholly responsible for such an unfortunate eventuality. We need to take benefit of all governmental schemes and make advances in all walks of life, such as Education, Employment, Health and Infrastructure facilities. The greater responsibility rests on the shoulders of the youth, because they are the future. Let us take initiatives and help move our society forward.

      Janab Shabbir Ahamed sahib (Lawad Ex. Municipal Chairman), Mr. Samiuddin (Youth Coordinator), and Mr. Abdur Rahman (a Gandhian) participated as the guests and supported the programme. Dr. Abdul Majid presented a short note on the future plan of action, and the meeting concluded with a Vote of thanks from him. 

      National Secretariat
      Khudai Khidmatgar
      24/84,Friends Apartment, Ghaffar Manzil
      Jamia Nagar, New Delhi-110025
      Kalimullah +919868619699, +919313106745

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